alright guys so welcome back to another
gameplay ray zero seven my name Joseph
so welcome back guys to my channel
Joe Sycamore fly guys so this could be
the Apollo gameplay right:0 suffer could
be check grab these see by anything stay
war nice okay
all right so when you go through here
you’re right here
so we find something in here
damn oh that is on evident damn
oh this is it so this is right here
nice cool
all right hope is it gonna work
all right
and see there anything
all right there go ah
save room daughter
Donny all right so I need go this way
I use this grease all right
do this one all right cool
Ness give her this one cool Ness also
get more room move
okay cool these that’d be okay
okay save it just in case
again just again guys checking checking
all right so which way
so I go down here okay
ah yes thank you just in case so just in
very creepy damn
all right I got here sir Brian cover
holy crap
go you going crap
so come on pass him try not to fuck get
my Weibo fucker down my way get my wave
mo’fucker down my way shit fuck fuck
got my Weibo fucker down my way
shit ah oh yes yes
oh fuck shit okay down my way
motherfucker dad my way fuck fuck you
okay oh cool um mo face worry though
all right
oh you copy fucking kidding me there two
of them oh my god that’s a big one all
right so go climb up oh my god oh my god
you fucking kidding me
right ain’t gonna wear bitch oh my gosh
you gotta be fucking kidding me I had to
use something nope
move it oh my gosh you gotta be fucking
kidding me man why why man oh my god
damn man almost out there all right so I
need to take them down hard all right
okay come on
you gotta be kidding me
do this
oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my
gosh they’re real
oh my gosh I’m trapped I’m trapped
gather gather there die
da-rae die motherfucker I’m trapped
this will fuck nice cussing all right
God go go go go go the big fella
now take them out shit
oh my gosh
thank you
die rate thank you shit that’s so
fucking gross know how the nightmare
about that y’all my face like yeah
kiss it guess it gets it lick it take it
okay okay stick to the Sampey oh all
right fuck fuck yeah that’s all
discussing oh thank you like smell it
smell it that for you Jesus Christ
all right
all right so go this way yeah oh man
through the wall ass crack it some girls
oh my gosh oh stop thinking about it’s a
boy alright here we go
it’s a baby boy graduation we go Nev him
well I renamed it Dan
all right so save one more time no I buy
opinions on this game yeah pretty soon
not good like once I business um the
game I got two more game to do is um
Ghost Buster and don’t you boy yeah so
reload this okay ah
DejaVu okay so by the fire
oh I recalled this way Jesus Christ I
hate fast bye they’re scared she have me
your bitch what the fuck
Oh still saying there why am I seeing
this Oh No
okay it’s okay it’s me
I know you didn’t mean to hurt evil what
you mean it mommy
turned to kill me oh no okay I’m not
I think I miss only shit run
Kimani oh shit
go go go go go go
there you are bitch
oh my gosh she to Shaw she turned to
super saying cheaper save it
oh my gosh she is out up my bad guys the
mic came off so she was like um super
saying come here bitch no no
come here I take your medicine
I had to heal oh I took guard okay
come here bitch take your medicine
super saying my baby tiger humility why
is grandma she the one
all right dial back oh gosh
all right my bitch oh no see how the
oh my god
she of all you to walk every day
here we go
there we go
pareo oh man
Oh No Oh No what happened
oh man
I survived Oh No
Oh No
every low
Hey oh crap die damn be slap me let me
shut up and thanks a bitch carry low oh
gosh oh gosh no no no no no no no no no
no oh no no oh my gosh yeah very low
take this bitch take this
oh my god
oh crap oh man oh man thank is that Wow
use it
Albert that day my gun
die bitch
there we go
stay there
I’m alive I’m alive what you want gonna
kill me quick kill me who the heck are
I’m Redfield let me found you Chris the
fuck took you guys so long
I’m glad that over the found balls yeah
you made it I’m glad dad I
yes we finish it all right guys so thank
you for watching
the father came playing door closes
another opens
raise the old cellar door closed tonight
and that review shit was but not just
for me me and I weren’t the only victims
here so were the Baker’s it was that
thing Evelyn who made them that way
oh gosh but now I’ve Elaine’s dead
umbrella so these guys are here to clean
up the mess
uh-huh I just come to terms with losing
me and now she’s back and wants to start
over put all this behind us
maybe this is where the next door opens
so thank you for watching we appreciate
don’t forget put the like subscribe
comment share think of or check out my
channel don’t forget my fly
alright guys enjoy enjoy the view
alright guys see ya
Sal and lowly
go tell Rudy
sell and worry the everybody’s dead I
was raised in the deep dark hole the
prison there was no throne
they locked me up
and so class so

Resident Evil 7 Gameplay Part 12 Final Boss
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