I want to start first with where these
Miniature Building Authority buildings seem a little out of place, in a
countryside context like this. These flush sides on the buildings and the
style of the steps leading up to a second floor are just not what I would expect to find
in a village. So together or apart, uh, if I moved them apart, I’d still only
use them in my fantasy city setting with my Hirst Arts streets. But I have something like a dozen
buildings myself right now so in a pinch, yeah, if you didn’t have any buildings,
sure, toss them out in a country side setting and I think you’d be all set to have a farm or village to battle over for
Warhammer Fantasy or Warmachine or another fantasy game. So what I have here in a city setting now, is the Witt House, this, uh, two story one with with basically like a ground level
entrance, like leading to a little cellar. [There’s a] little recessed archway here. And then the Corner House with the Turret. And what’s so great about these Miniature Building Authority buildings
is they more or less can adjoin like this. Uh, sure, there’s some slight gaps, things like that, but you can have a whole row of these buildings put together, and it can be quite interesting. Another
obvious thing you’ve maybe seen, may have seen in other videos is there’s real windows. So for a game that would use true line of site or any kind of line of site you could have, for example, here I have a Cygnar Warcaster, Cain, in the turret. Pistol Wraith. Can the Pistol Wraith see him? Yes, you can see physically see the model up in the turret of this building. Just some other things about these buildings: I didn’t really particularly care for these
when I got them. These are, I think, chimney pots. They’re painted reddish. They’re supposed to be clay. I had to research them
a little on the internet. And they’re actually historically pretty accurate, because when I went to Germany and England this
summer, I did see some chimney pots on top of the
buildings. This one, the color on this, is particularly garish. It’s kind of this bright orangish red. Uh, it really sticks out. The other thing
on this particular building, the Corner Building with the Turret is
inexplicably it’s painted green on the bottom, despite the fact that this is really best suited to be
in a city. It has that green base on the bottom so I plan on fixing it. The other one has
some hints of green, but it also has some greys. So together or apart, these are pretty great buildings. They
look excellent in a city. And another thing, I’m just seeing right now… So that pinkish stuff you just saw, which is
right here on the turret, there was more of that whenever it arrived.
They do come encased in their own specially-designed
foam, so I don’t understand quite what the stuff is. I picked away
with it with a dental pick. This stuff is
actually hard. So whatever it is, may be some kind of epoxy. I don’t know
if there was a crack or they fixed something.
But, again, I’ll probably just touch that up. The coolest, one of the coolest features, about these buildings besides the fact
that you can stick your finger through the the windows is that they do have multiple stories. So
this is the second story where i have something like eleven Chaos Warriors crammed in here. This should fit about sixteen of a lesser race, such as Empire or Dwarves, on the top, maybe even more. That’s with this turret area unfilled. And then what’s nice is they do have some stairs built-in and you can place models at the very bottom
of the floor and there is less room down there. And this is all accomplished by the use of this card-like material. It’s thick, it’s more than
cardstock. So that just slides in here. There’s a little lip
or groove for it to rest on on this side. I know it’s dark and you can’t
see that. So those just plop in right like that. And [it’s] easy to use. I don’t think in an
actual battle like, for example over here, I don’t think your opponent’s gonna really want
to sit there, while you fiddle around with your twenty Dwarf Warriors
that you could potentially put in the Witt House. But, depending on your different type of game, because you
could use these for a World War II skirmish game, other types of games,
Warmachine would be much easier and quicker to move troops around inside the house. Uh, but essentially this did have room for twenty Dwarf Warriors, twenty Empire spearmen, [and] so on. That’s ranked four by five. And then, on this one, there are no stairs
on the interior. And it just has a straightforward bit of… wood, I think. It seems to have the feel of wood to it. So! The ability to put your troops in, to have them looking out the windows, is a great feature. All in all, I’m pretty satisfied with these Miniature Building Authority
buildings. ([You can] hide a figure on a 20mm base.)

Miniature Building Authority Buildings
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