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I’m so excited to show you guys this place this is the signature restaurant
at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge and it is one of my favorite Disney restaurants
the food is fantastic it’s a mix of African, Indian, and Mediterranean cuisine
I’m gonna show you around and point out some things you have to try First they will bring you a bread service is that changes seasonally now let’s talk about, appetizers they have elevated flat breads and salads at Jiko but my favorite but my first one favorit thing at Jiko is is going to be the Tibs and Brik, it’s deep-fried and it’s stuffed with a spicy spinach filling it’s
just really fantastic you can’t get anywhere else
and the second appetizer I love at Jiko the Taste of Africa bread service which
comes with bunch of dipping sauces and four different types of bread it’s
similar to the one at Sanaa but just a more elevated version really good moving
on to the entrees Jiko has everything from chicken and fish but they’re known for their filet mignon everybody loves that with mac and cheese on the side so that’s something you’re interested in be sure to get it, we went for the
West African Koki Corn which is kind of like a tamale and then we also got
the Egyptian Kushari which is nice and a light with tons of fresh veg you can
get that as enhancement or as an entrée portion moving into dessert, this is my favorite at Jiko is the Safari sunset
it has coffee streusel topping and lemon curd Animal Kingdom Lodge also has one of the largest selections of African wine outside of the continent so check that out, they also have a full cocktail list and they also have beer available if
that’s more your speed Have you dined here? If so, I want to know, post your favorite in the comments below this is just one of many videos on Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge I’ve got
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Jiko Animal Kingdom (Animal Kingdom Lodge Restaurants)

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