[Music plays]
(Lorraine) My name’s Lorraine. I’m a retired school teacher.
I used to do a lot of sewing, knitting, I play the piano,
I play the banjo, all those things no more.
I can still paint, and I do paint pictures,
so that’s something I can do when I have time.
I paint landscapes, still life. In my younger days I did a lot of
bush regeneration locally because we live in a very bushy area.
You’ve got to be very careful when you live in bush because of the
damage that can be done by environmentally unfriendly chemicals.
The natives get very sick and eventually die, so I try to do
everything I can that will not harm the environment.
Yeah, I’ve been saving up all my leftover paints and motor oils.
Instead of throwing these things into the garbage,
I save them up and take them to the Community Recycling Centre.
It’s so easy, it’s free, it’s not far to go,
and my grandson comes to help me do it.
[Music plays]
Times have changed so much, and people now are swamped with all sorts of
rubbish that needs to be disposed of, and has to be disposed of responsibly.
[Music plays]

Waste matters – Drop off your household problem waste for recycling #1
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