Oh, good evening, everybody!
It is Friday.
It is the final of this week’s
House Of Games.
I will miss these four. I tell you,
it’s been a wonderful week.
One more show to go
before somebody gets their hands
on this terrible, terrible trophy.
Who is it going to be?
Our players this week have been
Miquita Oliver…
..Ed Gamble…
..Kate Thornton…
..and Ade Edmondson.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Here we go.
Somebody is going to be
our champion. Ade…
Me? Great!
Thank you very much
for watching all week.
We’ll see you next week.
Kate. Yes. Lovely to have you back.
What a fun week it’s been!
It’s been really good fun.
And it’s – for me – been about the
taking part, as you know, Richard!
I’m glad you said that.
Ed Gamble, three wins out of
four days, which is very impressive.
Some very, very heavy scoring
as well.
Shall we take a little look
at the Weekly Leaderboard… OK!
..as it stands?
So, our last day…
..Kate, you have 5,
Miquita 8, Ade has 12.
Ed, you have 15.
You’ve got a three-point lead,
but it is double points Friday –
eight points for the winner today,
six points for second,
four for third and two for fourth.
So you can be overhauled. Yeah.
You had a nice week.
How are you feeling today?
I’m feeling a little bit
of stress now. Sort of…
I’d prefer to be maybe mid-table
and just relaxing.
Yeah, you are not, my friend. Do you
know what Billie Jean King said?
She said, “Pressure is a privilege,”
and that is where you find yourself.
Well, I’m very privileged.
Miquita… Yeah. Miquita.
Daily prizes, of course,
as well as the trophy.
Shall we see what Friday’s
daily prizes are?
See what you’d like to win?
There is a…I’m going to say
action doll,
there’s a towel
which goes with no-one’s bathroom,
cos look at the colour,
there’s a shoehorn…
A long one… Yeah, is that
rather big for a shoehorn?
It’s a really big shoehorn…
Yeah. That’s good.
Yeah – unless it’s a tiny towel.
It’s a flannel.
It’s a House Of Games flannel,
that is, yeah. It is –
cos the doll, of course.
..and the doll and there’s
a House Of Games stick of rock.
Been a wonderful week. One of you’s
going to be the champion today.
Let’s find out
who it’s going to be.
Let’s play our first round today.
It is…
I’m going to go up the line. I’m
going to read you all a statement.
You have to change one word
in the statement to make it true.
OK? The statement at the moment
makes no sense –
but if you change one word,
it becomes true.
But what word do you need to change?
Miquita, we’ll start with you.
Heaven! Scunthorpe to Heaven.
You’re changing Scunthorpe
to Heaven? Yeah.
Heaven is a Place on Earth.
Well done. Nice start!
Ed, here is your statement.
What do you have to change here?
I am going to change polystyrene
for World.
Ooh! We’ll change polystyrene
to World.
Very well worked out.
The first World Cup stolen
from Brazil in 1983.
Kate, here is yours.
Here’s your statement.
What do you need to change here?
What… Do we need to
change anything?
That’s a pretty good statement.
It’s… It does the same job…
Yeah. ..as the correct answer. Yeah.
Well, we’re going to swap out
pretentiously… OK.
..for consciously uncoupling.
For consciously uncoupling?
Correct answer. Well done!
Ade… Yes.
..here is your statement.
Change one word, please,
to make it true.
Going to change Berry to Poppins.
Change Berry to Poppins.
Mary Poppins Returns. Well played!
That was nice and gentle.
Miquita, here’s your next statement.
Well, it’s Goblet but
I don’t know… Lake of…?
You think Lake of Fire?
It is not. Ooh! Ade Edmondson!
It’s the Ring of Fire. Yeah!
Is it the Ring of Fire?
It is the Ring of Fire.
Well played, Ade!
Ed Gamble, here is
your next statement.
I’m going to change
Stephen for Elizabeth.
Oh! Stephen for Elizabeth.
Is that right?
It is – Elizabeth Fry.
Kate, shall we? Let’s.
Let’s swap out Wales for Darkness.
Wales for Darkness…
Is the right answer.
Everyone’s doing very well here.
Very impressive.
Ade, last question in this round.
That would be a great book,
wouldn’t it? Yeah, wouldn’t it?
Victor Hugo.
Victor Hugo –
change Meldrew for Hugo –
is right. Victor Hugo.
Well done!
Well done at home
if you’ve got those.
Let’s take a look at the leaderboard
after one round –
four rounds left of this week’s
House Of Games.
Miquita, you have 1,
Ed and Kate, you have 2.
Ade is our leader – 3 points.
Well done, Ade!
Shall we move on to Round Two? Yeah.
OK, let’s do it. It’s going to be…
This is a team game.
Miquita, you have cleverly
positioned yourself in a place
where you get to choose
your partner.
Who would you like to play with?
For the final time,
which of these fine people
would you like to join?
Dim Sum sounds a little bit mathy –
which is freaking me out –
so you, please, Ed.
I’ll tell you straight away,
Miquita, that is a terrible move.
Don’t panic about the maths,
I promise you.
It’s more general knowledge
than maths.
So, Miquita and Ed are a team,
Kate and Ade are a team.
That’s nice – sticking where you
were at the start of the week.
Lovely to see. Now, what you need
to do first, Miquita and Ed,
is choose a category.
One of these four, please.
I feel like, if I was picking just
for myself, I would go Sci-Fi Films.
You…? No, I think I’d be
more Elton-inclined.
I know nothing about Elton John.
OK, well, then I don’t know
that much… Sci-Fi Films!
Let’s go Sci-Fi Films!
You’ve chosen Sci-Fi Films?
OK, this is how we play this round.
I’m going to show you a sum now
that you need to fill in.
OK? Here’s your sum.
It is…
OK. OK? You need to fill in that sum
using the answers
to two of these clues, please.
The number of actors seen on-screen
in the Alfonso Cuaron film Gravity,
the number of notes in the musical
sequence played to communicate with
the spaceship in Close Encounters
Of The Third Kind,
the number of Alien franchise films
on which Sigourney Weaver
is credited,
and the number of pubs the
characters visit on their pub crawl
in the Edgar Wright film
The World’s End.
I’d say maybe four
in The World’s End?
The answers to two of those
will add up to 14.
I feel like it might be
more than four pubs… It is…
Cos that’s not a crawl, is it –
four? No. And also…
Just a… That’s a lunchtime, innit?
That’s a Wednesday! Are we including
the sort of bloodshed time,
like when they’re sort of
trawling around? Yeah.
Is it on the official…?
Is it on the official crawl…
Exactly! ..before they do it?
How many Alien films
is Sigourney Weaver in?
All the pubs they go to.
Two? Three, cos there’s Alien,
Aliens and Alien: Resurrection.
So I think… Wow! I don’t know
if there’s one more than that.
There’s definitely at least three.
On-screen Gravity actors?
I think there’s three. You think
there’s three of that, so…
I think it must be
World’s End pubs… Plus Gravity.
I think you’re right.
I think let’s go pubs and Gravity.
We’re just going to have to do it.
Pubs and Gravity! Pubs and Gravity!
So, on-screen Gravity actors –
you’re hoping there’s three.
Is that right?
Oh! 2! Interesting.
So you’d need there to be
12 World’s End pubs.
Let’s take a look.
Were there 12 World’s End pubs?
Let’s fill in this sum.
12! Oh, well done!
Phew! Yeah! Yeah!
Doesn’t matter how you get it,
so long as you get it.
Close Encounters Of
The Third Kind notes? That was…
..5. And 4 for Sigourney Weaver
Alien films.
Kate and Ade, what would you
like to choose here?
Kate-Adie, what would you like
to choose here?
Gymnastics, Rome or Elton John?
Are we going to go for Elton?
Yeah, we’re going to do Elton John.
We’re going to go for Elton.
Let’s take a little look
at your sum.
Fill in that sum using the answers
to two of these clues, please.
Elton’s age when he had his first
UK Top Ten single with Your Song.
The time of day that is mentioned
in the lyrics of Rocket Man.
The number of UK number one singles
he has had as of January 2019,
and the number of weeks his 1997
version of Candle In The Wind
was a UK number one single.
I think it’s definitely going
to be age
because we need a big number,
don’t we?
Unless the number one singles
is big. I think that’s quite big.
Do you think it’s over… I don’t
know, but he might be an artist
who’s had lots of top ten singles
but not necessarily number ones.
Yeah. Or the time in Rocket Man
is five or nine.
I think nine is a better word
to use. It rhymes.
Easy to sing, isn’t it?
Yeah. You choose.
No, don’t do that! You’re the
winner! Have you learned nothing
over the last four days?
I would choose the first
two on the left.
Yeah. OK.
OK? Let’s do that.
So you’re going to go for age
at first top ten single
plus the time in Rocket Man.
We’ll start with the time in Rocket
Man, which your thinking was…?
BOTH: Nine. 9am. Are you agreed
at home by the way?
Is that what you’ve gone for?
Is that the combination?
So, what was the time in Rocket Man?
Nine. That’s good.
Zero hour 9am.
Easier to sing, of course.
So, was he… We’re looking for 21.
Was that his age
at his first top ten single?
Oh, it’s number one singles!
That’s a lot of number one singles,
isn’t it?
It can’t be number one singles.
He had very few.
Let’s take a look
at what it should have been.
Number one singles plus the age.
That makes sense.
Candle In The Wind was five weeks,
you were right about nine
but number one singles – seven.
That’s tough!
That’s hard cheese, isn’t it?
I thought it was fun, I did enjoy
the thinking of it.
Ade, let’s set up our own
pub quiz team, shall we? Yeah.
What I’d really like to see
is… And just get everything wrong!
I’d love to see Elton at home
having a go at that as well.
He’d be going, “No, no, no, I know
this one!” Yeah!
That is the end of that round.
No-one needs to swap places,
which is nice.
Let’s take a look at what
it’s done to the scores.
Miquita and Kate have two,
Ed and Ade have three. That’s nice!
Very close, very close.
Three rounds to go. Anybody’s game.
Let’s find out what our
round three is today.
It is…
Now, in this round, I’m going to
give you a category and I’ll
give you clues which are essentially
the opposites of something
that’s in that category.
The first category is…
So all of the answers
will be ’80s films. OK?
And the answers will be
the opposites of the clues
you’re about to see.
OK, here’s your first one.
Oh, come on! Kate. Stand By You.
No, I’m afraid…
Stand By Me? Oh!
Stand By Me. It is Stand By Me.
Oh, Kate, once again!
You’d think after four days
I would have learned!
Do you know what? You would.
It is not Sit By You.
It is Stand By Me.
You see how it works. Yeah.
That’s just the opposites.
Next ’80s film.
Yes, Ed? Die Hard.
Die Hard, must be, surely?
It is Die Hard. Well played.
Live Soft, Die Hard.
Here’s your next ’80s film.
Yes, Ade. Raging Bull.
Oh, I couldn’t see that at all!
Well done.
Raging Bull. Very nice.
Your next category is…
OK, the answers are all types
of biscuit
and they are the opposite
of these clues.
Yes, Kate. Rich Tea.
Rich Tea. Well done.
Here’s your next one.
Yes, Ed. Shortbread. Shortbread.
Very good. Absolutely.
Short and tall, bread and butter.
Your final biscuit.
Yes, Ade? Ginger nut?
Yes, ginger nut!
I don’t know why.
Oh, Fred and Ginger.
There you go.
Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Oh!
Well done. Well done!
Here’s your next category.
Card games are the answers.
These are the opposites.
Yes, Ed. Blackjack.
Blackjack…is the right answer.
Whitejill, blackjack.
Black and white, Jack and Jill.
Next card game.
Yes, Ed. Patience.
This is a man who plays
a lot of cards!
By himself!
Patience is the right answer.
Well done. Final question
in this round – card game.
Ade. I don’t know!
Come on, Kate, I really hope
you beat Ade!
Yes, Kate? Bridge.
Bridge is the answer!
I was going to say bridge
but I didn’t think
that was a biscuit.
Agh! I was still on biscuits.
I can’t believe it!
Oh, Ade Edmondson, the oldest
mistake in the book!
I thought opposite of tunnel,
bridge. No, it’s not a biscuit.
Mistaking tunnels for biscuits.
Ade’s playing The Two Ronnies
Mastermind version.
Three rounds down.
Let’s take a look at what that
has done to the scores.
Two rounds to go in this week’s
House Of Games.
Miquita, you have two… Oh, my God!
Kate, you have four. Ade, six.
Ed has a one-point lead
with seven points.
Very nice.
Two more rounds to go.
Two more rounds to go until
we find out the champion.
Who’s going to win today and who’s
going to win the whole week?
Round four today is…
Ah! I couldn’t think of four nicer
contestants to play it as well.
This is a game on your tablets.
Oh, no!
Take them out, please.
Oh, good! It’s never good.
Tablets of doom!
Now, I’ll tell you how we play
The Nice Round.
OK? Miquita, we’ll start with you.
You’re going to have to guess…
..a novel, OK?
Written on these three cards
is that novel. Would you pass
it to your three opponents, please?
So, Ed take one
and pass the others on.
Ed takes one. So, they’re going
to see the name of a novel now,
OK? And they’re going to give you a
one-word clue to what the novel is.
The reason we call it The Nice
Round…because if you get the right
novel you get a point, but you’re
also going to give a point
to the person who gives
the best clue.
Ed, what is the first word?
Miquita is going to have to…
I’ve taken a swing with this.
It’s conch. Conch. Oh, no!
MIQUITA: Are you joking?
Kate, what have you said? No!
Kate, next word.
Pests. Pests.
Conch, pests… Ade?
Stranded. Stranded.
OK. Conch, pests and stranded
are your three clues.
What novel is that?
Lord Of The Flies?
Is it Lord Of The Flies, Ed?
It is! It is! Very well played.
Point for Miquita. What gave that
away for you? What’s a conch?
It’s the shell
that they have to hold.
I mean, it was far too involved.
I don’t think you’re going to
get the point.
No, I don’t think so either.
What gave you the best clue?
Darling Ade and stranded. Stranded.
Pests and stranded, Lord of Flies,
well done, Ade. A point
to you as well. Well done.
Ed Gamble, it’s your turn now.
Miquita, take one of those,
pass them to Kate and Ade.
You’re going to be guessing a novel.
Kate, Ade and Miquita, you’re going
be writing down a one-word clue.
What are those words going to be?
OK. Ed, you have a novel to guess.
You have three words to help
you guess the novel. OK.
Those words are…Kate?
Passport. Passport, says Kate.
Ade? Miniature.
Miniature, says Ade.
Miquita? Sheep.
Well, I think
we all know what it is.
That is hard, right? I’m not mad?!
Passport, min… Think about it.
I don’t know. I’m just going to
have to say The Borrowers.
Er… Oh.
Kate, is it The Borrowers? No.
What is it? It’s Gulliver’s Travels.
Gulliver’s Travels… Of course.
I should’ve got that.
..was the answer.
Gulliver’s Travels.
Was sheep too rogue? Sheep
might have been a little too rogue.
I just thought…
Passport for travels.
Yeah, passport… Miniature
because he was small.
Are there sheep in
Gulliver’s Travels?
That’s how they find out
he’s not lying.
No way! His son brings back
a mini sheep.
See, we both did exactly the same
thing and went far too specific.
You both really messed
with each other’s heads!
KATE: Geeked out. MIQUITA: We should
have just kept it to themes.
Three very good clues, though,
I would say. Oh, no.
So, are you refusing to give
a bonus point?
Do I… Well, I can’t…
I got it wrong.
So none of them helped me
in any way.
But now you know the answer,
which was Gulliver’s Travels…
I would have liked some
better clues!
What would have been a good clue?
Well, I think the most…
The one that doesn’t involve
any knowledge of the novel,
which, so I wasn’t thinking
outside the box and I think
was the cleverest
was Kate’s for passport.
Are you giving a point to Kate?
I’m going to give a point to Kate.
If I’m going to give a point, it’s
going to Kate.
There’s a game-player!
It was reluctant but thank you.
A point to Kate, and it is now
Kate’s turn to guess a novel.
Miquita, if you pass those
to Ed and Ade.
So another novel, one word, please,
to help Kate guess the novel.
And Kate will then either give
a point to the best clue
or to the person
that she’s least threatened by.
Everybody has a word for you.
Kate, you have to guess a novel.
You have three words to help you
out. Ade, what is the first word?
Martian. Martian, OK.
Martian, says Ade. Miquita?
Globe. Martian, globe. Ed.
I mean, there’s a theme.
Martian, Globe and aliens.
What do you think at home?
Have you got this one?
Have a little guess?
I’m going to say
Men Are From Mars And
Women Are From Venus.
Ade, is it Men Are From Mars,
Women Are From Venus?
Unfortunately not.
Hold on, it’s not a novel, so it
can’t be. It’s similar.
I’m going to probably have to take
that as your answer.
Take it as my answer.
Ade, what was it?
It was War Of The Worlds.
War Of The Worlds was the answer.
War Of The Worlds. Good clues.
They all look about the same,
in terms of… I don’t know,
what do you think? Do you know,
I’ve just had the nicest time
with him all week.
This is completely because
I like him so much.
I’m going to give it to Ade.
Aw! They call it The Nice Round.
A point to Ade Edmondson.
Ade, it’s your turn now.
Miquita, Ed and Kate,
you have to write a one-word clue.
How have you done so far?
Three out of three?
Very impressive if you are.
See if you can get it
four out of four.
I’ll tell you what, a lot
of times we do this round,
people look at the thing,
go, “No, never heard of it,”
and this has been good.
Everyone’s heard of everything.
That’s something.
Ade, you have to guess a novel. Yes.
You’ve got three words
to help you out.
Miquita, what’s the first word?
Detective. Detective, sounds useful.
Narrows it down.
Ed. Sorry, Ade. Dog.
Dog. Oh. Detective, dog.
And Kate? I did dog too.
I didn’t think we’d get the same
one. And dog as well.
Detective and a dog in a novel.
Detective and a dog.
Do you not know, Richard? No.
I mean, I think it’s obvious
but I know what it is, so, yeah.
Which is the most important?
The dog or the detective?
Oh, we mustn’t… Well, you couldn’t
have one without the other.
All right. You can’t tell me.
Ade, we might have to time you out.
I’m so sorry. Yes.
Miquita, what was the book?
The Hound Of The Baskervilles.
Oh, good clues!
MIQUITA: They were good clues.
KATE: They were, but only if you…
Hound Of The Baskervilles.
Together they were, yeah.
Of course.
Any of those clues you fancy
giving a point to, Ade?
I’m going to go for dog. A point
each, then, to Ed and Kate.
One round to go.
Let’s have a look at the leaderboard
before we go into our final round.
Ooh! Look at this!
Miquita with three, Kate with six.
It is tied – Ade and Ed
have eight points each.
Who’s going to take it?
Now, then.
Now, Ed has traditionally been
rather good at
the last round, which is…
Get into position, Ed.
No, it’s all right. I’m going
to choke, I can feel it!
I’m going to choke!
Ed, before you came on the show,
did you spend days at home
watching old episodes
on YouTube and practising?
Not days!
Here we go. It’s been a great week.
Thank you, all.
One more round until we find
our champion.
Answer Smash, you know how it goes.
Buzz in, give me a correct answer,
you get a point. Incorrect answer,
you lose a point.
It’ll be a picture and a clue.
Here’s your first category.
The picture will be guitarists.
There’ll be a clue underneath.
Smash them together.
Miquita. Courtney Love
Is All Around.
Courtney Love Is All Around?
Very good. Great.
Well played, Miquita.
Courtney Love, Love Is All Around
Your next guitarist is…
Yes, Ade.
Jimmy Page Of Aquarius.
Jimmy Page Of Aquarius…
Well done.
The second I saw Jimmy Page,
I thought, “Ade’s getting this.”
Next one.
Yes, Ed. Prinception.
Wow. Well done.
I would’ve accepted The Artist
Formerly Known As Prinception!
Here’s your next category.
The pictures will be Mexican
food. Ooh, he fancies that!
Ooh, I don’t mind if I do.
I just thought that you were going
to bring on some Mexican food!
I’m ready for that!
Mexican food. The pictures
will be Mexican food.
There’ll be a clue underneath.
What are the answers?
Kate. Leapfrogamole?
Kate! Every time!
You’re so disappointed!
is the right answer.
Oh! Yeah, I know.
I just about got there just
before, so thank you. Sure.
Here is your next question.
Tacoco Chanel?
Is it Tacoco Chanel?
Oh, you’re good.
It is Tacoco Chanel.
Here is your next one.
Yes, Ed.
Salsahara? Is it the Salsahara?
Oh, he’s good.
He’s good. Can’t take it away
from the guy.
Next category.
That’s classy.
The pictures will be Olivier Award
winners… In case you didn’t know!
Just the BAFTA, that’s classy.
There’ll be clues underneath.
Yes, Kate.
Trevor Eve pudding.
Yeah. Trevor Eve’s pudding.
I’m going to give you that.
Thank you. Trevor Eve’s pudding.
Trevor Eve, Eve’s pudding.
I didn’t know either component
of that.
Did you not? I was thinking,
“Whose name ends with crumble?”
What you were waiting for was
for me to give the incorrect answer.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Then you can piece it together!
Essentially, you could buzz in
and say, “Eve’s pudding Trevor?”
MIQUITA: Yeah, exactly!
I’m like your idiot monkey
that you just drag around!
Here’s your next
Olivier Award winner.
Aw! We’re done! We are done.
What a lovely week.
We refuse to go.
That would be great.
I refuse to go as well.
Whatever… We want pudding
and Mexican food and fun!
Whatever is on at 6.30,
which will be Michael Portillo –
it always is – tell him to wait!
Ade Edmondson wants to do
some more answer smashes!
Great that Kate got the last point
of the week, though.
Oh, yeah. Kate Thornton, everybody.
Yeah, it was better.
It was better. It only took me
four days to warm up!
But people remember the end.
They’ll go, “That’s brilliant.
Kate Thornton was amazing.”
“What a smart woman!”
Trevor Eve’s pudding. Trevor Eve’s
pudding? I’ve never heard of it!
Who has won Friday’s House Of Games?
Let’s get that out of the way first,
shall we?
Oh! Look at that –
three points clear.
Ed Gamble wins Friday’s
House Of Games.
Well done, Ed. Thank you, thank you.
Ed, you get to choose a prize.
What would you like on this Friday?
It’s rubbish prize Friday.
Richard, there is absolutely no way
that I’m not leaving
without a doll of you.
Oh, lovely! Ed Gamble takes home
a House Of Games doll.
I mean, enjoy.
I will be eating fondue with that!
But we have a trophy to give away,
do we not?
Listen, it’s been an absolute
pleasure all week.
Thank you so much. There can only be
one winner and that winner,
our House Of Games
champion this week is…
It’s Mr Ed Gamble.
Congratulations, Ed.
MIQUITA: Worthy winner.
KATE: Well done.
Thank you very much.
Miquita, you pass along the trophy.
You’re going to make me touch it
and give it away. I’m so sorry.
Ed, very well done. Thank you.
Nice and light! It’s lovely.
Are you happy?
Well, you know what?
I don’t think I showed it,
but I did want this.
No! I don’t think I ever revealed
that to anyone through my actions or
my absolute desperation in my eyes
but I’m very happy to have won.
We’re delighted you’ve won it.
Thank you so much.
I’ve had such a lovely week with
the four of you.
It’s been an absolute treat.
Hope you’ve enjoyed it too.
Ed Gamble is your champion.
Congratulations, Ed.
We’ll see you next time
on the House Of Games.
Did you really just give it
a little kiss?

Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E05 (11 Oct 2019)
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9 thoughts on “Richard Osman’s House of Games – S03E05 (11 Oct 2019)

  • October 12, 2019 at 9:59 am

    After the first round of a recent Pointless, there must be a round of "What's in a name?" but instead, it is ALEXANDER ARMSTRONG (and perhaps over BBC presenters).

  • October 12, 2019 at 11:20 am

    Thank you!

  • October 12, 2019 at 11:47 am

    Thanks so much for these uploads, Mundo; I love this show!

  • October 12, 2019 at 12:03 pm

    Ed Gamble won here, leading on Taskmaster ATM… nice

  • October 12, 2019 at 1:58 pm

    Thank you, as always, Mundo, but I came to announce that I worked out "Gulliver's Travels". Someone pat me on the back (I'm TERRIBLE at quizzes)!

  • October 12, 2019 at 2:37 pm

    Thing is, despite Ed's self-deprecation, 'conch' was the perfect clue. There's really only one novel it could have been.

  • October 12, 2019 at 3:28 pm

    Thank you so much! This made my week. I thought it had been cancelled.

  • October 12, 2019 at 5:57 pm

    I think it was nice of Ed to acknowledge that Kate got the last point of the week.

  • October 12, 2019 at 7:02 pm

    Ed's Two Ronnies Mastermind reference: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aQM97rkXsHQ


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