We lend money to property developers and
other businesses for whom traditional
bank finance is not suitable typically
because it is for a short period whilst
the borrower waits for a buyer. The loans
we make are all secured by the
borrower’s land or property and should
the borrower default on a loan repayment,
we can sell the property to recover the
money owed to investors. You can
participate in these loans by investing
in parts of the sum we have agreed to
lend. The loans are typically 6 to 12
months and you receive a fixed interest
rate which will vary depending on the
level of security provided and for
perceived risk. The loans are best suited
to people who want a short term
investment with a predictable return and
a defined exit. Peer-to-peer lending, the
smarter way to invest.

Peer to Peer Lending – The House Crowd

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