This pail here is completely full of maple syrup. Ah
Who wants more?
See it just kind of ends there just bizarre
That’s not even a legit post day we’re trying to do is try to figure out the property boundaries
So that for the next project we make sure we stay on our turf
I got hold in here keys going through our loot. We have tons of syrup
I’m gonna go over just how much we collected over the last few weeks. This is a big episode
We’re gonna figure out where we have space to do future projects. We have another thing in mind gonna pitch it to Kevin
Well Kevin pitch it to me
I want to figure out how much how many calories I was able to produce on the syrup to figure out whether on a
Homesteading situation if it would be worthwhile doing we made a lot of syrup
But did we match the calorie output versus calorie input. I’m gonna take you down to the creek. We’re gonna check out
Where I figured the beaver is running and we’re gonna try to get on chopping a beaver. So we’re just doing some scouting
I’ll put a trail camera out out there. Yeah, we’re gonna be managing the property as well
So we’re gonna be cutting down a bunch of trees
Are you doing back? Holy smokes. I didn’t know you’re doing that
Don’t let that fall it’s those precious. Oh, dude, I’m scared
Okay. No you okay. You’re okay. Maybe don’t go any higher. I know he was doing that. Don’t go any higher
I’ll make sure I gotta supervise this
Yeah, we’ll make a pig here. Let’s make a big period see how big we can get how many staff we could get
maybe knife
I don’t know maybe
We’ve also got our Easton made wood splitter coming. This thing is a beast
It’s gonna satisfy our needs for the cabin plus
Extra we’re gonna be able to sell some of the wood. So that’s coming
It’s on the way in this video you guys gonna see you this thing is awesome. We put it through its paces
We got a lot of syrup
Yeah. Yeah, we’ve got a lot of Seir. All right guys, let’s jump into the video
I’m gonna catch up with you guys at the end and we’re gonna figure out just how much seer we were able to produce
At cabin in the woods. Well so much for the pyramid idea
Down she goes her last one. Thankfully the rest are fine
You told me not to do it. All right smart guy
I hurt
Trying to make a nice picture the big pyramid tower I
Did bring all this up see up out here just for this purpose to show it all off and that’s what I get out
Who’s a hole leader?
That’s four fold pills and I don’t think I’m halfway done I might end up with 12 pails 12 pails, that’s a lot
That’s eight and getting full I don’t know if I can fit four more in there and I probably got four more left I
Have to keep them in the storage buckets. Well, we didn’t quite end up with a full 12
But we didn’t do much shy of that. That one’s full. This one is I’d say
Probably half way
Not only that, but I have to collect even more SAP today, we’re probably roughly around peak flow right now
we probably have
Two weeks total left, so I’m gonna be out here collecting
I don’t think I’ll be boiling today, but I’ll be getting ready for probably another big boil over the weekend
I’m running solo today
But that’s okay cuz it’s pretty much solo work. Anyway, forgot my funnel, too, but I have
this little
Stainless steel Billy can it’s got a pretty good pour spout on it
So I’m gonna pour from here
Into the Billy can and then from there we’ll pour into the mason jars
500 together that makes one liter one liters a lot of syrup. I believe I’ll be able to fill all these up
I also have four liters
Finished at home already Kevin got his leader
He only needs a leader a year if you can believe that with all the stuff we have available
I think I’m curious to know how much I’m gonna produce this year. Probably almost as much as you guys are I
Totally get to lick off the mass
Part of the payment
My fingers were getting too sticky, of course not my beard sticky
All right, so there’s a final yield we have
Leaders convert I just convert I think it’s four liters per gallon
Something like that three and three point five eight. Check it out anyway
One two, three, four, five six seven eight nine
Ten 11 liters 11 liters. Plus I did four at home
So that’s 14 liters 14 litres of syrup so far, and we’re probably halfway
So if we double that we’re gonna get 28 litres of syrup not bad at all
So if you’re curious how I store these I don’t do the canning method
I guess you can I don’t know how to can soup. I think it’s probably just the same way
You just do the water bath put it in from hot and then anyway, mine cooled down and have the jars
I find it just as easy just to put it in the freezer
I’ll loosen the lids off a little bit again
And then I’ll make sure that they’re nice and flat and accessible and you just take a jar out at a time
I think it’s stores better that way and for a longer periods of time I’ve had stuff for like three or four years now and
It’s perfectly fine. There’s nothing wrong with it
Mason jars, you can get maple syrup jars, but they’re expensive
It’s like what’s the point in doing it when it costs you just as much to go to the store
Gotta thank my sponsor for this video Skillshare. This is an online community
it’s got twenty five thousand online courses from
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We had a big weekend big weekend Holden had those all his buddies out
We put an email blast out to all his friends and we said hey you want to come join us?
Edit the cabin
And we usually do a big email blast because it’s sometimes it’s tricky to get kids outside
We had a kid out last time and he got so dirty, I don’t think he got invited
He wasn’t allowed to get invited out again
But he had a blast he went to school and all he did was talk about how much fun he had
They talked about burning this tree down because we had an old apple tree that needed to
Be cut down so we made a fire around it actually the fire the tree fell
I don’t know if the parents thought it was too dangerous or what but there’s a lot of fear out there as far as
You know willing I see stuff. I’m just taking you over. I want to show you something over at the tree here
What? Yeah, we put the big blast out and out of ten kids. We ended up getting two
So that was cool. And then one of the parents dad came out hung out with me
which was awesome had some company and put some wood in the fire and burn it all off and
He said he had a blast and he wants to do it again
so we’re definitely gonna have more people out here to enjoy what we have and
We’ve got people that only get to experience city life
really cherish it even though it takes them a bit of effort to get off their butts and get out here and then they have
to get over the wetness and the dampness in it and the cold and the
Being uncomfortable and being away from your house and having you know, not all the amenities. Anyway justwe want to show you
You tell me what you think is going out there’s true because it’s just
Hammering this tree like a chainsaw
It’s nuts. I don’t know what the heck’s going on with this thing
but uh, I thought I’d take you over guys have a peek at this, but it
Is just going bananas?
It just kind of goes right to the core of the tree
Same as that one. They’re gonna get that
great contrast so that you guys can see
See it just kind of ends there just bizarre
So you guys control your Gus is down in the comment section what you think’s making that? Oh
There’s a way up there, too
So it can’t be a short in all it could be a short animal. It could be a crawly short animal
It’s going all the way up there, but it’s gonna kill this cedar tree and it’s not it’s not a dead cedar tree
I’ve got all sorts of green, but it’s gone all the way right to the middle
I thought that was kind of interesting nice out here clicking the stop
Anyway, I want to take you on a bit of a – or – of the property
I want to go check out the Beaver Dam
See what that’s cool. What’s happening down there?
Tried to catch the beaver in the wintertime, but I think it I think it laughed it didn’t have any sign of activity
So I’m wondering now with all the melt that’s going on
If the beaver is gonna move back in
If you know anything about beavers, you know
They were on the move in the spring when things heat up the little kits get booted out of the house
By the grown-ups they were like Kate get out. It’s getting crowded get out, you know kind of like a teenager
Time to get going and make your own life for yourself
So they spread out in the spring and try to find their own habitat
And because the aren’t any adults down at this one at least permanent permanent adults
Because the other owner doesn’t like them and he gets keep getting rid of them which we know for a fact
but I want to talk to him and
Let him know that I am interested in the beaver and I’ll put it to good use instead of wasting it
Get to sit down with my syrup
You get myself a well-deserved drink before to go for a walk. I also got to get more wood
What I want to ask you guys
If you guys have implemented anything new in your life to make it better
As I’ve been talking about this
For a long time and I haven’t asked you guys
And as you know I try to read
Almost all the comments
I’ve made it I can’t read all of them. Now. I’m past that point where I’m able to do that
but if you drop a comment in in the first
Day, I usually release the video at 10 a.m. So I’ll read comments. I try to recall them it’s until about
6 p.m. And then
Our 5 p.m. Or so and then after dinner, I have a chance
So if you really want to share something with me and you want me to read it
even if you watching an older video
Make sure you drop it in the new video on the first day releases because those are the ones I’m really paying attention to
It’s obviously their current. So be iShare me share with me things that you guys are changing about your life to make a butter
I don’t have to be big things just little things to write
And this all theses cabin is like a big thing though. I’ve done to make my life better
To give me a place where I can be off grading
That’s at least somewhat convenient to me. You know, it’s it’s manageable
Whereas the majority of my trips were always four hours north
and that was a big job and
It was a big sacrifice and I had to be away from my family a lot in order to get that done
so I decided to change things around a little bit and
part of the motivation to build this cabin was for that very reason just so that I could have
Something that I could do outside
And my wife refuses to move up north
For the cold she just she won’t tolerate the cold in the long winters
So maybe that’s something I’m gonna do when I’m retired and she’s retired and then when it gets really cold isn’t have to go outside
So that may be something that we’re looking at, you know in the next
20 years or so and
Who knows? Maybe I’ll get a step closer than that, you know in ten years
Maybe that’s something that will happen where I make another step toward making my life better
Expect everybody’s life kind of follows that same kind of trajectory where it goes up
you know, it gets really busy or it gets really busy and then it kind of quiets down and then you know
you kind of run out of energy a little bit not totally but you kind of
Pace yourself a little bit more
because it takes you longer to recover from everything and I expect everybody’s life is gonna turn out the same way you
Know except for the people that are just ultra fit and ultra healthy
And there’s those those exceptions out there who can keep busy all the time
but if you don’t use it, you will lose it and
Exercising and keeping busy will for sure extend your
Healthy range of life and you could be doing things off into your 70s 80s and 90s
But you definitely should take advantage of your healthy years
And get out and do those things that really do require good peak physical health
the big adventures that you might put off until you’re older and
Maybe stay off the beaches until you absolutely have to those tropical vacations, you know
Unless you really need it because you’re running a really stressful
Stressful job, but, you know being active can be a great way to release stress, too
I think it’s got a term called supper fests. Where?
You give up all the amenities and make it really hard for yourself
and then when you go home you really do appreciate the amenities you have I
Don’t think my wife kind of gets that sometimes when you know, those little complaints that come out. It’s something being sticky well
I’m dealing with sticky all day
My hands are always sticky collecting the stuff like constantly sticky. So if like the countertop is a little bit sticky wipe it up
I mean we have running water at home
Here, there’s no running water
I got to go down to the creek to get it or I got to stick my hand in snow to wipe it off
so my wife doesn’t suffer as much as I do and and
You know when she does I think she gets a new perspective
but that might only be a couple times a year and then
after a few weeks you forget about how good you have it and I think a lot of you guys out there have a really
complaining for
You know modern reason this is different from complaining because you’re just flat-out hungry. You don’t have any food
which I’ve done on the wilderness living challenge, so
All right, that’s enough for my break
I’m going to go collect some wood and then we’re gonna go check out that Beaver Dam
Wood first because I got to get this up to a boil and it takes about an hour to boil. So who wants more?
All right, that’s uh looks like it’s going
Still have quite a bit of smoke coming out of the chimney, which means that the fire is not quite hot yet
But the box is loaded. So not more not much more I can do right now
Stare at it
So I get to go for a walk, oh you’re this
The hell I see there snow path is for sliding. I
Try not to wipeout coming down here because I want to show you
Something else we’ve been talking about first
Got lots of plans for this
property here
But I don’t know if you guys remember one of the one of the videos we cut the cherry tree down and then we burnt
Cotton burnt a lot of the stuff that was down here
It was all deadfall here and it wasn’t really being used by anything. I know I had this debate with somebody about whether
the deer could get into this mangled mass of stuff and they can
I’m just saying they can’t it’s just they don’t and on this property
it’s it was fold up like to the top like over your head and just
The way it was situated. There’s nothing on this side pretty as far as resources for the deer
So they spend all the time on the opposite side of the creek here. So what we’re thinking of doing in this open area?
The cabin is up on the hill here is
Put a pond
So that’s gonna take a little bit of digging
Well buy a little bit of digging a lot of digging
So there’s a couple trees we can take out here and then this I think it’s low-lying enough because of the creeks
I think if we dig the hole
It’ll fill up with water. I
don’t know if you
Probably did hide it probably had a different childhood than I did but in my childhood we dug a lot of holes
Because that’s what you do in the country when you get bored you
Dig a hole and you try to get to China and we tried to get to China quite a few times
We actually made some forts that were
Underground you always had different things with us. One of the things we had
carpet so we dug a big hole and they put carpet over top of it put carpet in the hole and
then we fill the back in I
Redid all sorts of things that were kind of weird and dangerous
But yeah, so we had an underground pit for a while and you know what we realized about it
Okay, this is very
comfortable it was like damp and
moldy and musty
all the time so
We would always be scared to go in it too because you know, you don’t know it’s gonna be underground
There’s always something trying to find a home in there
So we would crawl in every once in a while and sit there for 10 minutes. The fun was like building it
which of course is probably what the appeal of this cabin is – I mean it still it brings me out to nature, but
just uh, keep keeping busy and and
building these little projects
so take a walk here – the
Further into the property here. It’s pretty thick. The creek is always to my right-hand side here and
We’re going uphill. So we’re going upstream
And so it’s always kind of weird where the Beaver Dam is so far away from this is like a feeder Creek
To a bigger river system. So the water does appear to be
Open over here in the pond and I am taking a risk walking on this
Know for a fact it’s not super deep here
So I should be okay. This is where is getting sign of that beaver
coming out
You see the creek is a little bit flooded, but it basically follows kind of a meandering pathway here
This is a place where I could probably top the beaver fight knock this off and kind of a V
You know that advanced trap I can put the advance drop in here. That’s that big coyote trap and
When the beaver comes up here to try to get some food I could probably
Trap it
That’s our source of water for this property and it’s not it’s not super deep but it’s deep enough so
here’s a look at the beaver pond and
As you can tell the beaver dam is broken open
So that means that the Nate at this I think it was frozen over last time
I look I brought you guys back here last time but
It was frozen over so I really couldn’t tell if it had been broken or not
There’s a pretty good chance that the neighbors actually already on the beaver
Right now because they’re fully expecting a new one to come in
so I need to go get over there and talk to them and
Figure out what’s going on with this and his beaver meats awesome, and I wouldn’t want them to just
Kill it and just leave it here. It doesn’t look like it’s been disturbed – recently
Can see it’s
It’s all old from probably from the fall
you can see how when the beaver makes it nice and
deep like this
Then it can pass through a lot easier. Alright guys new day
New day new boil comes out here today. He did the night shift
Boil it down to about three inches and we did another eight pills this morning
So we’re in for another day to day boil by the looks of things. It’s heating up
It’s gonna be 10 10 Celsius. I had to do four urine heights for you guys
But there’s some people leaving comments about I shouldn’t do fair and I just leave you guys in the lurch you guys figure out Fahrenheit
We’re 10. I’m gonna go for 10 Celsius today
yeah, so we got eight pills to go and then Kevin’s got an idea today wants to run the chainsaw and clean up around the
Cabin, we had a forestry. What does it call the forest management?
Something more history tax incentive program. Yeah, so you get a cut of taxes if you manage your forest
Essentially and what they done they’ve done is told us we need to thin out the woods
They actually explicitly said we need to cut down. They explicitly said practice good forestry management
so vague
It’s vague because it’s not an exact site. It’s pretty close to the exact size
You fin out the old stuff you thin up the dead stuff the stuff that’s not useful anymore. You get rid of it
We’re gonna block it up at the firewood sections and the only reason I can actually do that
Right now is because it’s not that cold out. So like
The temperature on on cedar is very high. So yeah
Yeah, it’s good for outdoor fire – right like we could block it up and keep it around the cabinet as well and do it
for outdoor fires, which will probably use
Mostly for the brush the the bigger stuff off you say it’s safe for heating purposes indoor heating
Whereas the other stuff is just you know
So all the firewood people out there, it’s shoulder season wood. It’s the it’s for the spring. It’s for the fall
Yeah, and to drive the cabin out the cabin is a little moist still which is obviously hampering our progress
But it’s maple maple syrup time anyway, so let’s fire up this chainsaw and see what we can get done
Alright, so got a lot stacked up. Kevin’s got an idea of doing a cord wood
With mud so we efficient we talked about that at lunch
I’m not certain that’s official. How come you’re all hunched over though people think you’re like broken there. That’s unbroken Kevin
Yeah, so yeah, what do you guys think of that idea? So you’re basically going to cut it up like just a seat
Yeah chunks and then and then wet it together with what clay clay
clades straw maybe and then we
Yeah have probably a very nice
Yeah, nice place to have a poop we see that one that’s not the plan I wanted reveal
That’s a different plan. We’re gonna go take a walk now mark just showed up
He’s got a GPS or what we’re trying to do is try to figure out the property boundaries
So that for the next project we make sure we stay on our turf that’s not even a legit post day
It’s got to be a one inch by one inch square metal post. Well
While that I could tell you, but right now you’re a probably 10 I think in like around there over there
Definitely you’re on the you’re on the line in there. That’s the corner of yours then
According to this. Yeah, I think this is this is a reference guide what you find the Nexus of the universe. Yeah
We’re right in the middle of the swamp
So if you look at the app on my phone, yeah, you’re you’re right in the corner. Okay
So this is this is the actual at the back corner of the property
Yes, this that that’s probably a reference that they probably mark that and they said oh because it is too wet
Yeah, I didn’t know like if this wasn’t frozen and you wouldn’t get back here, but they market 20 feet or 20 meters
Yeah, 10 meters. We’re in the we’re in turkey land here on this side
This is where the turkey spent tons of time like an open hardware were
Not quite on Kevin’s property here
We have to find the other corner
of his land so that we can draw it back into the
the other section we were in
So it’s obviously pretty tricky to find it but Hulse what they have a the GPS. Everything is all wired in now, she’s awesome
Yeah, I’ve seen and heard turkeys out here all the time. Alright, so the plan is
Kevin want to build a tree house
It rope them into a tree house back here in the back corner and the hardwoods tree house deer blind. Yeah
Maybe we were talking about it. You guys have to let’s know if you want that like on stilts
Like for posts of the ground and like a
Two-sided three sided do you’re blind. Yeah, that’s heated that you can sleep in it as you can sleep in it
So you’re up early in the morning. You just got a roll out of bed and grab your gun. Yeah, is it the plan?
Yeah, okay
He said it was his idea. He mentioned it. I think we should do a kickstarter campaign
GoFundMe page cuz
Kidding. None of these projects cost me any money, but I can’t go and make money while I’m doing these projects
So yeah, if you guys just start donating. Yeah, what’s money now?
It’s a little daunting now that we’re back at the far corner of the property to realize how difficult
That is to get all the resources back here. It’s a fair ways back and the thing is
We don’t have a trail out here either
So we have to get everything all the way through the woods through the swamp across the creek
So we’ll see. Let’s see if it happens
It’ll probably happen. So I think it would be a little bit more elaborate than that
And so, oh I didn’t even think I’d climb up that one anymore I
Don’t think anybody climbs up that one anymore. It’s pretty Ricky
Might die climbing up the ladder here
That’s how people used to hunt deer you scab things together
But uh
Yeah, I just I wouldn’t climb up that one anymore. It’s all rotted out
Kevin sounded like he was a little bit more optimistic about building this tree fort last time when he invented the a concept
So he’s always gonna need some frauding you guys are gonna have to prod him
You want him to build this? Of course? It’s not gonna be just a simple
Tree house. It’s gonna be something more elaborate with a wood stove and
The ability to sleep a couple people so you can just permanently hunt
During the deer season you just sleep there. You don’t have all the amenities. You want a nice big red roof a whole deal
16 feet up in the air maybe not maybe 12, you know you get the idea and that’s the perfect place for it because
mark actually hunts the adjacent property and
He knows for a fact the deer do come through there and that’ll be all planted with crop
So it is a pretty sweet spot and its supply I haven’t hunted. Yes because there’s just no way to access it. We’re on
the neighboring trail borrowing in
Because there’s just no way to access this side
So it’s gonna be a project with the tractor getting it across there. And I know Kevin’s interested in harvesting wood from over there and
All the deadfall and who knows if we get organized enough we can top the trees up there and get maple
Maple syrup from that end. There’s lots of maples which is uh
But not something that we can
Drag all the way across right now at least manpower doesn’t make much sense. We need something to transport at all
Those are the ideas we’re working on. We’ll get back to the fire
Make sure it’s all loaded up. We probably have two days to boil left
And we’re looking forward to turkey season to
Mark turkey season soon soon. Just coming around the corner now
no eyes the snow melts and there are tons and tons of Turkey mark said he saw like like fifty not all the time, but
Sixty-five sixty-five to you. They don’t they don’t stay in groups are foxes of 65 throughout the spring
They kind of start breaking up. But if you’re lucky and you get out there and you’re the only guy out there
You can usually get
Get one on the first day if you’re organized, but then there’s lots of competition too. Lots of other people do the same thing
Think the chainsaw has gotta be one of the top
ten greatest
homesteading inventions ever
to cut this all by hand
Would just be insane
He imagined people used to do this for the firewood leased to saw it and then split it
I mean they still do but I mean not by hand people don’t saw stuff by hand anymore
Not like this
For firewood. They still split it by hand
I’ll give them that the amount of gas it takes to cut this with a chainsaw is such a small amount but the amount of
Energy you burn
sawing this
in comparison
nuts man
People used to be tough because it had to be tough
This is a good example. Why?
Obviously the tractor falls somewhere on that list of the 10 most important homesteading inventions
What other tools do you think you would need to survive out here on homestead tractor chainsaw? He definitely needs some
Collecting mechanisms besides gardening. I mean gardening is a huge one and all the things that go with it animal husbandry
Farming chicken farming collecting predator control something to trap with something to get rid of pests. You need a few things
Hey guys, we got you a new Easter made wood splitter out there. Alright, let’s go let’s go grab the splitter
Alright, we’re gonna go see this bad boy
I’ve heard it’s a quite a piece of machinery and it’s gonna get do everything we need to do plus
plus and plus is a good thing because when you’re investing in a big piece of machinery
you want to make sure that you don’t outgrow it and
This is a company
It’s a Canadian company and they’re doing a really really really awesome job with this and but they are they are shipping all worldwide
So the Americans out there you guys want a badass splitter. This thing is the one for you it is it is a
serious serious piece of machinery and
It’s everything we need for the cabin plus plus plus so we got to go get it unloaded
It’s just up here in the on the truck. I’ve heard it’s so big that Kevin’s a little puny tractor can’t handle it. So
looks like we’re gonna be off to the neighbors and
They’re gonna help us unload it and then we’re gonna bring it back and put it through the paces
Split some wood
We’re gonna season it up here at the front of the property and then we’re gonna bring it back and that’s gonna keep us going
Oh, look at that turkey tracks
Yeah, yeah, there’s turkey tracks turkey tracks
That’s pretty cool
Turkey season is right around the corner
Alright, let’s see what we’re dealing with you
Let’s get some splitting some wood. Keep us warm
We get her off
People were talking about how much wood it’s really gonna take to heat this thing and I’ve been splitting wood for
Probably 15 years now and getting older we’re all getting older. So I’ve
Decided to step up my game. I’ve been researching
splitters I’ve been all over the internet looking at different types and
I’ve decided to pick this one. This is
An Easton maid splitter and we got Andrew Easton here. We got our 12 22 here and
This is for the cabin. This is more of a commercial wood splitter
This is what a lot of guys were using to in Copland recording. What a year
But then this is a heavy-duty unit. It cycles in five seconds
It has the log lift on you’re gonna pick up roughly 500 pounds with it
so most guys would piles whatever you can put on there you’re gonna pick up with it and
This machine here has all the power to do it
And we offer different wedges for we offer a 4-way wedge a six way wedge in a box wedge
We also have a single. So if you get into some really nasty stuff some elm
Some a lot tighter grain species. This single wedge is really nice because it busts up
just about anything and the wedge is adjustable up and down you have about 10 inches of travel there and
The other great thing about this particular model is it has a full auto cycle on it?
So you just hit your two levers and you can essentially walk away from the machine and pick up on other blocks of wood
So it’s sort of like having somebody else there to to run the machine for you to load the machine for you
so just right there you’re twice as efficient a lot alone having a
Cycle time that’s it’s the third of what what most most butters on the market are right
Now this is our four way blade
It just has the cross on it so you can see get one piece on the top on piece on the bottom and then one
Piece on the left in one piece on the right so you end up before pieces out of one split
You’d normally use this in smaller wood or a large diameter stuff
it’s this tougher display just
because it’s easier to put up through if you lower this all the way down you can see you just have
The top portion of the wide showing so it works as a single wedge to just the same as a traditional splitter
This wedge here is our six way wedge
And you can see it works on the same principle, except it has two more auxiliary wings on it
So you end up having one two?
three four five six pieces out of it per pass
So it’s one pass at five seconds you end up with six pieces of wood
Essentially a piece of wood split. What a second is is what you end up with with this unit
So as far as your evolved Bank here, we run gallon tank valves on the really high quality valve
As you can see we have one liter for your log lift up and down
One lever for your web jumping down and then right here what you have is you have one lever
For your spreader to go forward and once but one lever for your spreader to go backwards
So what happens is when it comes the end of its stroke this lever kicks off and then it retracts
You can run them manually and just as soon as you go far enough it locks on for you
and that’s where you get your auto cycle from so you can essentially
Load the splitter and go grab more what then it lifts the log up and down
So what happens as as you hit the hydraulic waiver?
this will lower down and then you have access to load a
big piece of wood on the other nice thing about this is it works as a staging platform for you to
You can stack up
multiple small pieces on this and then as you’re Reese playing with two you can pull wood back on the left and that way you
Don’t need to set it on the ground
When you’re when you’re splitting so so much bending. Yeah, which is ideal. Right? So you’re working high
You’re just kind of stuff right here. It’s perfect. Yeah, it’s ideal
Like we try to build the whole machine like that
then it’s that it’s pretty well at fingertip Heights because you don’t want to be working down around your knees and you don’t want to
Be pulling heavy blocks way up high, but you’re gonna be banding in Eric on your back. So
We build it. So it’s comfortable for everybody like myself
I’m six foot three
And then we have I have some friends and other customers that aren’t quite that tall and it seems to fit
Very well with everybody. All right, so I’m going to throw my question in here. Is this overkill for the cabin? Yes
So this is obviously
Mentioned it was it’s a commercial commercial grade splitter
This is for guys who like run a lot of wood through we probably won’t be running that much with you
But we can sell wood so that will be our upsell for this whole deal
Is it something that will maintain its value for the long term?
We can make money selling wood that we’re getting free from arborist and it’s gonna fit our needs perfectly
we’ve got lots of places to get a lot of wood here and
put it through and then whatever is extra we can sell off to everyone wants to buy it and there’s lots of people who
Can’t run wood through a splitter the way we can now I’m on the theory of you know
what you got to spend money early on it’s
It starts off like when you first get a homestead or your first get a house and you’re starting to get wood
if you spend the money upfront you have the use of a very good quality product and at the end of the day when you’re
Done with it, maybe 10 years from now 15 years from now and you say you know, what?
I don’t want to do with wood. You can sell it for nearly as much as you paid for the thing
It holds its value. It’s built tough. Like there’s think there’s plate steel
everything is is just it’s manufactured to last it’s designed to go through the wringer and
Come out and you basically maintain your your value. No six
All this metal is it’s like it’s all really heavy-duty stuff and you can tell it’s gonna take the abuse
The whole thing even the the i-beam back here. It’s it’s a whole eye beam
It’s like not going anywhere that being said, so this is a commercial model
Do you have any like like homeowner model like a like, you know entry-level splitter people that homeowner
Maybe you don’t have an airtight insert and they want to just feed her up. What what do you got for them?
This is our commercial model. We do have our ultra wood splitter. It’s geared more towards a homeowner
You can check it out on our website. It’s Easton made wood splitters comm we have all the models and prices listed there
So we saw the for working it splits one piece of wood into four, but we have a six way wedge
We’re gonna throw we’re gonna throw a piece of wood in here when it’s not at six times on one
Kevin what do you think about man? Well, that was that was interesting. That’s that thing’s a monster like the stuff
I’m splitting like this stuff is really gnarly would like it’s not
Like a lot of the stuff you see is really straight grain
This stuff is like really really messed up and this thing handled like a champ like it just mashed through it
You know, like that’s that’s what you want a splitter kind of like a dinosaur just to and on would
You have knowledge on how the split would like its you
Don’t just mash it through sideways, but you put it like this stuff is not nice wood to use
I most the splitters you see videos of it. It’s like poker straight
It’s like dry straight grain wood and it pops through and it’s all nicely nice and beautiful this stuff
This is like the stuff we’ve just ran through that thing like it’s an ugly wood personally
I think I had the worst dog there cuz I was I was actually pretty scared
Holding the camera in front of this thing cos, uh, you know, it’s it’s pretty safe still
But you don’t want to be on the business end of this thing. It’s like just chomping and crushing things
It probably doesn’t translate really well with the audio on there, but it’s like you could tell this thing has power man. It’s pretty intense
So that we run out of wood
Is that why is this is this why we got him here is because we can foil because you gotta Lincoln would look like it
There’s no one in there
Only the last amount
Maple water from now on that’s really good
Okay, so this is the last day we’re gonna let the SAP collect
And I just was holding we just grabbed all the buckets so
It those buckets up there are empty those ones up there empty Asians are full
I want to do a count of how many full buckets we’ve already filled it up
And refilled it and refill it. We’ve lost track of the amount of
gallons of
Sap we’ve collected it’s a lot so 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
12 14 16 18 20
22 24 25, we have 25 pails full
5-gallon pails full left to boil down
Before we’re finished our poll for this year
And this is full already there and it’s refilled refilled refill, I don’t know how much syrups in there
There’s a lot there’s a lot it’s not syrup yet
But it’s pretty darn close and it’s almost full and I try to finish this off and then we’re gonna start on another
25 pails of it. So I’m in it for a good another
30 hours of oil at least I think with all this at least
It’s got a good concentration up here already. I can smell it. It smells like
Syrup already, which means it’s almost done. Everything’s melting here
And the funny thing is that the SAP is still running so we could technically keep going but once it gets too hot
You don’t want to keep going because then the SAP turns really milky
So there’s our tree right here right outside it did okay
it’s still still calling a
little bit of sweetness there, but
Yeah, so we’re gonna do a final tally when I’m done. All you guys know how much we did
you’ll wrap up that video there, but
Holden’s enjoying seeing the seasons change
water is all dripping down this whole field anybody are this whole
hillside here
You guys were curious about what we’re gonna do for drainage
Let’s give you a peek here
Underneath the cabin is draining. It’s like a river
Leaking all the way down
It’s collecting on top of that board running down the board and then it runs down the hill
So putting the pond on there’s actually gonna be a good idea. It’s gonna actually collect really, well you see there’s little rivers
forming here
Rivers of water fill me filling up and it’s going all the way down there and the pond we plan to put down there
so we’ll start that once a
What’s the summer rolls around and things kind of dry out we can’t bring anything down here. Kick it the tractor down here anymore
It’s way too slippery. Oh
It’s a good mix of Oh mud up on top and then still ice down here. This will turn into mud
So it’s giving us some grief. It’s nice to be able to pull the sled but like pull the sled halfway
Most of time halfway and that’s it
and the rest of us are just
Dragging it on the mud and four four pails of this on the sled with nope with no snow is not
Not easy
So I’ve got my work cut out for me. I’m gonna be doing this down for the next three days
I don’t know if we’re gonna check back in during that or not, but we’ll see
I want to talk to you guys a little bit about what coldest pile is out, and I want to show you
What happens to the holes after we pull this plow is out?
Some some you guys were concerned about damaging and what would happen to the tree it fills back in but I want to show you
That but right now I’m gonna take a break. I think holy wants to play catch. So
play some catch with a tennis ball here and
Maybe get a break. Okay, so good three four hours. Just collecting
all those 25 pills plus plus of the other ones that were half full so I’m probably
Good 28 29 pails this morning of collecting but we’re done. That’s it. Can’t do any more the wood
And you get so much mud in your face. I don’t know. She’s like chopping wood and then they sprayed up into my face
Yeah mud everywhere obody
that’s the way to go though because
All these buckets have holes in them to bring them back up
Just take a plastic bag. Shove them in the hole and they’re not leaking everywhere
These are all the four ones. It’s a lot of buckets to boil down
So a couple days ago
Days ago, I forget now before or five days ago something like that. I put up a trail camera down
At the creek and I didn’t just put it out the creek. I put it overlooking the creek. So it would just monitor anything
That’s coming up because we’re expecting at any time to have
Run up the creek and then start working on the dam and then flooding out the bridge
the neighbors bridge anyway
The idea is to figure out if there’s any traffic up and down the river here for the creek
I should say and then if there is
Drop our live trap down in there and see if we can’t get ahead of ourselves
in a good way and
grab ourselves
Some beaver meat and
If I do get beaver me, I want to make beaver burgers, you know, it’s been a theme on this channel for quite a while
to make
Beaver stew
but now
Finding a lot of the wild meats
You know like raccoon. He’s actually ending up a lot better as burger. Oh
We might be flooded out
Everything is all melted
You have any, you know have any rubber boots, do you?
So I’m gonna have to go
There waterproof. Yeah, are they? All right. Well, see if we can get through here. This might be over my boot
Probably over your boots. Oh
It might be over yours
So so far so good you’re going are you gonna make it
You see the chill camera here and I try to a man up the creek here
So if anything comes up there I could catch it. It’s just a pretty good vantage point
Looking down here and then any beaver that comes up here and I want to make the dam up
we’ll we’ll catch them on camera, hopefully so I’m gonna check it now and
got a tree stand over here just on the other side of those spruce trees and
This is a pretty good crossing a lot of animals cross over here. So I might get some deer or whatever
I’m gonna pull the card here now and you guys are gonna see what I saw in the card or nothing at all. I
It’s just easier for me just to pull the card check it at home and then overlay it
So hopefully you guys are seeing something interesting. If you’re not seeing something interesting. It’s because we don’t actually get anything on the camera
I’m gonna keep this here for a while and we’re gonna see what moves up and down
It weather changed a lot all misty cold. It’s a
little boil down
How does that look that’s pretty dark stuff
Kevin let it go last night kept an eye on things
now it’s my turn we’re gonna pull it off and
Put on the buckets and as you know, I can’t finish it on here. It’s just the height temperature is too high
So I’m gonna transfer a filter transfer it and then I got to finish it on the stove at home
It’s the only way we just can’t we can’t get this wood stove hot enough to finish it up
All right. I still haven’t 25 pails left. So the 25 pails going on next we’re gonna pull this off right now
Warm in the cabin for once it’s warm excited to
really warm outside
Kevin and marketer stuff with a sawmill and they’re
Working on some shakes Marc’s got a project on the go. So yes if we can make some shakes
this company primal urge
Send me these
All kinds of different pepperoni pepper ATS
jerky, all these things while ago and then it really got in contact with me like a sponsorship and they just sent it out to
me and
I don’t know. I think Bob Hansard hoped them up with me. He said they were good company and he gave him
Gave them my address and he said no and I never really plugged them
they didn’t offer me any money as a sponsorship or anything like that, but
It’s a pretty good snack. So this is my unbiased opinion. They have like elk
Hell all different kinds elk. This one’s beef stick. This one’s hot venison
sweet and sassy
This is for kids the smart stick sweet and sassy
I’m not sure what that one’s made out of
Rome sticks best pork ever they had
all sorts of wild game animals different like out deer bison
But it’s an assortment pack. So it comes in I guess it comes in like
One of these every month
Or something like that
Not sure how it works. This comes some kind of subscription model. Anyway, primal urge
Here’s your here’s your plug
You guys are interested in you guys really like these snacks these types of snacks when you want to invest in getting a you know
Getting it through the mail, but they’re really good. I have found anyone that I don’t like but it’s a sample
It’s like there’s like 20. I don’t know how many right now a bunch of them
25 it’s probably at least 20 in there anyway
primal urge let me know what you guys wanted to do with this you guys wanna
Sponsor a video or whatever I’d be interested
But uh, yeah, I’m gonna grab
Let’s scrubby subscribe the elk. Let’s do the elk
So much on this and I’ll let you guys know what’s going on in the meantime, but got maybe
10 buckets 10 pails in there now I
Finally got the fire going the wood was all wet because we left it outside. It was raining
That’s a little bit of a pain in the bog. We’ve got a fire going in here. And I said it’s really warm
so the idea now is just to kind of dry out the cabinet and
Then we can go from there. But the studs are a little bit damp. They’re not too bad now
with the warm weather outside
Combined with this fire. We should be able to dry it out enough that we can continue
Just a little bit of moisture in it. It’ll be flying they’ll get out through the
To the walls and the crack in the lap, but we don’t want a lot in them
Because we’re gonna be using drywall sheathing on the bottom here
Can’t have too much moisture. Oh
We end up with three pails of
Ready to finish
Sap, so that has to go back got to do that on the stove
um, maybe I’ll show you guys how to do a
Maple sugar I’ll do one run. I’ll make a figure
It’s just a bit technical a bit more technical if you go a little bit further with it
So maybe I’ll show you that in this video
hi, you know it’s kind of dragging on like we’re trying to finish this up and it’s not like
Then we do things in real life. It doesn’t have like a
defined ending it just kind of trickles out and you’re kind of
meshing to the next thing so
But I’m still anxious to see how much shot don’t. Let’s see if I can make my line just so how be wrinkled
We just found out that the person we’ve been boring the bat from once the bat back
So 100% chance that next year we’ll be doing something completely different
If you get a sponsorship for a full-size ones and we can ramp up production even more
And do it
With a lot less wood because we’ve burnt a ton of wood and that making that syrup
So actually got
It’s gonna be like a 3-day boil three days to boil this these 25 pails down and then if we have 25 pails
Well, we had another
Ten thirty pails will have will get line of one pail one five
Five ish gallon pail of syrup. That’s a hot is zero hour pail. Hey, let’s Europe
Which is incidentally I think what we did the first time around and then a beam
Hole 13 12 13 liters, so it’s quite a bit
Fires actually warm that’s good news
Primal urge. Thanks
For feeding me and while I’m out here think that rabbit enjoyed eating that tree
The cherry tree look at all the droppings in there that thing had a festival
Shoot everything all that light all they’re all
Up in there. So if you guys want to help the rabbits out in the winter time
Cherries where it’s at man cherry tree. Are you doing cutting wood for next year? Yeah. It’s firewood season
It’s always firewood sees it actually but it’s you gotta get her the shed get her stack get her dry. Alright guys
I hope you enjoyed that video
We had a little mishap when I was stacking
yeah, I was stacking them up and uh, I lost
two liters of SAP
Yeah, yeah not sexy Europe
Have a moment of silence
Yeah, anyway, alright so we lost –
It’s all good. We have a bunch of backups bunch of backups. Yeah
Anyway what I do for YouTube video
I did bring it all the way out here so that I could show it off and that’s what I get
For transporting it and being a goof trying to get a nice picture
Yeah, take the El
Alright so we need to tally and
I’m gonna do I did a calculation, but I did it before I broke the bottle
So we’re gonna go off the not breaking the bottle deal. So I ended up with 50 litres of syrup
The number of calories and 1 liter of syrup is about 3500 calories so in
3,500 calories that’s a days where the calories for a working person person who’s like highly physically active
So basically you have to drink a liter of syrup just to match our output for one day
Quite a bit of days. Yeah. So basically if you we collected 50 litres, we collected 50 days worth of calories
it didn’t take us 50 days to collect it, but there are three people and then we did pre collect a lot of
wood and obviously all the modern tools were using like buckets and all that if you had to do from scratch
I don’t think it’s possible and I found some research that Native Americans never actually did it for a living they did it for trade?
and that’s when they had the
The cast-iron pots and stuff like that to collect it and boil it and that’s the big thing boiling
so anyway, we got wick ended up producing one hundred and seventy three thousand calories a
Normal person needs a million calories
For for the year, so we collected about one-fifth of the yearly calories for one person. So that’s not bad
That’s fifty days right fifty days out of the year. That’s pretty good
We collected if you scale that up we collected two thousand liters of SAP
You guys want to convert this to the gallons? Well, welcome to 2,000 liters of gallon of sap to produce our 50 liters of syrup
And I did a quick calculation at 528 gallons. That’s a lot of gallons
We collected you’ll convert the the 50 liters to gallons if you want to figure out how many gallons of
Syrup, we produce we produced a lot produce a lot. So in a home setting situation, I do think it’s it’s worthwhile to collect syrup
Will it is living? Yes
It’s survival
Probably not. You just talk about the gear you’re not gonna have the buckets – you’re not gonna have the mechanism oil it. I
Hope you guys enjoy this video
hope you guys uh
Thank you for Easton made for putting up that
splitter that splurge is gonna come very handy for our
Homestead our our carbon and get us ahead and save us a lot of energy on on
Key and getting ahead on the on the heating that we need for the cabin. So thanks Easton made and
Yeah, I’m gonna wrap the video up here and stick to stick stick around because we obviously got more to come with respects cabin
Stick yeah funny joke stick your your funny kid
This Europe’s good buddy. Do you like it? Yeah, it’s really good. You like star stuff, but
Needs a homemade. It’s it’s uh a lot thicker right you ever had store-bought stuff in a while
It’s really it’s like runny or any hard stuffs really thick. Well if you freeze it
Well, if you freeze it it you’re free to get sticker
Alright guys, I’ll catch you guys the next one. Thanks
Canadian company. Yes, we are. We’re out of Perth Ontario. We’re just a little bit west of Ottawa
You sold to the state though, yeah, a lot of our sales go to the US
We’re starting to move worldwide now we’re looking into doing
Middle East and I
Had a guy I had a guy from Morocco the other day called me I had a guy from Turkey and splitting teacup
There, you know what they’re doing. They’re splitting cactus Canada. You got to be splitting something
I have no idea but I have had a lot of interests outside of a outside North American
We’d like to move in the Australian market too before too long. I hear I hear the Australian was really really hard
I’ve heard that – I’ve never had any experience with it, but I gotta go and
The next couple years. We’re trying it down there and just go look at the trees
It’s maybe just go just go and have a good time on the beach
Even you gonna have a foster bring it back bring an action feeling
okay, that’s
You gotta support the Canadian company because we know we know about hardwood
Yeah, like we have a lot of species
I feel like everybody seemed to think that were we’ve only split software but we have most of
Most of woods we have around here. We have the heart maple we have oak. We have we have just about
Everything that they do further sounds like the Elm there’s still ailment
I heard I heard the 70s when the Dutch elm disease was very prolific that they actually
Beefed up all their splitters then and then they kind of all died out. So now we’re running into the
Emerald ash borer and it’s you know as straight as people say ash is it’s a pretty stringy
Would you get into a piece of ash it’s growing out in the open and I actually really weird species it takes
It really takes the shape and what’s around if there’s nothing around it face wash its kind of it’s gonna white itself somebody tight. So
I’m coming over laughing every time you say pizza. Ash ash
You know what the problem with the piece of ash
That’s the city piece of ash what it’s growing in the are
When it’s got a lot of wind hitting from all the sides it kind of goes it so you want a country piece I want
You know what?
You got if you want like fine fine lines
Country. Ash is a lot easier going like it’s a lot more laid back
There we go. Now we’re on it
Guys thanks. Appreciate it
Hey guys
We’re just finishing up our syrup at the small cabin in the woods find out how much we were able to boil in
This episode. Oh, yeah, that’s good. Come on back
And then and then come
Like to this near tree before you say anything
Yeah, like this one here with the metal on it, yeah
Yeah, you guys made it, yeah, it’s good. Yep
Hey, I want anything come on out of the woods guys we got a new one split her up here
All right ready, yeah go
You don’t have to drink it all at the same time
Not a real shot. Oh
That was tasty
This is how you do it
Can’t get any good. Yeah who wants more

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    I have been putting together memorial books for family that include knowledge my grandpa handed down about foraging and fishing. They are nothing on the level that you do. It is just things like granddad using a gunny sack to keep turtles off his fish in the water instead of a stringer, his knots, his horrible jokes, etc.,. Just a few things that I did not want to lose to time.

    It feels a whole lot better writing it all down and reseeding the knowledge to the next generation.

    Also, thanks for always being concerned about the energy cost for homesteading. I get so excited about making things, that I forget that they can drain more energy than they give. God bless your family and friends, and remember morel season is sneaking up fast.

  • April 29, 2019 at 5:50 pm

    That is a Pileated Woodpecker working over your tree.

  • April 29, 2019 at 6:07 pm

    Tree damaged caused by Pilated Woodpecker

  • April 29, 2019 at 9:47 pm

    Would love to see how you make maple sugar and my favorite, maple sugar candy!

  • April 30, 2019 at 12:59 am

    You guys are soo Awesome.
    Granny and all of us look for your videos every day.

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    Woodpeckers maybe?

  • April 30, 2019 at 4:36 am

    It would be nice if you guys had just a channel for your off grid cabin building .I am not interested in seeing you guys eat racoons ,squirrels , killing animals or watching babies play with dead rabbits..I would subscribed to a off grid cabin series only…

  • April 30, 2019 at 3:04 pm


  • April 30, 2019 at 5:48 pm

    seeking the Lord and reading/listening to the bible everyday. best decision of my life.

  • April 30, 2019 at 7:25 pm

    Hi! New fan here… 
    I've been watching you guys for a while now and you're simply awesome! In everything!
    I don't know if it'll be helpful but i have a few tips that can maybe simplify your stay in the cabin,
    so here they are, up to you to take into account of them or not.

    1. Why not a trapdoor?
    I saw that you would love to have an upper sniper position on the 1st floor… so why not complete all the floor and then add a trapdoor? That will do both open space and "bridge" to the window.

    2. IKEA is the way dudes! (or better D.I.Y)
    The idea of watching movies at the end of the day is always a good idea, but how much would be comfortable with only 2 beds? My idea was to buy some sofa beds from ikea… i think the name is NYHAMN (but, see your skills, i think you can pretty easily do it yourselves). So that your 1st floor can have multiple uses.

    3. A tap on the boiler

    Make some wonky walls inside the syrup boiler that converge at the hole of the tap, in that way it will be easier to put the refined mapple syrup in the jars.

    Hope my english is not too bad, same though for my tips.
    Keep on rocking guys. The world need more people like you!



  • April 30, 2019 at 8:02 pm

    I love what you do plez do not stop living your wild life and do not take the hate to hart live on live strong have a good time

  • April 30, 2019 at 11:39 pm

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  • May 1, 2019 at 2:29 am

    this year my dad make 71 gallons (live in Québec)

  • May 1, 2019 at 5:02 am

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  • May 1, 2019 at 8:20 pm

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  • May 1, 2019 at 8:55 pm

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  • May 1, 2019 at 9:32 pm


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    Why don't you make a cedar sauna?

  • May 2, 2019 at 12:49 pm

    You need a quad with a trailer, time to make some trails lol, Kevin just admit you wanted a treehouse deer stand lol, but if you make it please make some vids of your progress.. thanks

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  • May 2, 2019 at 4:12 pm

    Do you watch any T.V. shows,cartoons or anime?

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    Hey my dude. Canadian turning American and goal of having the ability to do what you’re doing in either country. As they both have SO much to offer. Your videos is one of the first I’m watching to do my research and although I know there are many ways of doing this, I truly enjoy watching how you do you. I can’t wait to see more progress!!


  • May 3, 2019 at 4:28 am

    Holy Moley your trees are productive! That is an impressive amount of syrup for a home operation. Do you sell it at a farmers market? That would bring $20 a litre in the US.

  • May 4, 2019 at 1:15 am

    Yellow Bellied Sap Sucker. OR some type of woodpecker.

  • May 4, 2019 at 12:05 pm

    If the Eastonmade guy wants to bring a splitter down under, I’ve got 12 acres of natural Australian bush on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and we need to clear a bunch of it for the Roo’s to have areas to rest & graze

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    Been watching your videos for few years now. You n jerm. Lol. Big fan man, keep up the good work. And your young man is getting big!! Thats awesome man. If you ever make your way out to Northern California at all. Come out n ill show ya sweet spots out here in the Sierra Nevada's!! Keep up the good work man.!!.

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    Awesome videos,awesome family and people , the cabin looks phenomenal, well done ,good luck god bless.

  • May 6, 2019 at 2:45 pm

    I'm in to helping with the pond – it is a great idea! On attracting deer, the best thing is tall apple trees and nut trees – oak, beech etc.

  • May 6, 2019 at 5:21 pm

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    I could not find it in the comments… are you every planning on selling the maple syrup?

  • May 9, 2019 at 2:16 am

    I love to see you keeping traditions like syrup production alive, and passing it on to the next generation. Harvesting from nature in a sustainable manner in becoming a forgotten art all together. Inspirational as always man!

  • May 10, 2019 at 12:01 am

    well after being dumped for the second time by my ex/childs mom. ive decided that im not going to chase her any more, she can go ruin her own life at the bar, instead im buying a house for me and my 2 daughters, 2 nice huskies , and some new camping gear, i plan on going up north to do some bush craft and fishing. definatly will be nice to get out of this crazy city

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  • May 13, 2019 at 10:18 pm

    Its Woody Woodpecker. Joke aside, i imagine its the pleated woodpecker with the red head. It grows about 12 – 14 inches long. Seen lots of them here in the New England States here in the U.S. Have seen them before trying to peck on a metal roof. So funny seeing this. Lol the state of Vermont where i live is a big producer of maple syrup. I love the stuff.

  • May 15, 2019 at 1:02 am

    Are you worries about contaminants from the t-shirt while filtering? Like laundry detergent or dyes, etc?

  • May 16, 2019 at 12:19 am

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  • May 27, 2019 at 1:35 am

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  • May 28, 2019 at 8:35 am

    I envy you. I spent decades in the high stress Corporate world, then became ill from a vicious tropical disease which lasted 15 years. I have country background and many of the things that you do I have done or remember watching my father do, but my time is now limited and I cannot do the stuff needed to go bush now. It is hard enough to mow the lawn. SO I live vicariously.

  • June 2, 2019 at 1:40 pm

    Underground bases. Ah.. I remember that as a young teen. I had spent weeks digging a hole around 5 feet wide and 3 feet deep. Got it all nice and put a roof on it with dead fall and fur boughs. The next week we had a storm. When it was over and I went back to check on the base, the roof was still there so I was stoked.. … However, we have clay soil… I no longer had a den, I had a pond.

  • June 3, 2019 at 12:25 am

    I concur Pileated Woodpecker damage.
    While your cedar is alive it must have a fair number of bores inhabiting it which your feathered friends are after.

  • June 4, 2019 at 9:02 am

    It's a woodpecker

  • June 6, 2019 at 3:58 am

    Pileated Woodpeckers

  • June 10, 2019 at 1:52 pm

    when are you gonna finish the inside of the cabin

  • June 10, 2019 at 10:37 pm

    You are an amazing family and a top shelf videos. I'm from the syrup country. I just finished cutting up 22 cords for our last syrup harvest. Hard work great outcomes. We have a 100 gallon tank.

  • June 16, 2019 at 8:11 pm

    Its a woodpecker

  • June 18, 2019 at 11:56 pm


  • June 21, 2019 at 8:53 pm

    Nothing better than fresh Country Ashe!! Never liked much city Ashe anyway.

  • June 22, 2019 at 4:42 pm

    its good to see you people build. make some more cabins with the extra wood you have. you can always rent them out during vacations.

  • June 22, 2019 at 4:43 pm

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    jesus man do not read the comments. it is the reason I am a racist bigoted hateful person I started my facebook as a child hahaha

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  • July 1, 2019 at 9:23 pm

    3539 calories per liter of maple syrup

  • July 5, 2019 at 11:43 pm

    Because maple syrup is a low acid food it would have to be pressure canned. which isn’t hard to do it just requires a pressure canner and it takes more time. Yesterday I watched a video of yours about foraging and preserving the wild leeks aka ramps. When you’re water bath canning you need to use a pot deep enough so that you have 1-2 inches of water above the top of the jars so that they are submerged.

  • July 8, 2019 at 7:12 am

    What if you kept tapping until it started getting milky but bottle maple water in gallon jugs instead of boiling it and sell the maple water as well.

  • July 10, 2019 at 5:14 am

    I'm envious. I've got land with plenty of Hickory and white-oak, which is great for my woodworking needs, but nothing with sap. I'd love some sugar maple or birch.

  • July 10, 2019 at 5:20 am

    Question from ignorance: Why do you include the ice that develops in the sap buckets? Isn't that guaranteed to be pure water, and thus not worth boiling off? The transition of ice to steam requires a lot of energy; and it feels like zero payoff in terms of usable calories…But again, I have zero experience in making syrup; I'd love to be wrong.

  • July 11, 2019 at 7:16 pm

    Yes, daily reading and believing the bible totally changed my life. Submitting to the authority of God really turned my life around.

  • July 13, 2019 at 10:11 am

    that is insane…wow…that is an awesome wood splitter!

  • July 14, 2019 at 5:01 am

    I am a pilipina I am new subscriber I really admired ur work broh tnx a lot for ur lovely vids we have 14 and half acres in the Philippines I am working overseas so our land was empty we will have a plantations later I am planning to plant a bees like what u do..that is very unique

  • July 23, 2019 at 6:29 am

    There are many reasons why I appreciate your channel, but one of the most important aspects is to see a great dad showing such a good example to his son. What a refreshing channel you offer folks. Thank you so much for all the experiences, wisdom, simplicity, authenticity and beneficial uploads you share. Sincerely.

  • July 25, 2019 at 6:28 pm

    make cabin kits for side money rough build them and or set up for customers with your thin out small forest logs. $$$ Just inset the horns in the wood for the door handle and glue .

  • August 2, 2019 at 1:21 pm

    HI, dude it's a woodppecker!


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