Outside the walls of the
hospital or doctor’s office,
the health of someone starts
in their home.
Not having enough food
not having enough money to
pay their utilities,
and not having gas, or not
having transportation at all
it really affects them,
it weighs on them.
And once it starts doing that,
the stress just builds up on you
and it eats at you almost
like it’s a cancer.
You’re trying to determine
Do I pay my bill today,
and have gas tomorrow
or do I go buy groceries, and
not have electricity tomorrow?
Growing up, I was one of
these families.
My mom was a single mom,
raising four kids
she worked two jobs.
She has suffered from stress,
from worrying day to day
about putting groceries on
the table.
As a mother of three beautiful
I want the best for them.
And coming from a family
like this,
I am able to let families that
walk through my door know
that I have been in your shoes.
“Let’s see what the size is
on the pants because that
may work for the youngest one.
It’s 2T that may work.”
“Aw, that’s cute.”
Becoming a community
health worker
here in London, Kentucky
I just had a calling to
help people.
And to find them connections
that will make their life better
than what it is right now.
“Hi this is Jessica from
London Pediatrics,
and I have a family here that
has a little girl
needing size four in summer
You never know who’s going
to need help,
so we ask.
And we ask by a survey.
“And there is no limit, so
whatever you need.”
“Thank you.”
“You’re so welcome.”
It’s people that are
single parents,
grandparents, great
They come with needs because
they are raising these kids
and they don’t know that there
are resources out there
that can help them.
Whether it’s from just needing
diapers for that week,
to a family needing a
home be built,
we are here to find that, and
we don’t stop looking.
We keep on trying to find
that will fit the
family’s need.
We have to help these
They need us to be that
rock for them,
to be that ear for them.
Knowing that it’s going to
be alright,
that we will help them find
that resource.
Reaching out to the
and treating everyone
with kindness
and building that bond
with them,
will cause a change.
And it does help families.

The Health of Someone Starts in their Home | CommonSpirit
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  • October 19, 2019 at 12:35 pm

    Hey! Just subbed to your channel. Why don’t you use SMZeus to get more subs!?

  • November 7, 2019 at 3:39 pm

    Jessica this is a wonderful piece.  Could not have said it better.  So glad to have people like Pam and you as a part of CommonSpirit, Saint Joseph Health System.


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