– I used to get excited about tequilas in the way I get excited
about these vitamins now. Hi, hey Well + Good, come on in. (hip hop music) The living room, I can sit
and play guitar and watch movies, have friends over,
we have dinner parties. It’s a good life. (hip hop music) Got the kitchen. (drum cymbal beat) Welcome to my supplement addiction. It’s a healthy addiction. This Quinton Hypertonic,
they’re these little glass vials, and it’s just seawater. When I get my period I have really intense endometriosis on the first day. This helps me sort of stave off the pain by raising my blood pressure
with the salt water. This is incredible, I got
this from my naturopath. It’s re-hydrating drops. A few drops in water and you
can really feel it working. And then you have to hold it there. Mucuna, it helps you
stay really, really calm. Wellness Formula is
something that I’m trying and it’s been around forever and ever. (drum beat) So this is the home pilates studio. So this is a reformer. It will reform you. It’s incredible, its one of the best pieces of equipment in the world. (hip hop music) This is the ladder barrel, which I love. A lot of good spinal flexion
and other, more cat prints. This is stuff that all came
from my Tribeca studio, and is now here in my home in Venice. I was a gymnast, I took one
pilates class and felt alive like I did again when I was
doing gymnastics as a kid. That’s what made me fall in love with it. So, it is really zen. There’s a lot of stuff in a small space. First of all, the cat,
the purr of the cat is like the most calming
feeling in the world. I have pink quartz,
those aren’t salt lamps, they’re pink quartz lamps,
and the pink quartz of course, we all know, everybody
we all love our crystals and that just gives
you that really loving, nice feeling and the light
pink is very calming. I have an eye mask. (hip hop music) Orchids give out oxygen
at night, so they’re like snake plants, they’re like sansevierias in that way they actually release oxygen at night so I have them all over the house. The crystals of course,
they just feel really good especially in a contained space. This is a salt lamp, so it’s
negative ions like the ocean. My diffuser, I put
Eucalyptus, Frankincense, some Lavender, a little
bit of Citrus so there’s some brightening and
calming things in there. It’s my own special blend and
it’s super important to me. (hip hop music) Thanks Well + Good and everybody watching. Thank you for coming by and seeing my very calm Venice home. See you next time. (hip hop music)

Karen Lord’s extremely calm Los Angeles apartment | Healthy Home Tours

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    Love Karen! I could watch her talk about her supplements all day lol.


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