Hello, Secretary Castro.
Thanks so much for
being here with us.
Great to be with you.
Thank you for having me.
[MARA KEISLING:] Thanks so much.
Well, I’m so excited to be here.
You’re one of the
candidates who’s talked
about trans people a lot on
the trail and I’m wondering,
first off, so I read that
when you were the Mayor
of San Antonio, you
were the first Mayor
to be the Grand Marshall
at the Pride parade.
I’ve seen a picture of
you standing in front
of a Black Trans
Lives Matter banner.
You’ve thought about
trans people,
you’re not new to trans people.
What’s been your
evolution on that?
think like a lot of Americans,
you know, over the last few
years, learning more and more,
becoming more and more,
sensitive to the fact
that we have 2 million
transgender individuals
in the United States and
oftentimes they are treated
as second class citizens.
And so, you know, as Mayor
of San Antonio and then
as Secretary of Housing
and Urban Development,
and now as candidate for
President of the United States,
I want to make sure that we do
everything that we can to ensure
that in this country
everybody counts.
That we have no second-class
that transgender individuals
are treated every bit as much
as every other American.
[KEISLING:] That’s amazing.
One of my regrets
over the last couple
of years is I’ve never been
able to personally thank you
for the great work you did
as Secretary of Housing
and Urban Development.
Do you want to talk
about that a little bit?
[CASTRO:] Yeah.
You know, it was a real honor
to serve President Obama
as Secretary of HUD.
You know, one of the things
that I wanted to make sure
of at HUD was that we
try and root out a lot
of the discrimination that still
exists in the housing market.
And so we had a real
focus on fair housing.
One of the things that
we did, as you know,
was the transgender
rule to make sure
that if a transgender
individual seeks shelter
at a publicly funded shelter,
that they are accommodated
according to their preference.
I was glad that we
accomplished that.
I was also happy that we made a
strong push, certainly stronger
than this administration,
to make sure
that we further desegregate
the United States.
Those are the kinds of things
that I’m proud of that we did,
in addition to trying to
address teen homelessness.
And we know that about
40% of teens out there
who are homeless come
from the LGBTQ community.
I had a chance to visit Los
Angeles and other communities
to hear about some of the
stories of young people
who felt ostracized
in their homes,
who ended up on the streets.
And at HUD we were focused
on creating partnerships
with the True Colors Fund
and others to try and bring
down that number of
teens who are homeless,
including from the
LGBTQ community.
[KEISLING:] That’s great.
Something that’s been
central to your campaign
and is I think the biggest
crisis right now is the hateful
crisis that the President
has caused at the border.
At least two transgender
people have died in detention,
Johana Medina Leon and
Roxsana Hernández.
This is a really important
issue for trans people.
So, what can we expect
from your administration?
[CASTRO:] You’re right.
And as you know, the federal
government has created
communities of transgender
individuals at two or three
of those detention
centers in the Southwest.
We know that if there are
individuals that are some
of the most vulnerable, most
likely to be the subject of hate
and violence, to be
vulnerable to that,
it’s transgender individuals.
And I’ve called for
ending that kind
of detention in our country.
And, in my administration,
we would not be detaining
people the way that we are
in this administration,
whether they’re adults
or they’re children.
Now, if they’re adults,
if they’ve committed a serious
crime and there’s a reason,
independent reason to detain
them, of course we would,
but that’s not the vast majority
of people who are seeking asylum
or who have just
crossed the border.
So, I want to end
that kind of detention
in our country beginning with
these for-profit private prisons
and make sure that
in the meantime
that transgender individuals
are treated with respect
and with dignity and
that they’re safe there.
[KEISLING:] Secretary Castro.
Thank you so much for being
here with us today and good luck
on the campaign trail.
[CASTRO:] Thanks a lot.
Thanks for having me.

Transform the White House: Sec. Julián Castro
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