Thank you for joining us on this edition of
Cleveland Business Spotlight. Today, I have DTS Property Management. From preservation to property management,
of course, rehab and junk removal, I have the owner, Tone Robinson. How you doin’ today? I’m doin’ well, thanks. Great. So we’re gonna talk a little bit about how
successful his business has been and how he actually helps people in our community. First and foremost, what does “DTS Property
Management” stand for? Thank you for askin’. Well, DTS stands for Driven to Success. I wanted to use somethin’ that embodied my
personality and my drive for the business when I started the company. Okay. Drive and passion, definitely somethin’ to
expect from this business. Now you’ve been in the real estate business
how long? I’ve been in business since this business
incorporated in 2010 but I’ve been in business since 1998. I bought my first property in ’98 and have
been managing property ever since. Oh, wow. Property management, real estate preservation? Correct. Junk removal? Yes. And rehab? Yes, ma’am. So go into depth in regards to these services. Sure. Well, property management encompasses us working
with different investors, homeowners who have assets and are looking to have them managed,
who don’t wanna deal with the day to day aspects of the business. And we work with investors who are looking
for a high level of management. In addition to that, we’ve got junk removal
services which kinda speaks for itself. But we offer commercial and residential services. Rehab and repair kinda speaks for itself. We go in and we work with homeowners, investors,
anyone really who has needs and we are able to, you know, rehab and fix up and renovate
those properties. So what kinda clients are you bringin’ in? Well, we work with all different typa clients. We work with investors obviously. We work with homeowners, consumers. We also work with commercial businesses and
really anyone who has a need for the type of businesses that we do, I’m sorry, the type
of service that we offer. That’s very, very important. Great service. Now seven years in business? Sure. You’ve learned a lot. So what’s kept you so competitive and kinda
kept the leading edge in your industry? Well, we try and stay aheada the curve just
a little bit. We’re obviously very in tune with what our
competition is doin’. In addition to that, you know, obviously we
have to compete on price. It’s a driving force for most people who make
buying decisions is price. And so we obviously try and be competitive
on price. So being competitive, having a leadin’ advantage,
so what can your clients and your customers expect in 2017 from DTS Property Management? There are a few things that we’re gonna be
doin’ differently. In addition to tryin’ to expand the company,
our goal is to offer promotions so we’ve got some promotions that we’re doin’ right now
in the junk removal sector where you can save $30 off your initial service. In addition to that, we’re working with our
management clients and we’re gonna be expanding our reach. Right now we cover about 20 counties in northeast
Ohio and we’re gonna be expanding that to about three states.. Three states? Absolutely. So definitely significant growth in 2017? Hopefully. So super excited? Now where can you reach you and how can we
find you? Obviously we’ve got a toll-free number: (888)
928-1555. Our website which is
and we also have our social media pages as well, Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, you
can find us on all those sources. Fantastic company, DTS Property Management,
now what’s the one thing you wanna leave your clients and your customers with? Ah, that’s a good question. Well, primarily in working with any new client,
the primary thing that we try and focus on is a customer focused approach. Everyone comes into the real estate business
needing something different so we really wanna spend time working with our clients, understanding
what their needs are and then crafting an approach that makes sense for them and so
it’s a win/win situation. Tom Robinson with DTS Property Management,
please contact him as soon as possible to meet your needs. Thank you for joining us. Thank you. We’ll see
you soon.

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