Oh yeah! What’s up?
It’s…it’s marijuana.
So what we’re going to do today
is just talk about weed in Colorado
and explain some of the laws and some interesting facts about weed.
This is Ry.
(RY) Hi.
Do you want us to disguise your voice?
(RY) No. I’m registered in the state and everything so.
Okay. So this is room one.
(RY) This is our veg and propagation room.
(RY) This is where the plants are tiny.
(RY) They come from uh the mother plants over there, the big ones.
(RY) Uh we take cuttings off of those.
(RY) Uh and those cuttings are an exact genetic replica of the mother.
(RY) Then we move them over to the cloners over there.
(RY) And they just get water sprayed on ’em and that causes them to root.
(RY) Uh once they root then they go in the cups and uh then they’re ready for action.
This might remind you of college growing a pot plant in a Solo cup.
I’m just saying… I mean I did it.
(MEL) Sleep!
What are you saying to them?
(MEL) Talking about how they’re going to grow pretty and strong.
From a clone which is like this, we saw over there,
(RY) Yep.
to the big plants. How long is that process?
(RY) Uh 6 to 8 weeks. 6 to 8 weeks.
Damn it!
Holy (BLEEP)! That smells fantastic!
So the plants grow for about 6 to 8 weeks before they flower,
and then they are flowering for another eight weeks.
(RY) Yep.
And then at that point you rid them of the burden of life.
(RY) Yep.
Okay, and then you hang them upside down.
(RY) Yep.
In a room like this, and then they dry.
What’s happening?
Holy (BLEEP).
This looks like a police shot on the internet.
(MEL) Mmm, what’s that one?
Oh my gosh.
(RY) That’s uh, that’s banana kush.
(MEL) Oh banana. It is banana.
Oh my gosh, it smells like banana.
Let’s just lay out some facts right now.
Rolling Stone Magazine called you the biggest weed nerd in town. Fact.
(RY) Fact.
You can uh buy and smoke weed legally, recreationally in Colorado.
(RY) Correct.
You need to be 21.
(RY) Yep.
(MEL) The ovens that are behind you, they’re really fancy.
(RY) Yes.
(MEL) Have you ever brought in cookie dough?
Okay Mel, you’re missing the whole, you’re missing the whole point.
(RY) If you put cookie dough in a vacuum oven you’d have a very large…
Good question.
(MEL) Oh…what’s the problem?
(MEL) How do they make a lozenge?
A weed lozenge?
(MEL) Yeah. Looks just like a clear throat lozenge.
(RY) Yeah like a little candy.
How do you… how do you know?
(MEL) I heard.. I was reading a sign outside.
(RY) Um so yeah I mean to make edibles you essentially get you know
(RY) you can use raw cannabis flower or you can use a concentrate.
Cannabis flower?
(RY) Weed. You know?
Okay. Oh okay!
Well, you know we’re by the ovens, and I was talking about making cookies.
I’m getting really confused right now.
What’s in there?
(RY) Uh hash.
Show me the hash.
It looks very scientific and unfun.
(RY) So this is one of our specialty products which is live resin.
(MEL) I don’t understand. What?
What is that?
(RY) So that is all the flavor and all the potency of about…
(MEL) That’s what it looks like?
(RY) …four pounds of frozen weed concentrated.
Shut up.
That’s a stoner clock.
It doesn’t matter what time it is.
Why are you so hung up on time?
What… it’s just a number dude.
Thanks for watching this episode of Zane’s World.
I hope you learned something.
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Inside a grow house!
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4 thoughts on “Inside a grow house!

  • July 8, 2016 at 8:36 pm

    Awesome episode. I can tell you probably tried it when you were younger but what about Mel?

  • July 13, 2016 at 7:29 pm

    great video, you really looked like a kid in a candy store at times, lol

  • August 16, 2016 at 11:18 pm

    The cannabis nerd is in a documentary called 'Rolling Papers' on Netflix. It's really good! Check it out!

  • August 19, 2016 at 10:53 pm

    Have you ever watched this clip… ON WEED? Keep up the Good work Zane!


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