Coming up on this episode of “Designed to
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Do you love Magnolia home decor? Well on
this episode I’m going to show you how
to knock off this wooden cake stand
from Magnolia home and we’re going to do
it for a tiny fraction of the cost so if
that sounds good to you stay tuned!
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lot of fun on here so this week I’m
going to be doing a knock off of a
Magnolia Home cake stand and I’m
actually going to make two of them so we
can do a tiered effect and I’m gonna
make it two different ways and you’ll
see why in a minute
because I wanted to give you two options
now I feel a little guilty and doing a
knockoff of Chip and Joanna Gaines
because they are so…
I just like them… and
I mean I don’t know him personally but I
want to send them business but I thought
it might be fun to see if I could
recreate the same look on a tight budget
for those of you who may not be able to
splurge on a Magnolia Home Decor piece
so I popped on over to their website and
I found these really adorable cake stands
I decided to knock off this one because
I really liked the scalloped edge and I
like them the metal versus the wood and
I thought it would be a really fun
project to see if I could get the look
for less and I think that we can so
we’re going to do this two ways if you
look at the edge detailing on the
original piece it’s actually made I
believe from plywood because you can
actually see kind of the layering effect
on the edge of the cake stand by me
doing it this way the larger one I think
it’s going to actually end up being a
little bit more authentic to the
original if you have some plywood laying
around this will be the less expensive
option so I had some scrap wood left
over from building my bench and this is
one of the pieces and then actually
gonna use up pretty much every last drop
of my plywood over the course of the
next couple of tutorials I’m actually
going to cut two and you’ll see why I
measured and found some bowls in the
house so look around you might find the
right thing and that will help you get a
perfect circle so
gonna go out and cut this out with our
jigsaw but I’m going to work slowly and
then if we have any rough spots I’m
gonna just sand those down that is for
somebody who has a jigsaw maybe has some
plywood sitting around or can get their
hands on something for those of you who
don’t and are a little intimidated by
using a jigsaw I have not forgotten you
and we’re going to use a pre-cut round
so each of them has their kind of pros
and cons and I’ll go over that as we go
but before I get started cutting out our
circles I want to ask you to stick with
me to the very end because I have got a
special bonus project that is super easy
super affordable and super cute so stick
with me to the very end and I will have
that bonus project for you now let’s go
cut out our circles.
our circle turned out
pretty good there are a couple of like
rough spots so now I’m going to take my
electric sander and sand it all down
nice and smooth and then also do a good
standing on the top
so I’ve got my two circles cut out and sanded down this one
is my top one and so I was a little bit
more particular with this one it looks
pretty darn good in my opinion and then
I cut out a second circle this is about
a half inch smaller than this one we are
going to be gluing this to the top one
and then we are going to be doing that
scalloped edge detail I thought that
that would make the scalloped edge
detail so much easier to apply on this
one and so that’s why we have two
circles this is the underside of the top
piece and we’re going to put both rough
sides together we’re going to attach
this to the top so first of all we’re
going to put on our trusty e6000 and
this is really good
we’re gonna use this again so keep it
close by and then just for some
immediate stick we’re gonna put on some
hot glue
then we are going to flip this
over and we are going to just make sure
that it is centered this is a
candlestick that I got at Michaels we’re
going to find Center on this
trace it so
we know where it goes and then we’re
going to do the same thing with the
e6000 I thought about using nails and
stuff but I think we’re going to be okay
with this
put some hot glue for immediate stick
flip it over and squeeze it down and put
it right where it’s supposed to be
alright! that actually… I’m surprised how good
that sticks so now we have a cake stand
which I’m actually pretty excited about
it looks a really good
we need the really adorable kind of
metal scalloped edging so this is my
very affordable and hopefully it’s gonna
work out I have a good feeling about it
I picked up some tongue depressors you
can get these at the dollar tree you can
get them pretty much at any craft store
we are going to make the scalloped edge
out of popsicle sticks
I’m actually really quite excited about this so I’ve
decided to apply these first and then
paint them after and we are going to
measure one inch and make a mark and
what’s cool about these tongue
depressors is you can take a cheap pair
of scissors and just cut them instead of
having to use a saw… you can use a saw
and so then you can see there will be
our scallop and that will look really
cute I’m gonna do a whole bunch a total
of 48 but I’m going to cut 24 of these
so we’ve got a pile of tongue depressors
cut out for our scalloped edge I’m gonna use
a little bit of e6000 and a little bit
of hot glue to attach them we’re going
to make sure we do this smooth side out
and just a little bit at the top and
then a little dab of hot glue for some
instant stick right underneath that lip
and hold it down and then we’re going to
just go all the way around
all right so I finished applying my
scalloped edge and overall I’m really
happy with it I’m gonna set it aside for
a second and let it set up a little bit
longer but then I’m going to take some
spackling and I’m just going to kind of
fill in the gaps a little bit and then
we’ll sand it down and paint the
scalloped edge but I don’t want to mess
with it while it’s still kind of freshly
drying so I’m going to set that aside
and we are gonna do the smaller version
we are going to start out with this 8
inch round that I picked up from
Michaels I got it 50% off it was $3 same
with these candlesticks that I’m using
they were 50% off being $3 a piece and
so similarly to this one we are going to
find the center and then attach to this
but then we are going to do the
scalloped edge on this one I’m worried
that because this is on an angle that
they will kind of cave inward like that
so we we’re going to have to do
something to keep them upright and again
it’s going to be just the same process
as before of hot glue and a 6,000
I think what I’m going to have to do I am
gonna have to definitely do something
here to keep it the way we want it I was
afraid of this… so yeah we’re gonna have
to do this all the way around just
because otherwise our scalloped edge
will cave in
I am covered head to toe in glue!
So the hard part is done and we’ve got our
scalloped edge on you could leave it
alone leave it just like this and paint
it up and stain it and call it a day
I want mine to be a little bit more
smooth so I’m gonna actually take some
joint compound since we’re painting it
if we were staining it you’d want to use
wood filler but I’m just gonna use some
of this spackling and then we’re gonna
let this dry you don’t have to do this
step I just I’m doing it because I want
it to be as close to the original as
possible well let it set till it’s
completely dry and then I’m gonna sand
it down I am so thrilled with how these
are turning out so far they are so cute
but I do have to tell you I think the
easier way to do this…
believe it or not
is to cut the two rounds because trying
to brace this so that it wouldn’t cave
in on an angle it was very tedious work
so having the other circle behind it I
just think that that’s the better way to
go and it’s also the cheaper one but we
learn as we go and if you don’t again if
you don’t have the jigsaw and you’ve got
time it’s gonna have a very similar end
result so I think that that will be good
now it’s time to give the scalloped edge
that metallic bronze finish that was on
the inspiration one.
I’m gonna be using
craft smart onyx in the premium metallic
acrylic paint and this was like $1.79 (US) not on sale I’m just gonna brush this
on and again if you wanted to tape this
all off and use spray paint you could
but I’m just going to go ahead and paint
the scalloped edge just being very
careful our scalloped edge is dried and
honestly I think if I were to redo this
I would probably go ahead and use a
spray paint I think it would go a little
bit faster and also give like a little
bit smoother of a finish but I’m okay
with this and we’re gonna go with it
anyways unless I change my mind
we’ll see!
so for right now though we
need to amp up the farmhouse rustic on
this wooden cake stand because it
by Magnolia home what I’m gonna do is
I’m going to use this same Kona colored
gel stain that I’ve used for the past
several tutorials I still have a ton of
it left, so we’re going to do this very
dry so I’m going to get some on my brush
and then I’m going to wipe a lot of it
off because if you compare it to their
cake stand they just gone in and kind of
just dry brushed very subtly and so
that’s all we’re going to do here is
keep it really subtle
so I’m done giving the rustic vibe to
the tier trays I’ve done antiquing them
I’m really happy with how they turned
out I’m gonna let it set a second before
we put our polyurethane on but I wanted
to do that really quick bonus project
that I promised you
honestly this is so easy I don’t even
know if we could technically call it a
project but sometimes the easy projects
are the best ones so I have this piece
of scrap wood just sitting around and
then I picked up a package of those
metal words from Dollar Tree that you’re
seeing probably all over the place and I
am just going to attach this to it but
first I wanted to go ahead and give it a
nice dark stain and we’ll let it dry
we’ll put some polyurethane on it when
we do that and then as simple as gluing
the word onto the block of wood and boom
super inexpensive easy decor that cost
me like 30 cents!
OK… so I want to protect
the finish and so I’m going to be using
this premium spray enamel this is not
gonna be food safe but I don’t feel bad
because the original wasn’t food safe
either just put something down
underneath it just some sort of
separation between your food and this
and we can use this for decor display we
can use it for cupcakes and cakes
My Magnolia home cupcake stands and cake
stand is done and overall I’m very happy
with it I’m going to be using this all
the time is perfect for fall festivities
coming up as well as Christmas if you
have more of like a farmhouse rustic
Christmas I think I’ve got the finish of
it pretty close to that of the original
so actually the bigger one we came in a
little bit less expensive I’m gonna call
this one $5 and this one is more like $8
verses $28 and $40 respectively on their
sizes… so we we did really good on
budget I might actually make a little
bit bigger version so I could do the
three-tier tray what do you think of it
do you think it’s a pretty good dupe? let
me know in the comment section below and
also let me know in the comments section
below if you would like to see me do
something a little bit more glamorous a
little more blingy with a little bit
more sparkle this one’s definitely
rustic wooden a farmhouse vibe but I
think I might be interested in making
one that’s a little bit more glitzy and
glamorous for the winter months and the
holidays that are coming up thank you so
much for watching stay tuned for next
week’s episode which is the ultimate
fall wreath playlist that I’m co-hosting
with Kristin Kay come check it out next
week we are gonna hopefully have so much
inspiration for you if you enjoyed this
episode I’d ask you to consider
subscribing to my channel below and
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me thank you so much and we’ll see you
again soon, bye!

Rustic Cake Stand | Magnolia Home Decor | Farmhouse Cake Stand (DIY)

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