You’ve probably heard the old
joke money isn’t everything,
but you have the right to find that out.
I love that thought.
I love the thought that
you and I have the right
to create all the money that we want
so we can discover for ourselves
that money isn’t everything.
I have a core value and
many successful people
have the same value, which is
all beliefs turn into knowing
through direct experience.
So here’s my point.
I’ve noticed that the people
who hold dearly to the belief
that money isn’t everything
are mostly the people
who have never had a direct
experience of having money
and they actually use that
belief to hold them back
from discovering what their greatest gifts
could be to give to the world.
Remember, money is a tool.
It’s a tool that allows
you to become more useful
to all of society.
I love that thought.
I love the thought that the
best thing that you and I
could do for the poor is don’t be one.
If you’re poor you certainly
can’t give anything.
You can’t give money to the poor.
So today I wanna share with
you the number one reason
why most agents and
lenders never permanently
get out of survival
and make lots of money.
I am Joe Stumpf and in
my 40 years of business
I’ve come to realize that
there’s one irrefutable law
that if you adhere to it,
it will put you on a path to significance.
If you deny, it will cause you to struggle
to get out of survival permanently.
Ignore this law and you may
have a good year or two,
maybe a few good years, but
you’ll always find yourself
back in survival eventually.
And I call this law the law of the list.
Your list in business is your database,
which is the organization
and the systematization
and the automation of
the names, the addresses,
the phone numbers, the
email addresses, birthdays
and even anniversaries of all the people
in your spheres of influence.
It includes all your past clients,
all your prospects from
all your marketing.
And the law states that
the most valuable asset
in your business is your
data, data that is collected
and organized so you can
constantly communicate
in an intelligent, systematic way.
So it’s true, money isn’t everything,
but in business, your
database is as important
to your success as railroad
tracks are to a train.
And this has become such
a key mindset for me
that my first question that
I ask an agent or lender
who comes to me for any type
of coaching or guidance,
leadership and they say help me.
I’ll say, first, tell
me about your database
and their response will reveal
to me within a few minutes
if they are in survival,
if they’re in stability,
success or significance.
Now, for some of you listening right now,
this may be the single most
important money-making mindset
you’ll ever embrace if you
truly want to create a business
that gets on the stability,
success, significance track.
Actually, it’s more than just some of you.
The fact is, we’ve discovered
over the last 20 years
asking this question, and
still asking the same question
today, 70% of all agents, all lenders
describe their database as in survival.
Here’s what it sounds like.
I’ll ask, hey, tell me
about your database.
And they’ll say, well, Joe,
I’m just getting started.
I’m just starting to
organize that right now.
My data is scattered
amongst my email programs.
It’s in my phone directory.
I have it on scraps of paper in old files,
but most of all it’s just
stashed right here in my memory.
I also hear things like
this, people say, hey, Joe,
I’ve got 6,000 names of
people in my mailing list.
I got all my prospects, I
got all my past clients,
I got my farm area, I’ve
got it all together.
I’ve got a few addresses,
I got a lot of addresses
but I have a few phone numbers.
I’ve got very few email addresses,
birthdays and anniversaries now
and I don’t do much with it.
Actually, it’s killing me.
And I especially hate it when
I drive by someone’s house
and I see a for sale sign in
their lawn and I recognize it
as one of my past clients.
Now, am I talking to you right now?
Whether you’ve been in
business for five minutes,
five years, 15 years or even 50 years
and you have not made your
database your highest priority,
you know, right now, or
maybe you don’t know,
but you must admit right now
that you need to make a change,
a change that will allow
you to create money
and be on a permanent track
to success and significance.
And it takes willingness,
it takes willingness to
organize and systematize
and automate your database.
But it’s a non-negotiable.
At by Referral Only right now
we have over 2,000 members
and 70% of them, when we first met them,
they were in database survival.
And when we examined why,
why is that the case?
You know what the number reason was?
The number one reason was
is they get overwhelmed
by the technology.
They get overwhelmed by the
level of commitment it takes
to set up and maintain a database.
So about 15 years ago
I recognized that if I
was going to make a significant
difference in the lives
of my clients, I can do
something about that.
So I started building databases
and it became the most important
issue that I addressed.
And we made it our number
one priority and as a result,
over the last 15 years, I’ve
invested over $2 million
into technologies, into systems,
into the team of experts
to create and build
databases to do one thing,
to solve that problem
for you once and for all.
So over the next three, money
making Morning Joe mindsets,
I’m gonna describe to you
what a stable, successful
and significant database
looks like and how it operates
day to day in your business.
Now whether you do this
with us, do it on your own,
or have someone else do it for you,
these are the three mindsets
that will give you a blueprint
to get you to be permanently
be on track to stability,
success or significance.
Now, before you go, understand
that the process of change,
regardless of whatever
you’re trying to change.
If you’re trying to change
something in your personal life
or in your business, it
starts with a commitment.
The bigger the commitment,
the more courage it takes.
It take courage to learn new skills,
the skills that are required
to keep your commitment.
But as you grow and
you expand your skills,
you get more confidence and
confidence is the byproduct
of making commitments that require courage
to learn new skills.
Making money, making
money is a commitment.
It’s a commitment to yourself
that you’re gonna find
the courage to learn and take
action on what you must do.
Think of it this way.
Money isn’t everything,
but you’re going to make
a commitment to have a
direct experience of creating
all the money that you want so you
can discover that for yourself.
In a business, it starts
with your database.

The #1 Reason Why Most Real Estate Agents & Lenders Fail

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