I stayed in the Salvation Army Lodge for
about seven months. Well I first learned about the Salvation Army through a
family member I just was going through like a lot just bouncing from place to
place and not having no stability for my children. First I was like so scared and
nervous but once I got to meet Ms. Stephanie, Ms. Lonnie and Ms. Nancy I just
was like they just welcomed me with open arms. They was just was like if you need something let us know. Don’t be scared we’re here if you need us and like I was
going through a custody battle with my children and Ms. Stephanie was there for
every court appearance. She took me she she just was she just was there the
whole way she was like one big person that was like okay don’t feel like
you’re alone you have somebody here we are here for you so it was wonderful.
Even after I got my place they were always there. So that was the comfort
knowing I still had the people that I was going through everything with and they were still was there with me. Salvation Army also they helped me with the book pack
season. I know when my kids first started school everything was hectic
they had school supplies and I also helped me with a Toy Shop for my
children for Christmas I didn’t have money for my rent and I recently just
helped me with that they had paid my rent so those things that I couldn’t do
on my own they were able to help me with. One of the main things that helped me
learn what’s patience, patience and faith. Never give up. No matter how hard it is no matter how stressful it is just don’t give up. I
want to say to the people that give to people that like me that I’m going
through stuff thank you so so so so much I really do appreciate it.
and like if it wasn’t for The Salvation Army I don’t know where I would be.

Meet Morgan, A Former Resident At The Emergency Lodge
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