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Let’s move the stilts, we are almost there.
What is it? Surprise, it means they still decided to drive me in a crowd and fry them on torches.
Look what terrible muzzle they have.
Oh shit, come on quickly to the hut.
Come on, close this door.
Well, how are things with the cutest creature in this whole village?
Well, as always, you saw a girl and you immediately need to drive up using cheap tricks. Or maybe you touch on me? Do you want to cuddle?
Oh sorry! Actually, I asked him. Well, if you want to talk about you, then tell me what to name you to begin with.
My name is Ashley and I am the daughter of the president.
Wow. Hey Lenya, how do you like her?
You know, so-so, I prefer brunettes.
So I thought. But nothing, perhaps in time you will cease to like women and you will become interested ….
Hey, look who’s rolling wheels for us!
So, Ashley you’re hide under the bed!
Ready handsome, then dance.
Hey, hear, you’re there, dancer, better help me move the closet.
Well, why are you standing here pillar go let’s move the cabinets. Or do you think that this is a job for real men.
Well, get the hell out of here, today is not a welcome day for me.
So, we take the weed.
Damn no place. Although there is always a place for good grass.
Where’s Ashley?
Sits in the closet, well, well, at least not under the table.
This whole situation is very similar to the fact that drunks from all over the region, at one point, decided to go for fake vodka
to the local huckster, and he has shorter empty. And his alcohol is only in the blood, and therefore the local drunks turned into vampires.
And they want to suck at him, that even a kick from the foot stops them only for a short time.
What about a grenade in a bastard’s hut? Louis, flash on the right!
Did not have time.
Yes, what the hell okay, and now merge here as cancer. Eat lemon bitches!
It seems to me that they’ll definitely eat someone. It’s time to blow your legs. Well, off the road, I’m like a feather … come on, my sweetie.
Do you want to suck too, but to hell with you.
Hey Louis bastard you despicable, why did you leave me?
1, 2 and 3, smelly zombies die!
Oh Louis, I’m sorry, I accidentally ruined your shirt here. Let me make you ventilation in you jacket too and in my head at the same time.
Stop asking me all the time, okay, I’m not okay …. Since you can be ok when they hit you with a torch in the muzzle.
D*ck with them.
What, these two boys are too tough for you? Well, about the two boys, I would not be so sure.
Look, maybe my first goal is to get this girl out of here.
Yes, yes, yes, in short okay, then we’ll discuss.
Very little is left and they will build skyscrapers here.
Where are you from?
Cool dancing, movingly, but the club unfortunately closes.
Che said, I have a good offer for you, go home and take my own with you.
Something like an octagon. Likely they will beat me here now .. And it will be a distraught grandmother with a chainsaw.
Wait a second, everything should be wrong here, it’s just my computer is a little lazy to play the animation.
Everything should be like this and necessarily a leap of faith in excrement.
Well, f*ck you just hit a wooden wall with one blow, I guys can’t be honest with you.
Well, yes, I decided to allow myself a little outrage.
What are you provoking me again?
You know, baby, but my trunk is now in you.
Can you feel it? No?
Damn, it can ruin my self-esteem.
You know, it’s not my small trunk, it’s just you insensitive cattle.
What got up there, run here.
Hey, are you there? Come here.
Old Man was waiting. Or did you want something on my hands again.
It couldn’t be done right away?
So the cavalry has arrived! Better go home and do not forget to take worm medicine.
Are you special or something?
What a tenacious grandfather, his chest grabbed almost all of my clip. I did not understand this is a village or a camp for training militants.
The cable car and we can ride it absolutely free.
Of course Vidocq is so-so, gray and dull shit, but since this freebie can be ignored. Yes, there are still elements of the shooting range there.
And the support team too.
Damn I do not understand what is the point?
What the hell are they going to meet me?
Standing on these balconies? They also decided to admire the local view or they love extreme sports: fly with a bullet in the stomach.
What do we have here?
Two little birds ambushed me. Well done. You’ll look a couple of thousand more and destroy you and you will take up the machines.
That dynamite fools, I still would not trust.
I didn’t understand you, and now you don’t understand anything.
Fresh blood …, the ritual was carried out … What ritual is this old grandfather rubbed with his hemorrhoids.
I hope this is a chest of jewelry, not cut off ears.
What are these tricks? He’s hanging in the air.
Cat’s eye, well, I almost guessed.
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Resident Evil 4. #6. Интересные моменты. Приколы. Фейлы. Прохождение.

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