HI, I’m Gary Bembridge of Tips for
Travellers. I’m sitting here in my room in in Ngoronogoro Sopa lodge. It is a
magnificent lodge. I’m going to take you on a tour around this place. It has a
real “wow” factor. You come in through the big entrance and you sweep through the
big open spaces to the public area, and you head down towards the view. Now the
great thing about the Ngoronogoro Sopa lodge is that it’s right on the rim of them Ngoronogoro crater, so from your room and from the public spaces like the dining room and bars you get this incredible view out across the crater – which is
absolutely magnificent. Also it’s magnificent knowing that down in that
crater are about thirty thousand animals! It’s a pretty busy Lodge and popular. So let’s go to take a look at my room. I
was in room number 40. So let’s go take a look at the room. It’s got two beds, big beds – they’re both sort of queen-size beds I would guess. And what’s fantastic about
the room, which is the wow factor, is if you then head to this little sort of
area which is floor-to-ceiling windows and that spectacular view. I mean it is
an absolutely magnificent view across the crater. It’s kind of worth the money
you pay for this place! So this is the Ngoronogoro Sopa Lodge right up on
the rim of the crater. It’s a great place to stay.
Great food. Very welcoming. Magnificent place and incredible views. So that’s
helped to give a sense of one of the great places you could stay if you’re
heading towards the Ngoronogoro Conservation Area and the crater. If you
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Ngorongoro Sopa Game and Safari Lodge Tanzania – Tour And Review

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