in 2014
Jerry Stoor received this old
schoolhouse and began work on renovating
it and opened it up for the public in
2015 he actually had to put this on
wheels and move it from where it was
before about 7 miles down the road
price get back to work
yes Mr. Stoor sorry Mr. Stoor
particular one was down here at Henry’s
7 miles down the road and it was built
in 1898 closed down in 1936 the last few
years it was just a part-time school it
was pretty much shambles the Sheep
outfit would use it for a sheep camp their
ceiling had fallen in all the glass was
gone so it’s just you just start at one
end and you start working through the
whole thing first I put the floor in
then I put the ceiling back together and
then I had to fix the windows and put the
lights in and had to build the front end
because it was all tore up and so you
know I’m not a professional renovator
but you just do what you have to do and
just piece by piece until you put it back together
it’s quite of a personal thing I had lost
some children and had gone through quite
a bit of trauma that I wasn’t happy with
and I needed something to do I needed
this place to come back here to my roots
and stay here and when I in the process
of doing that I restored the old shed up
there and rebuilt the barn and the house
and I just got really intrigued in it
and it was it was something I liked to
do and I didn’t know that until I
started doing it but once I started
doing it I just enjoyed it and I’ll
probably do it till I die it’s it’s a
it’s a it’s a hobby yet it’s a pacifier
for me just because I needed it
I foundout it was too late to ask questions that
I should have ask when people were alive that
I didn’t know
you know the history of something about
it especially this place here I should
have asked a lot more questions when
it’s gone it’s gone when the people that
know the answers when they’re gone
retracing it back is very difficult
very time-consuming and hard to do as
far as I’m concerned I rely on what I
know now and I’m passing that on to my
kids and making scrapbooks and
documentation so that they can pass on
so that’s going to be a big goal of mine
the rest of my life is to dig this stuff
out of the woodwork and pass it on to
those who would enjoy knowing it

This 123 year old school house restoration is absolutely incredible
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