– Here we are. This is
the all-new iPhone XS and the all-new iPhone XS Max. They’ve just got announced
today at Apple in Cupertino, and they look exactly like the iPhone X, except this one has a new gold color, and of course the XS Max
is a little bit bigger. But honestly, if you weren’t
seeing them side by side, it doesn’t look that huge;
it’s not a huge giant surfboard like the old iPhone Pluses were. So the big features to
know about this one here, the regular iPhone XS
has a 5.8 inch screen, but the XS Max has a 6.5 inch screen. They are, of course, OLED;
they’re super retina displays. And they feel great, they
don’t slip out of the hand. They look really good, the
screens are really fast. They have 120 Hertz refresh rate, (Correction: The touch response, not display refresh rate, is 120Hz) so everything can move around really fast. They have better sound, so they’re louder, wider stereo speakers on
the top and the bottom, so when you’re watching a
movie, they sound better. They also fully support HDR,
so if we can go in here, see if we’ve got any videos… Right here, you can look at a video. You can see, of course,
it looks pretty good. It does, of course, have the notch, because it supports Face ID. Face ID is improved on this device. It’s a little bit faster,
the secure on-play that supports Face ID
is a little bit faster. Of course I’m not paired to
this thing so I don’t have that. I can’t show you that, but I
can of course show you Animoji. That guy’s not me, we’ll… Look at that. (makes silly groans) Animoji of course works, so that exists. But the other thing to know about these is they have better water
and dust resistance. They’re full IP68, but the big news here are the cameras, as it
always is with the S model. So on the back, you’ve got
dual 12-megapixel cameras. But Apple’s done some of
the machine-learning work that Google’s already done on the Pixel to make them faster and better. So if I open up the camera app here, you can see of course we can
go into Portrait mode here and we’ll take a picture…
it’s detecting his face here. We’ll just take a portrait mode, or we can just do it of myself… Hey, Portrait mode! But what’s interesting is
when you go to edit the photo, you are able to change the f-stop here, so that you can customize
how much bokeh you want. So you can see it’s really blurry in the background there,
and then it sharpens way up when you open up all the way there. So that’s pretty impressive. We’ll discard those changes, though, save that photo for somebody else. The chip is an A12 Bionic, and that means it’s fast of course, and so if we were to open up one of these games… Here’s one of the games I
demoed onstage called “Blades,” and it’s gonna take a second
to load, but once it comes, the graphics are very smooth,
and the lighting effects here are very impressive, too, so we can (crowd talking excitedly) … just kind of look around there. It turns out I don’t know
how to play this game… Oh, you just tap on the
dude. Let’s go kill a zombie. Killed a zombie… hooray! Other internals worth noting: you can get up to 512 gigs
of storage on this thing, which is just a ton of storage. It also has a dual SIM system. So there’s a single SIM card here, but it has an eSIM, which means that you can have two
carriers active at once, which is not something that
most other phones can do. You might know that a
Google Pixel 2 has an eSIM and a regular SIM, but it can’t have both active at the same
time, so that’s really nice. And I guess the last thing
to mention about internals: it does have faster LTE,
which is kind of a big deal. And Apple’s saying battery
life is a little bit better, about a half an hour longer on the X and maybe a little bit more on the XS Max. But it’s not a revolutionarily
long battery life. These phones are gonna
cost $999 for the small one and this one starts at
$1,999 for the bigger one. And they come out on… the 21st, except pre-ordering on the 14th. Hey everybody, thanks
so much for watching. This has been a crazy
packed hands-on event. We’re gonna have way more
coverage of all of the iPhone news and all the Apple Watch news, so keep it locked to The Verge.

iPhone XS and XS Max hands-on
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