[drumming]>>I started playing ball
when I was eight years old. I just had
a really big passion to play basketball
for Oneida Nation. Basketball is my life,
and so is the culture. My name
is Jessica House. I am a senior, and I play
for the Lady Thunderhawks. To be a Lady Thunderhawk,
you have to learn discipline. I mean,
you’re role models. You’ve got to think
about how you’re acting out in public. [singing and drumming] In order to play basketball
at Oneida you have to
be in the culture. You have to participate. Not a lot of girls were
raised into it, where I was. But they are starting
to find their ways now. Some of them even
come to Long House now. [singing and drumming] It’s important
because I think it helps know
who they really are. Sometimes you get so caught up
in the other world. There’s other girls,
like me and Tasha we take separate classes
out of school for an actual
language class. Our teacher,
when he was younger, there was more of the elders
around that spoke the language whereas now
we don’t really hear it. [speaking the Native language]>>Have you learned,
have you learned it?>>He teaches us words to say
every time we go for a huddle. [all cheering]>>Whoo! [all cheering]
Yay!>>We have 11 girls
on the Thunderhawks. I am captain. I’m also
the point guard so I’m expected
to keep the game going keep everyone
under control. Keep myself
under control! Before, we had hardly any people
in the stands. My sophomore year,
the fans started to fill in. My parents
only missed one game out of the three years
I’ve been at Oneida. I think it’s really cool when all the parents are there
supporting their daughters. It gives us our energy. I don’t know
how the other girls see it but there’s no better feeling
than when you play basketball.

Lady Thunderhawks: Leading the Way
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    Is that at turtle school

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    Proud Forest County Potawatomi and Oneida Woman of This Generation! Aho

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    Oneida Nation!!!

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    Ball is life


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