My name is Neil Dhawan partner at Shupe
Dhawan. Naturalization as many
requirements that must be met but people
get most confused by these two one
physical presence and continuous
residents as an applicant for
naturalization you must ensure you meet
both the physical presence and
continuous residence requirement for the
statutory three or five-year period
before applying for naturalization to
ensure compliance with the continuous
residence requirement an applicant must
have resided in the United States for three or
five years depending on the grounds for
applying also you must not have left the
United States for a period of more than
six months if you did leave the country
for more than six months while having a
lawful permanent resident card your
continuous presence may have been
disrupted and you will have to prove
continuous residence so it’s extremely
important that you consult with us
before you file an application to ensure
compliance with the physical presence
requirement and applicant must be
physically present for 18 months within
a three year period or 30 months within
a five-year period depending upon which
application you’re filing there are
exceptions obviously for religious workers
active members of the military people
working for the u.s. government or under
contract for the u.s. government abroad
please contact us at Shupe Dhawan for
immigration needs and be sure to visit
our webpage or other useful videos – 954-507-7220

Shupe Dhawan – US Citizenship Video #5 – Physical Presence and Continuous Residence
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