Hey guys, it’s Cheryl just checking in with you to make sure you file for homestead exemption you have got to file for homestead exemption before February 28 where you will be paying higher taxes for your 2019 tax bill doesn’t come out to November you have to act now You have got to have those things we discussed it closing you should have received One of these sheets I’ll post a link to it in a minute and then Remember that it had checklist things that you have to have Driver’s license with your new property address on it Utility bill to prove that you’re getting utilities there and you live there effective December 31st, basically You have to live there January 1. So let’s just say you live there at least by December 31st, and then Let’s see a copy of your warranty date that’s easy enough to get I will show you how to do that But if you need it and jiffy, just call me. I’ll pull it up and email it to you. I will probably honestly Email you a link to it anyway, so Anyway, I got to have those things Driver’s license with the property address on it If you haven’t done that you need to get it don’t waste the last minute if you’ve been married and divorced before You’ll have to take your marriage license from each marriage and your divorce decree from the divorce Vehicle registrations, that’s easy enough Just go to the tag office and get your vehicle registration change with to this address the driver’s license social security number and then warranty Shouldn’t have any other need for anything else? And then there are additional exemptions besides homestead exemption that you can file for and You might be eligible for some of those You can with them when you get there So what you’re going to do is take your driver’s license and all that information the warranty deed utility bill Vehicle registration to the property appraiser’s office, which is only second floor of the three-story building on Wilson Street and They’ll help you fill it out the form there. It’s it’s really pretty easy once you get there You just have to have all that stuff. Mm-hmm And what this does is a reminder Is it saves you up to fifty thousand dollars off of your assessed value? So remember your assessed value through the property rater is completely different than your appraised value was from your lender But the assessed value, let’s just say for ease They assess your home at a hundred thousand dollars. You’re gonna pay taxes on a hundred thousand dollars however, if you fall for homestead exemption you Get up to fifty thousand dollars off of that you’ll pay taxes on Fifty thousand versus a hundred thousand except school taxes. Those are only twenty five thousand dollar exemption It’s kind of a side note. They don’t tell you about too much anyway, it’s still gonna save you about four hundred year, which is gonna save you 30 some odd dollars a month on your payment each month so it is definitely worth it on top of that and They also cannot increase your assessed value more than three percent per year if you have homestead exemption So it’s super important. Don’t forget to do it. Call me if you have any questions and I’m gonna provide you the this form and Show you how to get your warranty deed offline. If you don’t have that it should come with your Owners title insurance policy, but if you didn’t get that warranty deed with the title insurance policy It’s easy enough to print it off online. We can do that All right Good luck. Don’t forget before February 28th, and don’t wait til February 28th Everyone will and it will not be pleasant. It’ll be like Black Friday shopping Not pleasant Go ahead and get it done as soon as you can. Don’t forget that driver’s license If you haven’t done that already, it has to be done and they may require a couple of other crazy stuff So anyway, get it done. Call me having problems. Thanks so much

Property Taxes, Florida – Save Money with Homestead Exemption
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