Hello everyone, in this short video I’m
going to demonstrate how to make a Neuron
from the material I have here next to me,
and explain the Neuron
A Neuron is a nerve cell as the primary functional
unit in the Nervous System and Neuron are
the only cells can transmit information.
The first structures of the Neuron from the
left side are called Dendrites. Dendrites
are the information receiving polls, and then
they go to the next part which is called Soma
or cell body that contains the information
and process it. If the signal that came the
Dendrites is strong enough then the soma releases
the signal to the next part of the neuron
which is the Axon. Ones the information reaches
the axon at this point the signal becomes
an action potential. The action potential
travels through the axon which is covered
with myelin sheath that is insulating material
that increases the speed of the action potential,.
The axon will transmit the information to
the last structures of the neuron which is
called terminal Button. Terminal Button releases
the chemical that serve as the messenger to
the next neuron. The chemicals are the Neurotransmitters
One more time, here we have Dendrites, information
receiving polls, and they go to the soma or
cell body and goes to the Axon that covered
with Myelin sheath and they will transmit
to last part the terminal Button that releases
the chemical, releases the neurotransmitters

The Neuron- Household Items Video
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