just in europe alone catherine
millions of them
which we make extensive use of every day
every hour
every second
but the thing works hard to create a
good work environment for us
we all know that this uses energy
but did you know the buildings worldwide
responsible for as much as twenty
percent of the total c_ o_ two emissions
and that means
higher energy prices and ever decreasing
source of energy
this as back to change at panel
instead is sticking on the challenger
and is developing
smart green
for example
we have built a powerful
green office building
how does it work
we make as much use of the present
energy sources such as the sun as
thermal energy is stored used when
and that can withstand much lower supply
temperature than conventional systems
this is a settlement that with possible
for generations
refuse warmth of computer servers
energy is kept as long as possible by
minimizing ventilation
less electricity is necessary because we
use lighting intelligent
and art employees from more aware of
their own use
sounds simple doesn’t
the results
an improvement of forty five percent
energy efficiency can comparison
to a new conventional hospital
and this year to production forty
this excuse obrien assessment
of almost sixty seven percent
for the extra investments initially that
there is a pain that clearly of less
than five years
and that the majority of the materials
in the region’s
the results
as a modern and comfortable offers with
the climate classification a
a perfect unsustainable workplace for
one hundred and twenty people
impact is a specialist in greenville
we give advice
make our families of and adapt howard
innovative technology or better future
that improves society

Imtech Green Building
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