hey guys my name is Sam and I’m Angela
and you’re watching a great acre homestead where we are in the middle of
a budget DIY renovation of our mobile home today we are going to tackle a
couple of the most common questions that we get on our kitchen redo you guys are
gonna like this we’re gonna answer some stuff that you’ve been asking us over
and over again let’s go alright so one of the big questions was why didn’t we
put a lazy susan in the corner here well as you can see here we don’t have hardly
enough room to put our arm back in here we couldn’t put a lazy susan and we
couldn’t put the trashcan so it just has to be dead space some ask well why
didn’t you move the sink over the plumbing was already run in between the
floor joists so we were kind of stuck where we kept the plumbing why didn’t we
move the stove it already had a vent hood put in that went through the
ceiling so we couldn’t really move it either another big question that
everyone’s had is why in the world didn’t we paint this wall before we put
our cabinets up well I really wanted my kitchen that’s kind of the basis of it I
wanted something working so I could get to cooking and cleaning and get back to
our lives I didn’t care if the walls were purple with white spots it’s also
like a time machine whoever would ever remove these cabinets is gonna see
purple drywall and it might get wondering it’s kind of like the apples
in baskets are we dug into and the last question was why did I get rid of the
lazy susan mainly because I didn’t like it it took up a lot of room in here and
we need room for people to come over and not knock into each other and so hey if
we want to dance in here we can ever won any awards for our dancing well
guys hopefully this answers your questions if you have any more leave us
a comment below we love reading them and we love to explain our crazy reasons to
everybody thanks for watching guys we’ll see you next time your first Oh
we’re gonna answer some stuff that you’ve been asking us over and over
again let’s go over and over again do it again
so people what you doing why are you doing that to me
mm I thought our press record on the clip we lost it
and it was really really good it’s really hilarious she was really funny I
lost it way to go way to go kind of like the
apples and baskets are we dug into this the wallpaper oh okay everyone a lot of
people have commented out the apples and baskets that before it’s gone we should
like cut out a square and like frame it you

Your Most Common Questions Answered! Budget Mobile Home Remodel #23

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