hello everybody I have gotten in the
mail this we choose you advertisement from t-mobile advertising there t-mobile
home internet service which personally the home internet service is just a
Wi-Fi router for the home that has a few extra ports with unlimited service but
anyways more props to them just another option because Charter in this area
really is terrible although 50 bucks a month for cellular
internet I’m not too sure either way they sent us this neat little dongle and
it was a USB Drive it’s a locked USB Drive because you can’t oh how about
that they didn’t lock it I can actually write to it cool but the USB Drive
contains a PDF Oh only one gig probably only cost them a lot of nickel but it’s
got a PDF advertising the the the service and it’s got one two three four
videos so let’s start with the PDF here yes I only have a 13 inch screen Dell
XPS 13 why did I get an invitation for t-mobile home internet we have invited
you to it to be a trailblazer one of our first customers to use t-mobile home
Internet service availability is limited so we’re going to hold your spot for
just 30 days from the date of your initial invitation click get started now
so I can click that and not found okay uh what is to you Oh
Monty mobile home Internet t-mobile home Internet is a new offering from t-mobile
available by invitation only to existing home customers in certain address in
limited areas I guess center of a metropolitan area is one of those it’s
fast affordable home Internet service that lets you do it all for 50 bucks a
month with Auto pay and I think it goes up to either 55 or 60 if you’re not on
auto pay you receive service through LTE Wi-Fi gateway device which is basically
a router and a modem or you can use either net cable to plug it into your
own Wi-Fi because their devices might be fine for cellular but in terms of a
Wi-Fi router it’s not too good no external antennas how do I sign up you
click the eligibility which that works or not okay
well that does not work so they’re not doing too good with their their
advertisement here how much does it cost they’ve already stated that 50 bucks
would but it on the other hand it already includes all taxes and fees
something that was one of the huge draws that brought me to t-mobile to begin
with I need a cup of tea here it’ll sip because my old sprint $50 plan that I
had been grandfathered into forever and it’s still a pain to me to get rid of it
when I switched even though it was more of a look how long I kept this plane in
terms compared to is it really something that’s worth it anymore
but my old $50 sprint plan after taxes and fees was pushing like 72 bucks so
not only is t-mobile cheaper but we also were able to get on the military their
military plus or 1 1 plus something like that plus military plan which even cut
the price in half and yeah so now I have ten lines for about two
hundred and ten bucks per month and that includes our Netflix awesome how fast is
t-mobile home internet basically if you already have t-mobile service open up
your phone hold it up in the air where you got excellent signal and go to open
speed test calm or speedtest.net run a speed test what you see on your phone is
pretty much what you’re going to get is their data cap this is the surprising
part nope there are no data caps and no speed caps we expect download speeds of
around 50 megabits and still fine-tuning the service although remember it is
cellular each tower has a limited amount of bandwidth to it so your mileage may
vary let’s get out of that and go back to the folder here let’s open this up well Manrico
still surprised that they sent that to me I’m in the middle of Milwaukee County
the biggest Mahi’s the biggest city in Wisconsin which isn’t saying much and
Milwaukee County is the most populous county in Wisconsin which again isn’t
saying much it’s only like six hundred fifty thousand people and there’s a lot
more rural especially in Wisconsin but I suppose they got to start somewhere and
considering Milwaukee has the biggest t-mobile footprint in the state there we
go not bad I really like that commercial in
fact that little city in Washington State looks like a lot of little cities
that are in in villages and towns and in rural Wisconsin here there’s two more
we’ll take a look at those it’s really simple when an in-home
connection or establish LTE network we’re bringing you home internet works
because no matter where you live everyone deserves to be connected really
we weren’t sure what we were grandkids or their parents want to be doing
whatever really guys say this is like one of the
smartest advertising methods I have seen especially with the the memory card use
I mean that’s something you’re just probably not gonna toss in the trash
after you view it and you might review it again just throw that out there alright well that concludes the videos
for the t-mobile advertisement and I will say I might just give it a try for
a month now I got an air B&B just outside of Midwest largest tourist
city which is Wisconsin Dells air B&B cottage and while it does have access to
charter Internet there we’ll just put it this way during tourist season the 200
megabits service we’re lucky if we get one or two megabits at night and maybe
we’ll be able load Google during the day just the homepage
forget about Netflix but that’s Memorial Day through Labor Day so I might just
give this a shot and put there and see exactly how well it performs if I do
I’ll probably update you guys all but that concludes our little t-mobile
advertisement if I was just meeting I wanted to share this isn’t paid or
endorsed by t-mobile in any way shape or form
I just got their little neat little mailer in in the mail no annual
contracts no data camps no hidden fees no hardware costs I should point that
out there no hardware costs so that means no modem Rendall because I know
chargers up to like 10 bucks a month 7 8 9 10 bucks a month unless you go out and
drop sixty to a hundred and fifty bucks for your own and Oh fine print here
while taxes and fees vary by state qualifying accounts pay just fifty
dollars for monthly service most states do not tax internet access including
Indiana Kentucky Nebraska and Washington four states that tax internet access
qualifying accounts will still pay only $50 excluding Cleveland Ohio which $50
would be fourteen five ninety one rate plan plus
sales-tax reggaeton regulatory fees so basically in Cleveland Ohio what they
did is I’m instead of just a flat 50 bucks they lowered the price by four
dollars and nine so you’re paying forty five ninety one for the internet surface
and then taxes are four dollars and nine cents to come out to total of fifty
bucks Wow love t-mobile more and more every
day that’s it adios have a good night

T-Mobile Home Internet Pilot Advertisement

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  • October 28, 2019 at 7:21 am

    Thanks for sharing, it was interesting to see the ads.

  • November 21, 2019 at 4:58 am

    Can they just make this the norm for all internet please tired of centurylink and comcast.


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