Hi, I’m Rachel, and this is Roxy. Welcome to My Sweet Digs. But before coming in, make sure you subscribe below. My apartment is about a thousand square feet. It’s a one and a half bed, one bathroom, and I pay $4,750 a month for it. I think the price is totally worth it because this building has so many amenities. There’s a doorman, there’s a pool, steam room, gym, and you have this view, which is incredible. You definitely get a lot for what you’re paying for. This is my first alcove when you first walk into my apartment. It’s nice to have this extra space. There’s also this dip in the wall, and I was thinking it’d be perfect for my wardrobe and my shoes. So I made this custom Ikea wardrobe piece, which really helps me with my everyday. And then I have the mirror right here right before I go out the door in the morning. Now we’re going to the kitchen. Well my kitchen, I really like about it how it’s super clean and it’s very big. It’s the perfect size. I’m a very social person, I always have friends around, I’m always hanging out with people. And this is honestly the perfect place to have people over. So, I set up all the hors d’oeuvres right here and wine, cheese, all of that. My bar cart is right there. I realized when you guys came here I didn’t restock it with wine, but it’s just a cute little bar cart over here that has all of my wines on it and some liquors. For entertaining. My secret to keeping my apartment tidy is to try to minimize clutter. Which, it’s hard for me, but I manage to do it. And always clean up after yourself because if you don’t clean up after yourself, it’s still gonna be there, and it’s gonna be even more messy. So you might as well just clean up after yourself. My apartment pet peeves… Number one, everyone that knows me well knows this is my biggest thing. Cabinets open. Don’t leave any cabinets open. What’s the point of that? There isn’t a point. My friends come over, and they leave the cabinets open purposely. And I’m just like, you’re just really trying to piss me off right now, aren’t you? There’s a spatula in my kitchen. So, I was walking with my girlfriend down the street, and we were talking about deep conversations of life, how quickly it goes, and things can happen like this. Out of nowhere this spatula flies out of nowhere and skims me right on the nose, straight in front of me. And it came down really hard and landed at our feet, and we were just like, “Did that just happen? Did someone just throw a spatula at us?” We have no idea where it came from. So it was just one of those weird freak things that I’m like, “You know what? I’m gonna bring this home and put it in my kitchen.” And I put the date in the back of it. So that kind of stuff is how I collect things. And then this is my living room. What I love most about the space is my couch and where I’m sitting literally right now. I can see the Freedom Tower and the water and all the ferries coming up. So this is really kind of like the sweet spot where I’m sitting right now. My home style? Eclectic. Sort of vintage. I guess a little feminine, a little strange. Quirky. Quirky is the word. Quirky. I think the importance of having plants in your apartment, especially living in New York City, you don’t see much green, like ever, because it’s a concrete jungle. So I like bringing life into here and having things that are growing, and I just feel like it gives it more of a homey vibe to it. And I’m just a plant lover. I am an actress and model full time for a living. I think for sure it’s influenced the way I live in my home. I’ve always been around really amazing people, really cool things, and I kind of just brought this into my home and made it kind of mine. I’m in the creative business. It just brings the whole entire vibe into here as well. Another hobby, actually, I have is antiquing. I just get random things, and I’m like “Oh, this will look good.” And I was at this thrift shop, and I was like, “These gold spoons are insane.” Every letter in the alphabet, it could’ve been any letter… R. It was my initial on them. Obviously I need to have these. These are made for me. So yeah, that was kind of a really amazing find, I got super excited. This apartment is a huge step up. A, because no one’s lived in this unit. My first apartment that I moved into, it was a walk up, and I was living in like… it wasn’t the best place. But one day I woke up with a cockroach, a dead cockroach in my bed. I was like, “Maybe it’s time to move now.” And then my second apartment, I’m like, “What is that? What is that noise?” I heard this, like, chirping noise behind the oven. There was a dead mouse behind my oven. I’m like, “Oh my god…” If there’s one there’s a bunch. I found a hole in the bottom of my wall that the mice chewed through. I’m not kidding the hole in the wall was like this big. So I’ve had of some horror stories at each of one of my apartments. None here. So I think this is the winner, for sure. Then this way is my bedroom. Honestly, I didn’t really have a vibe going for this room. I just wanted it to be really clean and kind of crisp, just simple, no clutter. I actually collect a lot of perfumes… And sunglasses. And jewelry. Basically everything. These are really ugly lamps next to my bed. These are scarves. I wear them sometimes when I have a look on, and I was like, “Maybe these will look cute over here,” so I just threw them on top of there. And it gives it a totally different vibe, especially at night, it gives off a homey relaxed tint. New York gets really cold, obviously, in the wintertime, so you’ll see I have a ton of sweatshirts and sweaters in my closet. But I have them all stacked up above in a very orderly fashion so you can see everything when I’m about to take it out. I just know exactly where everything is. Dresses on the left with everything long. Going down is shirts and other things. A lot of storage in this apartment which is amazing. I’ve been living in New York now for like eight years, so I’ve collected a lot of things. Storage is massive. I have… Especially the industry I’m in, I have a lot of clothes. And then here’s my bathroom where I spent also a lot of my time where I get ready in the morning. I don’t really dislike anything in my bathroom. It’s really well lit and there’s three massive mirrors in there. You pull them open and all my beauty products are in there. Beauty must haves that I have in my
bathroom…spritz, face spritz, so like throughout the day to refresh your face. Rose hip oil. I know this is super random, but this oil I put on probably like every night, and I wake up the next morning feeling so glowing and fresh. A really good eye cream, some retinol, and always a moisturizer. I think right when I walked in this apartment I knew this is the one, as they say, “the one”. My next dream apartment, even though I love this one, would probably be exposed brick. In a lofty kind of vibe. So my bed’s up above, and then kitchen everything down below. So you walk up some stairs. But exposed brick probably would be my next one. Thanks for watching my Sweet Digs. To subscribe to Refinery29, click here, and to watch more videos, click here.

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