The way I got introduced to caregiving,
home caregiving, it was through my
husband because he was sick with cancer. It was really pretty bad because he had
income I had some income but once he
passed away
I didn’t have anything so then I was
scrambling to see what can I do and then
a friend of mine was like well you know
you could go into homecare. IHSS is a
nonprofit agency that provides home care
for people with disabilities and the
JVs and the consortium began our
partnership in 2007 and so what they do
is they do outreach, they recruit, they do
a skills assessment, they do job
readiness and bring us people to put
into our training programs that we’ll be
able to hire. It’s actually a fantastic
training. They learn a lot about body
mechanics, dementia care, safe lifting,
infection control, how to deal with
emergencies, a lot of communication
skills, techniques to learn how to deal
with someone who is going through memory
loss. Once the grads have completed the
training they apply to the IHSS
consortium and oftentimes, 50% of the
grads end up working at IHSS. JVS
introduced me into the field of home
care. They had all these different
programs so I said, “Oh home care that’s
what I want to do. We have a mosaic
of services in the department and
throughout the city but the end-of-life
is really the most expensive part of
healthcare so the type of work that JVS
has done in terms of the development of
a workforce to work for the most
expensive individuals in our community
is really admirable and I think it’s
an important part of the healthcare
industry. We are the last stop in the
continuum of
services before people will end up in
various different kinds of institutions-
mental health institution, skilled
nursing facilities- so for people to
remain living in the community we’re
their last hope. Caregivers are a lifeline to these
individuals who are aging,
these individuals who have
disabilities, as well as their families
and I think that whichever income
bracket you come from, everyone deserves
a chance to receive that care in the
context of their home and receive care
with dignity and respect
I’m glad that they’re here for people
like me
maybe my mom, but like me definitely. I
can be independent I’ll do whatever I
need to do and however I want to do.
She’s really helped. she knows
the house and she knows me. We’re
used to each other, our little eccentric
ways, you know what I mean? I’m working for both
of them. It’s just I don’t work for one, I
work for both. You have two different
personalities so different things that
they need. Looks like having a
friend or guardian angel with me, you
know. Our in-home service is security.
Home care is a growing field. In San
Francisco alone, home care is the fastest
growing occupation in the health care
industry and it’s expected in the next
five years to demand 10,000 more jobs
JVS is going to be an integral part of
the future of the healthcare. We’re going
to continue to need a level of care in
the community that comes from the
community that reflects the community
and it also helps give opportunities for
people in the community to enter into
the healthcare system. We have basic
training in English, Cantonese, and
Spanish. We also do our specialized
trainings into three languages as well.
In China I am a math teacher but in
America I must change my job. Then I
go to JVS to learn the home care skill
I studied personal care,
CPR, and client safety then when I get
the certificate and I get the job in my company. And for people like
Valentina and Xiao who may be
re-entering the workforce or have not
worked for a long time or feel like they
don’t have the skill set needed, it is
really a good stepping stone because
healthcare is a growing industry and
there’s opportunities for growth and
skill developments for the future once
they get their foot in the door. I love
my job you just don’t understand. I love my
job. The most rewarding thing is to be able
to help those that cannot help

In Home Support Services Consortium (IHSS) – 2014 Business Leadership Award Winner

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