Hi real estate managers and brokers
this is Coach Carol Mazur
and I know how difficult it is trying to
agents get to the next level you know
that if you don’t hold certain secrets
then the agent that originally came
up with that idea will get mad at you
yet you still want them to get to the
next level and you really want to help
people are you wouldn’t have this job
they can be also difficult for the
agents to
the struggle in the beginning trying to
get online leads in as many
people into their final as possible then
they get all kinda
working the way it’s next they’re busy
getting everything closed all love the
area in between gets neglected
systems and the agents wind up with
closings that have all closed but no
sales in the pipeline again
what we do at top pro training is try to
help you
easily direct your agents
to coaching and training systems where
you do not have to worry about divulging secrets
yet everything on our site it has been
proven to work by top producers
and it’s all delivered in less than
seven minutes
easy step-by-step training action our
now the nice thing about it is that they
can either
do it step by step and, let’s face it you
real estate is not like that. One day you’re
sitting there working with a buyer
and showing houses and all of a sudden
you get a call and have to jump out
and take a listing and now you don’t
have your listing materials your listing
packages together
so you need to be able to jump over to that
real quick.
Everything is so organized in our 10
so that you can find training and they’re all
included so you’re agents can just
jump from working with the buyer and run
onto the site,
see what they need for pre listing
package, or grab a script really quick
and qualify those calls.
And what’s nice for you is that you can
just direct them
when you enroll your company in our
the agents pay for it separately & you
get rewards
and coaching benefits and you offer
To the agent you are the hero because through your company
they get the discount most important
what they get
coaching & training to get to the next
level & they start putting their systems
in place
with less than seven minutes actionar
coaching step-by-step
so on those days when they’re not busy
you’ll find they’re not sitting around
doing nothing,
they’ll be on the website. So let me know
how I can help you
either click Contact chat with us well
however you want to reach me on the
contact form
and I set up the demo for you and
will help your agents get to the top

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