Hi folks I’m Janet Hesselberth and Merry
Christmas. Believe it or not, Christmas is
just around the corner, and I would like
to show you how to make some handmade
ornaments today. These are ornaments that
are traditional to my family. My memories
of making them with my family go way
back. So the the first one that I’m
going to show you is called origami
boxes, although the original ones weren’t
Strangely enough, through time they
became origami, and they’re really simple
just made out of paper.
The second ornament I’m going to show
you, we always called macaroni angels and
both of these projects are very very
kid-friendly. I’ll give you some tips
along the way to make them even more
kid-friendly, but I hope that you can
enjoy making these with your family and
friends, and make them a part of your
traditions for the holidays. Let’s get

Ornamentally Yours: Handcrafting Two Unique Christmas Ornaments — New Skillshare Course
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