hey guys welcome back to another one of
my videos and I am so glad you guys are
here if you are in need of some cleaning
motivation you have come to the right
place because my house was a complete
disaster and I was going to be cleaning
everything I’m going to be sharing with
you guys six hours of cleaning that I
did I want you to clean with me and
let’s get our entire house is clean so
as you guys can see my house was pretty
messy I had cleaned out the pantry
earlier in the day and so there were
boxes on the floor that I had removed
from there and we were just living our
lives throughout the weekend and things
have gotten out of hand
there was dog hair everywhere and I had
finally had enough so it was nearing the
end of the day and I wanted to clean up
the kitchen I wanted to clean the
basement and living room and then I was
going to clean the entire upstairs the
next morning so if you guys need some
kitchen cleaning motivation if you need
some bathroom cleaning motivation
whatever room you need to clean in your
house you’re going to find it here
because I am cleaning everything
I do want to mention that today’s video
is a collaboration with Amy Darlie and
if you guys don’t already know her
channel I would be shocked we have
gotten so close lately and we’ve been
chatting every single week and I am so
grateful and glad to have her as a
friend I could go on and on about how
Amy’s cleaning videos are how motivating
they are how beautiful her house is
because it is but that would just take
away from talking about who she is as a
person and that’s what really matters I
recently was watching one of her
cleaning videos for some motivation and
someone made a comment and said that she
is the most genuine youtuber out there
and that’s why they like watching her
videos and that comment could be
couldn’t be more truthful I love Amy and
the person she is she is motivating
she’s inspiring
she lives in Georgia with her two
adorable kids and her husband and you
guys need to head on over to her channel
go check her out you guys need to
subscribe so if everything her video her
channel will be down below
if you guys are coming over from Amy’s
channel I just want to say hi I’m so
glad you guys are checking out my video
I make cleaning videos every single week
I am a mom of three girls so a new mom
of three kids two of which are twin
babies they are almost six months and so
I went from being a mom of one to three
kids and I’m just trying to find my way
with all three of them and just trying
to figure out my new routines so you
better believe there is a lot of
cleaning that needs to be done every
single week here in my house so I would
love to have you guys subscribe and
drain me on this crazy journey of mine
and if you guys are new here and you’re
coming over from amy’s channel please
please say hi down below in the comment
section and let me know what your name
is and where you’re from I love to get
to know you guys
so I know Amy likes to do a lot of this
or that on her videos and since I’m
collaborating with her I’m gonna do the
same so I just cleaned my coffeepot are
you guys a coffee or a tea person or
maybe you’re both I prefer coffee I love
my coffee in the morning and I just
drink it black but my husband loves tea
so let me know coffee or tea so
originally I had not planned on cleaning
the trash area but you guys can see how
gross it had gotten and I didn’t even
know that there was garbage under in
that cabinet so it must have gotten in
there when we have shoved trash in the
garbage can and it had fallen through
and I had no idea how bad it had guns so
when I went to throw some things away I
knew I needed to scrub it out and clean
everything out so I just used a cleaner
that I whipped up myself it’s 1/4 cup of
rubbing alcohol a teaspoon of dish soap
and water and it’s kind of a multi
surface disinfecting spray that I mix up
myself but can you guys see how many
crumbs and stuff was under that cabinet
it’s just so crazy to me and you guys
have told me that you like seeing when
my house is actually dirty and messy so
this is one of those real life things
that even though I enjoy cleaning and I
try to keep up with it there are clearly
things that get out of control and out
of hand and this is one of those things
I was happy to tackle this today
if you guys need more cleaning
motivation I’m going to link my cleaning
video playlist down below so whenever
you need to clean all you have to do is
put my playlist on your TV or on your
phone and I will always be cleaning with
you I have plenty of cleaning videos
from the past year or two so go check it
out when you need some extra motivation
I love this mrs. Meyers baking soda
cream cleanser for my stove and I also
use it on my stainless steel sink I will
have it linked below if you guys want to
check it out but it’s one of my top
products from Grove collaborative and
right now they have a deal going on but
if you spend $20 you can get a free gift
set and that includes some of their fall
scented products which I am loving their
acorn spice cleaner that’s what I’m
pretty much using on my counter tops and
other places while I clean in this video
but I love the scent so go check it out
I know it may not seem like much but if
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jamie-lynns journey go over and follow
me and say hi to me so this is the new
product that I recently started using
and they are the mr. Clean Magic Eraser
sheets and they are great for cleaning
all over your house and I wrap these
around a butter knife to get into the
cracks of my sink and if you guys have a
stainless steel sink like this you
probably have stuff that gets stuck in
the crack between the countertop and the
sink and I like to do this because the
magic eraser kind of just gives a little
bit of more power and getting everything
out that gets stuck in between that
little crack area I like using these
sheets all over my house I like using
them on my stovetop my bathroom and my
baseboards they are just a good product
to have in my cleaning arsenal
I’m a better fighter who has only begun
taking me a while to get it at the
living cry to appreciate life and what
you give is worth it when you hold me
when you’re running so close someone
better in
your skin wanna leave a mark
so to clean my floors I use a variety of
products but tonight I’m using the Bona
floor cleaner it’s a wood floor cleaner
but I also like using the method almond
wood floor cleaner it really smells
amazing the Bona doesn’t really have a
smell but it does a really good job
actually cleaning the floors and
honestly I feel like they both do a
phenomenal job on my wood floors and I
just like to switch it up a little bit
because I kind of get bored using the
same products over and over but I can’t
sing that praises enough of both of
these they are so great and then the O
cedar spin mop is just a wonderful mop I
use a shark steam up throughout my house
sometimes but I think the OCD or spin
mop does just a better job and when I
really need to deep clean my floors this
is a mop that I go to
so I grabbed my daughter Avery and we
went downstairs to start cleaning up the
basement and if you guys aren’t new to
my channel then you know that this
basement gets pretty messy pretty pretty
crazy with the toys and this is not new
to you but we keep a majority of our
toys down there and it does get pretty
messy from time to time so I will bring
her down because she makes most of the
mess and we like to start cleaning and
I’ll be honest with you guys I’m the
main one who starts cleaning but I have
tried to keep her on task she likes you
know dress-up put on her princess
dresses or her Minnie Mouse ears or go
down the slide so a lot of it is me
keeping her on task but I know that it’s
good for her to learn how to clean up
I can okay so for another this or lat
okay for okay so for another this or
that question we watch a lot of our
movies in our basement
but I’ll be honest with you we’re more
of like a Netflix TV show people than
actual movie watchers so are you more of
a TV show do you like watching TV shows
or do you like watching movies so let me
not know down below TV shows or movies
you guys are gonna totally laugh at me I
started vacuuming in our basement and I
love vacuuming down here because you can
really see those vacuum lines which I
love but you will see here in a second
I’m vacuuming and then suddenly I stop
and I run away and that’s because I
found a spider and I hate spiders
they absolutely freak freak me out so I
had to have my husband come down and
kill a spider and I was just so done
after that I was not going down there
again so I didn’t end up completely
vacuuming the basement I had him do it
for me because the spiders freaked me
out but – guys like spiders they kind of
freak you out I’ve always been scared of
and you can feel and then for the last
part of this cleaning session at least
for today before I moved on to the
upstairs tomorrow I wanted to tackle the
living room I feel like we have so much
random things at our house now that we
have two babies and that there’s just so
much more stuff in general in our house
I don’t know if you guys can tell but
our Ottoman is falling apart the leather
especially if you look on the corners
has been coming off for a while and we
are really in desperate need of new
furniture here in our living room so
we’ve been kind of holding off to decide
what furniture we’re gonna get before we
get a new ottoman or table there in the
living room so I don’t know like it just
looks so bad and it’s like driving me
crazy cuz more leather keeps falling off
we’ve had this for so long but I know
you guys don’t care my house doesn’t
need to be perfect for you guys
and then the last thing that I had to do
for the night was vacuum and after I
show you guys pictures of my clean house
I’m going to show you what I was able to
pick up in my vacuum you guys said you
guys like seeing them before in the
after and everything my vacuum picks up
when I vacuum the house so I’m gonna
show you guys it’s kind of crazy and
pretty satisfying when I see what I’m
able to vacuum up lost and we put it
back to back we would carry on and do
anything for it
to say
and here’s my yummy santa fe chicken
that I made that I’m going to meal prep
for this upcoming week and it just is so
easy to pull out of the fridge in the
freezer whatever I decide to throw it in
for a quick weeknight dinner and if you
guys want the recipe that will be down
the next day I had planned on tackling
the entire upstairs and it was just nice
to wake up feel refreshed and ready to
clean the upstairs and have more energy
so I kind of like breaking it up into
two days and this is what I’ve been
doing lately and if you guys are still
here thank you so much for sticking
around and I hope you’re cleaning along
with me so I got started in our master a
bedroom but then I wanted to throw in
some laundry and then I realized that
the girls would have to nap soon so
instead of it starting out in the master
bedroom I wanted to go in and clean both
of their rooms so they could go down for
a nap and so typically Avery will help
me clean her bedroom but she had
actually cleaned it the day before she
had surprised me and told me that she
cleaned her room for me and it was not
how I would prefer it to be clean but
that’s okay because she still cleaned it
which I was proud of her for doing and
she had played it later last night in
her room so the room wasn’t as clean so
I just went in she wasn’t home and I
just wanted to get it clean before she
got home and needed to go down for a nap
don’t forget to stick around because I
have a really cool cleaning product that
I want to share with you guys that has
made cleaning my bathroom so much easier
then I moved on to Edison and Emery’s
room there’s not much to do in their
room when it comes to cleaning it
because we don’t spend a lot of time in
there but I just wanted to wipe down
their dresser since that’s where we you
know change their diapers and spend most
of their time after their baths and I
wanted to also switch out their bed
maybe sad
you got me
said you look at me
I might be a bit selfish
or just you
then it was time to move on to Avery
Addison and Emery’s bathroom and I just
wanted to clear everything up after we
had baths the night before wipe
everything down and mop in there
this is one of my favorite bathroom
cleaners ever
it’s the Lysol hydrogen peroxide cleaner
but some
my beer be selfish
I also wanted to quickly wipe down the
area around the bathtub I feel like this
area by the bathtub gets pretty dirty
and dusty because Avery especially when
she’s taking a bath will splash all over
I don’t know if you guys have this issue
with your kids but she splashes and gets
water outside of the tub sometimes and
then so then the dirt and the dust tends
to stick there more than the other areas
of the bath so I wanted to wipe that
down with a damp rag
and if BMI
then I moved on to the hallway in the
upstairs and I get a lot of questions on
this Dyson cordless vacuum and how long
it holds a charge and it really just
depends I can usually get one floor
fully clean so like the downstairs or
the upstairs but what I’ve learned is
when I’m cleaning upstairs I’ll bring
the charger upstairs with me and charge
it in between the rooms that I’m
cleaning or vacuuming and that for the
most part not always you’ll see here in
a minute
depends on how much I’m actually
vacuuming for the most part it will kind
of keep it charged so I can clean vacuum
everything so today that wasn’t the case
but for the most part I can get one
floor vacuumed
that sound can you feel the music let’s
go guys
we don’t we got summers
finally I was able to move on to the
master bedroom and bathroom and to dust
I’m using the mrs. meyer’s a corn spice
which I talked about before and is my
absolute favorite and I feel like I’m
just repeating myself because they keep
talking about this but I love it I love
the smell I think it does a really good
job of cleaning and it’s just an
all-around good fall scented cleaner for
my house
if it’s only for now I don’t mind
cuz I know that you love is endless
if it’s only vennett
and then while I was vacuuming I ran out
of battery with my Dyson as I was
sitting here talking about how it
usually holds a charge for one floor I
ran out of battery so I just got out my
old trusty Dyson it’s super heavy but it
does a good job so I pulled that out and
I was able to finish the job
all right so let’s finish up with the
last this or that question I had my dry
shampoo sitting out on my counter in my
bathroom and I use that and my hair is
pretty straight so do you guys have
curly or straight hair do you prefer
curly hair do you prefer straight hair I
personally like that my hair straight
but sometimes I you know I wish I could
do my hair a little bit more curly it
will not hold a curl it has to be super
dirty which I know may be a little bit
gross my hair has to be super dirty and
I have to put a lot of texturizing
sprays and products in my hair to even
hold a product for a few or hold a curl
for a few hours I know that sounds
ridiculous because my hair is that
straight however it is nice that for the
most part if I wear my hair straight
which I do most of the time I don’t have
to do much for it like I can literally
just wash my hair and dry it and I’m
ready to go so I guess I would prefer
that my hair is straight which it is so
do you guys prefer your hair to be
straight or curly and let me know what
yours is and what you like it
how you like to style it
you know it
man cleaning my master shower is
probably my least favorite cleaning task
ever I hate it I think because it’s
enclosed and then I just have to bend
over and maneuver myself in so many
different ways to get it clean I dread
it I hate it but it needs to be clean so
I just sprayed it down with my Clorox
bathroom cleaner that I have in the room
the bathroom I let it sit for a couple
minutes and then I wipe it down so it’s
super important to let your cleaning
products sit for a while it kind of does
a little bit of the work for you and
then it doesn’t take as long to wipe it
all down
where you
and by the by waiting for your leave
I don’t wanna follow
so I pretty much have to vacuum my
master bathroom all of the time a couple
times a week and nowadays because of
that postpartum hair loss of you guys
our moms if you’ve you know I guess if
you’re a mom you’ve had kids but you
guys know what I’m talking about with
this postpartum hair loss it’s
ridiculous and I have been vacuuming a
lot lately
so now I’m going to share a
game-changing cleaning heck with you
that I’ve been using for a while I
featured this recently on my channel and
everyone loved it so much so I wanted to
feature it again if you guys are new
here I use this rain-x glass cleaner for
my shower doors and it keeps some
cleaner longer and actually cleans them
cleans the glass door it shines them and
they look wonderful so go out and get
you some rain-x glass cleaner to keep
your shower cleaner longer and you can
you even use it on your shower walls
and then to round out this cleaning
video I had to fold some laundry because
there is always laundry to be done with
three kids especially with two babies so
I ended up folding everything and then
as soon as I was done I put it all away
because that’s what I like to do I hope
you guys enjoy this video I hope you
found it motivating please please
subscribe give me a thumbs up and if
you’re still here I appreciate each and
every one of you guys and I just I can’t
thank you enough for being a part of
Jaime’s journey and I can’t wait to see
you guys again in my next video
don’t forget to follow me on Instagram
jamie-lynns that journey come over and
say hi



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