(upbeat dance music)
– [Carisha] We’ve all imagined
it, if you could build
your dream house, what
would that look like?
A space that inspires you, calms you,
and ultimately helps
you live your best life?
We’ve asked today’s hottest designers
to make this their mission.
– We wanted to create an area of serenity.
– [Carisha] Each design team will
take a room from studs
to the finishing touches.
– And we want to create
a space that’s unique,
inviting, and ton of fun.
– [Carisha] Showing you how to make every
corner of your space, work harder,
better, and more beautifully
than you ever thought it could.
– Make a statement.
– I’m Carisha Swanson
from “House Beautiful”
and we are “Building
The Dream In Nashville”.
(relaxing techno music)
Our next designer
Kristine Paige Kamenstein,
is based in Los Angeles California,
and runs Jackson Paige Interiors.
– You can look though this cabinet,
you’re gonna see your TV.
– Oh yeah.
– Your see your indoor, outdoor.
It’s gonna be terrific.
– [Carisha] Her work has appeared
in “Luxe Traditional Home”
and “California Homes” magazines.
She believes that a beautiful space can
be personally transformative
and designs homes
that are inspiring,
practical, and refreshing
respites from the world.
Kristine will be taking
over the master bedroom.
Her mission is to create a room
that promotes restfulness and intimacy.
She flew from Los Angeles to Nashville
to see her room for the first time.
So we’ve just come into what’s
gonna be your master bedroom.
– [Kristine] Yes.
– [Carisha] What do you think?
– I think it’s gorgeous I absolutely love
the vaulted ceiling.
Of course I knew it was a vaulted ceiling
but when you get in the space
and you feel it it’s just
such a different experience.
– [Carisha] Yeah, did you imagine the arch
was gonna be like this?
– No I didn’t it’s really lovely.
It’s soft and it’s subtle
and yet it’s dramatic.
– Yeah.
– So I think it’s a perfect combination
for a master bedroom.
– And you have here
actually a little hallway.
– [Kristine] Yes.
– [Carisha] That separates
you from the main space
which is kinda great.
Right off of this space is is
kinda the family social area.
– [Kristine] Absolutely.
– When you’re initially
walking in, do you feel
like there’s gonna be any
design challenges in this space?
– [Kristine] I just wanna
be able to have space enough
to create like a seating area
that doesn’t feel cramped.
– [Carisha] Right, right.
– [Kristine] And feels
very like luxurious.
I mean there’s always
challenges don’t get me wrong.
I think I can manage them.
(upbeat tropical music)
– I’m here in sunny California visiting
Kristine Paige Kamenstein
of Jackson Paige Interiors.
Let’s go check up what she’s up to
and, how she’s creating
serenity in our master bedroom.
Here we are and I want to know
kind of what you decided to
do with this master bedroom.
– We really wanted to make a space
that was an escape for
grown ups in the house.
We wanted it to be this area of serenity
of like reconnecting with
both yourself and your spouse.
– [Carisha] Yeah.
– [Kristine] Away from the
children, away from cooking,
away from dogs, cats,
homework, everything.
– [Carisha] Yeah.
– [Kristine] Our jumping off point is
Phillip Jeffries wallpaper called, Flight.
– [Carisha] Okay.
– [Kristine] And we
went with a very neutral
palette it comes in lots
of different colors.
We went with the grays,
and the white, and black
just to keep it feeling
like you’re in the clouds.
– [Carisha] Okay.
– We paired it with a Benjamin Moore
pearlescent white paint on the ceiling.
– Nice.
– You get a little sheen
to that even though
that the wallpaper is a little more matte.
– Okay.
– Yeah absolutely.
– Yeah and as we continue to develop
our color palette, we
really wanted to play
with the idea of balance, so
we have some softer tones.
We have some of the
beautiful blushes in pink.
– [Carisha] Sure.
– But we really wanted to
bring in some darker colors.
Some blacks some grays to offer
some balance to that as well.
– [Carisha] Yes.
– [Colbi] So you can see we brought in
with the area rug here we have
the black, the white, and the pink.
And then we brought in some
bright colors for the headboard.
– [Carisha] Yeah.
– [Colbi] And really a lot
of texture and pattern.
– This was a little area
inlet with a soffit and,
three beautiful windows looking out
to the side yard and the backyard.
– Okay.
– And we wanted to take advantage of that
and we created this
super long window seat,
so it’s 10 feet long.
– [Carisha] Okay.
– [Kristine] And put drapery
all the way across the walls
so that you could go
into this area, close off
the world, read in there, meditate,
just hide from the rest of the world.
– Sure.
– And there’s space for two.
– [Carisha] Now that we have
some details on her design,
we’re going to the Pacific
Design Center in west Hollywood.
Our first stop is Samuel & Sons.
They’re known for their amazing trimmings.
Essentially the finishing touches
for custom fabric and upholstery.
Their selection of nearly
15,000 tassels, borders, fringes
and more in a variety materials
have made them a go-to shop for designers.
– Well I wanted to come here to get
trim for some of the pillows.
We have a 10 foot long window seat.
– Oh my.
– So we have a lot of pillows.
So the drapery we first had to keep
in mind that we have this beautiful
Phillip Jeffries mural wall covering.
It’s subtle because it’s in hues
of grays and blacks and white.
But, it’s powerful.
– [Carisha] Okay.
– Because it’s just dramatic.
It’s gorgeous but it’s very quiet.
– Okay.
– So I wanted to bring in
color with the fabrics.
– Yeah.
– Without going overboard.
So we went bright on the
colors but not a ton of it.
– Yeah yeah.
– So that was the concept.
So our drapes are actually a black,
charcoal gray black linen.
– [Carisha] Oh that’s so dramatic.
– [Kristine] It’s very dramatic.
– Yes.
– And we’re going as high as possible.
– Okay.
– And so the trim that we
decided on is gorgeous.
It’s white and, it’s this Samuel & Sons.
– [Carisha] So this will like outline.
– [Kristine] Diamond trim.
Yeah so we’re only doing, we’re doing
an inch inset from the leading edge.
– [Carisha] Oh.
– [Kristine] And just
going all the way down.
– Yes.
– And then we have
Roman shades, so we’re
doing it just on the
bottom part of the Roman shades.
– [Carisha] Okay to connect the two.
– [Kristine] To connect the two.
– [Carisha] Okay.
– And we wanted to do something
a little bit more dramatic at
first, so I’ll show you those,
and then I’m dying to use
this one on another project.
– [Carisha] Oh this is beautiful.
– [Kristine] Isn’t that stunning?
– [Carisha] Yes.
– We felt that with the
wallpaper, it just was too busy.
– Mhm.
– ‘Cause it’s so dramatic on its own
and so you need a quieter
wallpaper to use that.
So we did decide on this diamond
which is so elegant and so beautiful.
– Sorry bye.
– Bye bye see you next project.
So the window seat on a couple
of the pillow fabrics on
this one by Pierre Frey.
– [Carisha] Oh this is so great.
– [Kristine] Has a really
cool deco look to it.
Has our color palette
which is this golden rod,
black, white, and the rose pink.
– [Carisha] Yeah, yeah.
– I wanted to go with something
a little bit rock-n-roll
a little bit funkier
and so we chose this leather welting.
– [Carisha] Oh it’s so nice.
– [Kristine] Really sharp and
cool but not too powerful.
– [Carisha] Right.
– And then we have our rest of our palette
and then in the window seat too,
we are introducing this
kind of Merlot color.
– [Carisha] Okay.
– [Kristine] And along with that
we have this iridescent pink.
– [Carisha] This is so pretty.
– I found this, I don’t know
how it’s humanly possible,
but look at this color.
– [Carisha] These are like
the finishing touches.
– Finishing touches.
– It’s all in the details as they say.
– All in the details.
– [Carisha] Just down
the hall we are going to
check out Philip Jeffries wall coverings.
They began working in grass cloth
and now stock and customize a massive
variety of natural textured
and specialty wall coverings.
– Ah, here it is the flight taker.
– Oh its beautiful.
– How beautiful is this?
It’s soft and it’s subtle but
it’s completely dramatic.
– [Carisha] Yes.
– And that’s what we
wanted but we wanted it
definitely to be a soft palette
because look at our bed.
Our bed is bright and saturated.
– Oh fully.
– Right.
– Yes, that’s a real color.
– It’s a real color.
– It’s a real color.
– And we have so many
other colors going on
in the window seat and with
upholstery that we really wanted
but we didn’t want to take away
from the wallpaper which
is just so spectacular.
– [Carisha] And this is
amazing this is a linen.
– [Kristine] This is a
linen this comes on linen
but it comes in other
papers too you can choose.
– [Carisha] Yeah.
– Let’s say I want this
pattern on another panel,
let me show you.
Oh and you can do it without
the birds, you can get clouds.
– Oh just floating around my room.
– Would be a nice way to go to bed.
This is it on a Zen Washy paper.
– So like the process of deciding.
– I know.
– The colors because I
think this, which one
was it I think this comes
in a few palettes you said.
– [Kristine] It does look it right here.
Look at all those colors.
– [Carisha] Oh yeah.
– It’s so beautiful.
I mean talk about saturation
look at those two.
– Right so you have to decide
on this palette and you got to
decide on the paper.
– Exactly it’s really really hard.
(upbeat guitar music)
– [Carisha] Across the street is Woven.
A vibrant rug gallery that offers unique
one of a kind rugs ranging from
refined vintage, to storied
antique and cool contemporary styles.
– So this is Woven.
– Yes.
– Where we found our area rug.
But actually it was my associate
designer driving by in LA traffic
and she happened to look up and she said,
“That’s the rug we’ve been searching for.”
– That’s fantastic yes.
– Showed me a picture and it was the rug.
– This is it.
– [Kristine] And this is it.
– [Carisha] Oh wow.
– [Kristine] How beautiful is this?
– [Carisha] I love this.
– [Kristine] I love it
too, it’s contemporary chic
but there’s sort of a art deco feel to it.
It’s made of aloe and
linen with some silk.
– I can see how like the black
that’s in your drapery is picked up here,
how all those different colors of pink
are picked up here.
– [Kristine] Absolutely this is beautiful.
– Yeah, so is this like a
place you come for rugs?
– Yeah well they have
an incredible selection
of contemporary rugs that they started
about two years ago and I mean
the textures and the
materials that they use
you can go custom or they have obviously
like beautiful things
already that they designed.
– Right right.
– They are also very well-known
for their array of antique rugs
that they’ve sourced from all
over the world for many years.
So it is you know I
guess a designer’s dream.
– So are we taking this now?
– You’re taking it on your flight.
– On my flight?
– No we’re actually trucking
it out to Nashville.
– [Carisha] Perfect I can’t wait
to see this in it’s space.
– [Kristine] I can’t either.
– Thanks so much Kristine.
– You’re welcome.
(upbeat rock music)
– And with that, we’re ready.
Kristine and Colbi head back
to Nashville to pull it all together.
(upbeat rock music)
– My favorite element in the
room has to be the wallpaper.
You walk in and it’s just
such an immersive experience.
It’s gorgeous and it’s just very striking.
– My favorite part of our room would,
is a combination of two things.
The wallpaper because of everything that
Colbi Rae said it’s just
serine and beautiful
but it’s edgy a little bit
of edgy and I like that.
So it’s that combined
with the color palette.
I don’t think I need to go
through the whole thing either.
– Maybe just some of it today.
The pillows.
Smoothing out the rag we
got a couple little bumps
once the bed goes down
it gets a lot harder.
I think the one thing
that we were nervous about
throughout was the
actual mattress arriving.
We thought it was all
gonna be very seamless.
But upon arriving in Nashville,
we were told that it was
not actually in Nashville.
So I think that was maybe
the greatest challenge.
(relaxing techno music)
– I can’t believe it.
I totally did not have faith that
it was gonna get here tonight.
– We just received it.
– Just received it, yeah.
You need a great bed, you
need a great mattress.
It’s always wonderful to just sit in bed
and feel like you’re completely
supported and relaxed.
Great if you have a vibrant color like
we have like something fun about it.
– Calm with a little personality.
– Yeah.
– Well it’s beautiful
let’s give it a shot.
– Ready, let’s check it out.
– Ready?
One, two, three!
– One, two, three!
– Oh god.
– Oh god!
– It was worth the wait.
– So worth the wait.
– This is incredible.
– [Kristine] Are you
ready to see the room?
– [Carisha] Absolutely!
– Here you go.
– Oh Kristine it’s so good!
– Thank you!
(upbeat techno music)
– [Carisha] I wanna run and
leap on your amazing bed here.
– [Kristine] Don’t you dare!
– I just wanna throw myself at it.
So you got some really
cool things going on here
and this I have to tell you
I’ve never seen a palette like this.
This is such a fun mix of color.
– [Kristine] We wanted to do that
I love using color but I
love using it judiciously.
I don’t like the walls necessarily
being like one solid color.
– [Carisha] Right right.
– But I love having fun with color.
– And I know because I
got to see your floor plan
that you got some fun and
really unexpected pieces
like this, this is not an end table.
– [Kristine] No it’s not an
end table, it’s a bar part.
‘Cause what else should
you have by your bed?
I mean really, right?
And then we knew we were getting a very
luscious mattress so the
height of it worked out well.
– And speaking of like
this bedding is everything.
– [Kristine] Yes, it’s
Matouk and I am in love.
– The like piece de resistance in here.
– No.
– This, is crazy!
It’s so good.
– [Kristine] I am absolutely
in awe of this wallpaper.
I mean I seen a panel of it.
– [Carisha] Right.
– Again, they installed it,
I got like a photo of one wall
but I didn’t the envelopment
until I walked in the room.
And I was like.
– Do you want this in your own house?
– Yes, of course I do!
We wanted you to be able
to shut off the world
and really come in here
and have that experience
with your spouse, with yourself,
and really just feel
transported a little bit.
– So speaking of, is
that this whole moment
over here is about, can we go over here?
– We can go over here
and that is the moment,
that is the moment.
It’ll be such a beautiful
place to just sit down,
look at your whole lawn
and also just read.
Sit here and read, and
take the time to yourself
or meditate and that’s another thing
we wanted to drape the entire thing across
as opposed to just doing just
Roman shades or something.
– [Carisha] Right right.
– [Kristine] ‘Cause first of all
I love the scale of the drapery.
– [Carisha] Amazing yes.
– The ceilings are so beautiful.
But we wanted you to be able to
really like close yourself away
and have that little total private corner.
– Yeah, I’d love to do that right now.
– I would too, it’s so
stressful at construction.
– One of the most amazing
things, I had to comment on this,
like your pants match this room.
– You know it’s funny how
design impresses upon your life.
– Right.
– Like I find this all the time
that I’ll be doing a client presentation
and I wear the same color
and I don’t mean to,
that color is in my mind.
Okay there’s one more
piece I have to show you.
– Okay definitely.
– So we found this amazing console through
Jayson Home who we love to
use and it meant so much to me
to use it not only just
because again it’s unexpected.
– Right.
– It’s a very heavy piece
compared to the ethereal qualities
of the wallpaper, but they
repurposed these steel tubes.
– [Carisha] Oh.
– And put it together into
this incredible console I mean you could
literally like look through it.
– Oh this is like a kid dream.
– [Kristine] Isn’t it so?
– This is really for rest and relaxation.
– That’s all it’s about.
(relaxing tropical music)
– I would argue that one of the most
important rooms in any
home is the master bedroom.
It’s where the owners,
the adults of the house
get to really come down and relax.
It’s gotta be a place of
restfulness, recovery and intimacy.
And quite frankly, having spaces
outside of the public space
of your house is so important.
– When people walk in, I’d like
them to feel a sense of wonder really.
– What Jackson Paige
Interiors has done here,
is really create a space
that you can just go, ah, in.
– I want them to feel a sense of calmness
but then also that kind
of sexy intimacy feeling.
– Am I ready to lay down, 100%.
And quite frankly, I
need you to go so I can.
(relaxing techno dance)
(relaxing techno dance)

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