Our commercial hunting business started back in 1938. We’ve been here a long time, and I would have to say probably other than our location, if we are successful at all it’s been our experience through taking care of hunters for so long and having the ability to see what was, uh we were doing wrong and what we were doing right. In 1998 we started a, uh a guaranteed trophy hunting program here on our place. Our mission was to have return hunters bring not only fathers, grandfathers, sons together, but their cousins and the rest of the family and we do that. So it’s important to us to do the job right and and because of our history and what we’ve done in the past that’s where we’ve evolved to. The five original sections here, and on this property a section is 640 acres and we still have over four of those sections left and, uh, there are 18 miles of exterior fence on this hunting operation of game fence. We have alpine parks big aspen groves and lots of spruce trees. And this is truly elk country. Our program is enhanced by the fact that we have a natural breeding program here and these elk go through a, uh a season of rut that is, uh always as usual with elk, very amazing! And they do all the bugling and, uh the cows are are are grouped together and herded up by herd bulls and satellite bulls are involved, and it is a time of, uh nearly unbelievable magic during the rut here on the Black Mesa. September, Black Mesa, the change in the color. It is an amazing time of year. Our policy is the trophy is in the eyes of the beholder, and that beholder would be our hunter. He is what we’re interested in trying to take care of during that 3-day period and he will be taken care of. I’ve worked, uh, several years now to put this program together, and and have been blessed with what we have. Welcome to Homestead Ranch! I’m Tom McLeod.

Introduction to Homestead Ranch

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