hello everyone welcome back to my
channel so today we are gonna do a little apartment tour finally we’ve lived
in this apartment like three months now so I’m gonna sit down do an apartment
tour with you I’m so so excited to show this apartment it’s small and
compact but like it’s lovely it’s just ideal for me my boyfriend I love videos
like these so I thought I’d do my own haven’t done one for a while like the
last house that we lived in I forgot to do a house tour or an empty house tour
anything like that so I was like right I need to actually get the apartment all
sorted for this apartment before we move out which isn’t probably gonna be for
ages yet but I just wanted to get it sorted and out there just so I can look
back and be like oh yeah that’s what our apartment look like oh we go any further
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button to keep updated so I’m gonna switch violet to my own camera now so
this is what you enter when you first come in so like the door is there with
like our interval so as you come in the first thing you see is the Hoover and
all of our cheese this is actually like a really really handy she rat we got it
from Argus I believe and just like put it together
well Nick put it together House is the majority of our shoes and yeah just get
some off the floor and we’ve got our kites hanging up here which is also very
handy because it keeps just off the floor I just on chairs and stuff and
then we’ve got some other shoes here and then if you just carry on walking if you
go to your left this door it’s like a massive storage
cupboard and see it has a lot of shit in it but it’s fine like our waste bins
you’ve got like my packing stuff my depop parcels and like my tripod ring
light stuff like that stuff that I don’t need all the time I think there’s even
like Christmas decorations in here as well just houses are boiler
it’s really really handy just to store loads of stuff in here because as I said
it just keeps it away from the main apartment and just avoids it looking
cluttered I go they’re still here this is our main bathroom so we have been and
some scales and there I am and then we just have obviously toilet saying etc
towels you know to fresh all that good stuff and then we have our heated towel
rail that we actually don’t know how to put on so at the moment is just a towel
rail but it’s so so useful just to put our towels on again just to avoid
clutter and it just makes things so much easier and then so you’ve got our sink
and then we’ve got this little storage unit houses a lot of stuff this is all
like bath stuff or like medicines or like my razors sound cute house that’s
all good stuff is it’s handy that had come to a mirror as well I shouldn’t say
I put my cunt face on because you know gotta be done certain obviously we’ve
got the toilet and then in here the bath and he’s got like a shower attached to
it which is really really really cool and we have Simon in here as well he
technically does live in the bar for her it is like really funny but he loves it
in her say is being kept in here and obviously just got like a shampoos got
like razors and stuff like that I just do nice little view of when you enter so
it’s quite like a decent-sized bathroom and I really really like it actually
it’s really really good and Nick really enjoyed the bath
whereas own doing like a shower but sometimes a bath so this is like the
perfect compromise because there’s both in here we go in here this is our main
bedroom hey who spilled some coffee on the floor do you trust me anyway when you come in
here this is like our main bedroom this is a lovely lovely lovely bed this bed
frame I think we got from Amazon and it’s a lovely lovely lovely grey velvet
it’s just so lovely and then we got this TV set I believe I think it’s like a B
and M one on Amazon one it’s unicorns and then of course in typical Nick and
Izzy style we’ve got different pillow his assume you’ve got like obviously our
dining names we’ve got our side tables mine is a lot more cut the necks you can
probably tell which one is which and then we’ve got a lot of lovely
natural light coming in there actually when you close the combs
there’s actually like no natural light it’s really really like not good but
give me and Nick tend to over sleep when the curtains are pretty close because
it’s just gets so dark and you don’t know if it’s morning evening or whatever
so it’s like a little bit of a curse that but it’s also very very good
because it means that you don’t get woken up by the sunrise and obviously
like side lamps as well I’ve got like Owen medication
tanned and jewelry and the agents and stuff and then I how’s my makeup box
here as well and just like makeup remover and stuff also like have this
extension Lee try and find some other sort of way of hiding the wires because
they’re just very ugly I look how ugly they look like they just look so untidy
so if anyone has any ideas that would be so handy and then we have the Ottoman
with all my clothes in and some stuff that literally can’t fit in there and we
have this big wardrobe actually got given with the place which is very very
generous because this is such a lovely wardrobe like it’s there and Heidi so
it’d be rare but this it can fit like me and neck
entire well winter wardrobe in a moment this is like my bags this is very untidy
this is a very very very generous wardrobe which is ideal we actually
haven’t used these drawers at the bottom yet I don’t know why but we’ve all met
you so though because storage in this wardrobe is incredible it’s so so good
you’ve obviously got slippers and a little beanbag if you just want to chill
we can it’s got our dressing gowns here because there’s a little hook there
which makes it very very very very very useful if we just want to pick up our
dressing-gown and if we just go to the right here this is our ensuite ignore
the suit okay you have no room to put it so I just put it in here for now but we
have a little towel rail this one is not heated obviously this is just one by the
sink which is very useful when washing my hands and stuff if we come in here
we’ve got a bigger shower which is the one that I use because I just love it
and got like my shampoo my shower gel there and my new shower cap which is
actually really really good like I love it and then obviously we’ve got a toilet
you’ve got the same question how much and that’s like Nick’s bag up there he
hasn’t used yet and then we’ve got another storage cupboard in here so I
just house like a couple of things but obviously we use when in the shower or
in the other bathroom I’m very very happy that this is a lot smaller like
this bathroom is very very small but it’s just the right size really I think
if there’s more than two people in this apartment then it might be a bit of a
squeeze but for just me and Nick it’s fine and it’s really handy when you’re
in bed and you want to knit to the leave because it’s literally a few steps which
is incredible and I just feel very very lucky to have that if we go a little bit
here and then turn right so this is Nick’s like it’ll work it there’s next
little office Reid I was always like kinky stuff so he’s got
is monitors fire juice what what do you do next job yeah you bash on the
keyboard say a really really good stuff he’s got his guitars that he never uses
anymore as microphones he’s got his little keyboard there as well
and then there’s a little bit of like unfree there which so it’s really really
good and got some lamps there we’ve got Jenny her dad that one’s like a
jellyfish Lam on that come on come alive oh honey okay so
they’re not alive but we have the what you call that one but this is like next
little funky area now you start you stop – there we go
there he is they’re alive they’re alive yeah anyway this is where Nick does
always work he’s got like a little setup going on and his big old speakers that
he blacks out music and this is his little gaming area what games do you
play yeah yeah just like his game in then we
got like a printer and more storage and stuff this is quite a nice little room
and it’s just big enough for Nick as well like it’s perfect really finally if
you come into this room this is our main living area which the kitchen area and
then this is like our living space this is really really cool so if we just
going to go to the kitchen the first is such a lovely lovely kitchen it’s a lot
bigger than our old kitchen which I absolutely adore we have a hedge freezer
combo we have a lot of obscenities written on this board so obviously have
a little fridge with hoses closed and those are good food in that and then we
have our freezer this is a lot more storage than our old house what
I absolutely adore because we had no room in the other house to house
anything so this is like perfect this is such a good edge freezer combo just
about sort or food but it is a delight man up here we thought storage this is
where we just house a place and that is where we house liked in freedom sir and
we’ve got this low section that we actually put all our sources on and
snacks as you can see which is actually ready useful and I believe this lights
our yeah it’s really cool it lights up so I completely forgot about that it
lights up actually until just now but it makes it look really funky and then
obviously have a workspace have our teas and coffee stuff here – I’m just like
stuff that you just want to keep the hand here and as hoster there’s quite a
lot of plugs as well which is actually really really good because again that is
another thing that we lacked in our old house so I’m very pleased with the
amount of plugs and just general storage space we have in this kitchen because
it’s really really good and we have storage space here this is just very
house or the usual shit like that it’s just full of absolute crap but tons and
tons of storage space we’ve got like storage space up here that we use from
marks and then obviously have our cooker I love it it’s just so like nice light
and modern which I love as well I don’t mean say about an oven then we’ve got
our little utensils which it’s very very handy and then we’ve got a tasty make a
blender that we are yet to use and just like little bits like a grill pan and
stuff now of actual like work space it’s really cool as well a lot of work space
is something that I really really wanted from this house because we had such a
Compaq hit then there was no room to move so I’m very excited to actually
have all this space now to do every one so I love that and then we have on the
aulac which is very very handy and this is actually Wednesday so we can’t figure
out hard to put this blind back up so there’s a little
Dover which provides some more light that we need to figure out about the
blind but how touchy put that up again because we need these lights desperately
we just have a sink and there’s also some storage here which is really useful
just put our liquid tabs and stuff which is really really cool then weíll have
ash washer that we never use because we don’t use a dishwasher and then this
just houses or dirty gross food waste and just obviously the plumbing to the
sink and stuff so that’s not very interesting and then if we come up here
this houses all this houses our boiler but there’s another boy they’re in there
in the storage cupboard as well this is how does our boiler but a microwave
washing machine this is a really good washing machine this washing machine
actually tells you how long your wash is on for and how long it’s gonna take
which is I love it it’s just so useful to know that and then we have this
storage cupboard very mess leaper our tea towels in and then this little
section which is really really handy actually to like just random bits and
bobs this is just our recycling and dirty laundry which no one wants to see
just a lovely lovely window the actual day is horrible today as you can tell
it’s raining and windy and it’s gross and I’ve got to go outside later so wish
me luck yeah this is just a little windowsill
area which needs a little bit of improvement and this is our living space
which I love the fact that the living space and the kitchen actually like go
together I just so much room as you can tell just to maneuver and I just love
that you can all that massive box like that needs to be cleared obviously have
our chest of drawers in here because we can’t find space for it in our bedroom
so this is very very untidy as well and we just have a lot of my stuff on here
this is a money box that she received for Christmas from my nan and that’s a
picture of her doggie there but I’m keeping very very close because I’ve not
met her yet and I can’t wait it’s just a lot of crap basically on that drawers
just stuff I need to have to have then we’ve just got a chair and then
here is some shelving which obviously needs a little bit more improvement as
well this just houses as well all the stuff that we need to just grab a TV or
a hub and this is a really cute picture of me in there like look how cute that
looks actually with our little fairy lights as well I just love this setup I
just think it looks absolutely beautiful this is like one of my favorite parts of
the room because it has so much actual light in hence he is getting dark a lot
earlier but obviously if it surpassed the shortest day so it’s gonna actually
be longer days now which I’m so flippin excited about but this actually houses
so much natural light and this actually is a balcony but we can’t go out there
because it’s literally nowhere to stand and we just have a safer and I’ll cool
little rug that we got from Amazon which I’m obsessed with just our little coffee
table sign was up because it was taking forever to get sorted and I was just
like I need to put that up so I was kind of annoyed but our apartment
I just I’m in love with this apartment so much that as the end of my apartment
tour I hope you really really enjoyed watching this video as I said before I
love making these sorts of videos and I love watching other people departmental
or house tour videos because I’m so nosy you enjoyed this video guys please
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