Hello. I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.
Today I thought I would take a bit of an interesting
look at how to practice your putting at home,
using 4 items that are readily available in
your house.
I have them all in my hands here. Stay tuned
and I will show you how to use them.
Okay. Four things that are available in your
If you have got most of these things here.
You can always improvise but they are great
ways of showing you how to improve your putting.
So I have a can of Scholls Tinea Powder spray
powder. I have 2 elastic bands, I have a cd
or a dvd, I have a golf glove which is already
in my bag and I’ve got a broken ruler.
How can we use these to help our putting?
We will start with the elastic band drill
I have got the elastic band drill already
filmed, I did that a while ago so I will put
a link up at the top of the screen there.
And you can go and check that out at your
So all I’m doing here is putting 2 elastic
bands on my putter face. I’m moving them reasonably
close together so I just have enough room
for the golf ball to fit in between.
So as I do that and as I putt I want to hit
the middle of the putter face.
If I start taking the putter back incorrectly,
the elastic band is going to make contact
with the ball, and the ball will shoot off
at funny angles. And once again you can see
that on the video where I have just put the
link up.
So that’s the first one. A really training
aid. You can do it at home it doesn’t have
to be done on the golf course.
So that’s the elastic band drill.
The next one I’ve got is using a cd. This
is just a cheap, blank cd. I use them all
of the time at work and I am going to put
a golf ball down on the hole.
So I pop that down on the ground.
The beauty of the reverse side of the cd is
it reacts like a mirror. So I am going to
take my setup and right now my eyes are on
the edge of the cd just there.
If I move my head forward a little bit, now
my eyes are directly over the top of the golf
ball. And as I have already said in another
video it is very important to have your eyes
over the ball. And I will put a link up to
that video just there at the top of the page.
So this helps you get yourself in the right
The next one. I’m going to utilise is half
a ruler. Now you can just put it under your
watch just like that. I prefer to use a glove.
It works just a little bit better.
So if I put a glove on. I then push the ruler
down inside the glove. Ive got the other part
of the ruler underneath the watch band. I
do the glove up. And I take my putting set
up. This helps prevent me using my wrists
as I swing. So with that there it acts like
a splint. So there is no way I can break my
wrists. So it promotes a flat left wrist which
you want when you putt.
So you can do this at home on the carpet.
It’s a really good way of getting a feel for
what it’s like to not use your wrist. So that’s
a very effective one.
And lastly, we will get the Scholls tinea
powder spray
. if you haven’t got some at home. I’ve got
to admit I don’t have any at home. I wouldn’t
have tinea. But I went and got to the pharmacy
and just picked up a can.
You’ve seen it before in a driving video I
did. We can use it for putters.
So all I’m going to do now is spray the putter
face like that.
I’ll go and retrieve my ball. The powder is
now dry. I take my set up and I have a putt.
And there we can see the ball has come out
of the top of my putter. So I’ll just come
in here and you can see it.
So what we don’t want is the mark appearing
down the bottom of that.
Because if it appears there. it means you
are hitting up on the putt. And that is going
to make you top it and the ball will come
up short a lot.
Anywhere at the top or down in the middle
there is what we’re after.
So by practicing your putter, using the spray
powder you get a bit of a handle on one. How
is your centeredness of contact. And two.
Where a bouts on the clubface, is it high
or is it low?
So those four training aids if you use them
regularly can really help your putting.
Simple to use, they’re freely available, I
hope you enjoy the tip.
I’m Brian Fitzgerald The Golf Doctor.
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How To Use 4 Household or Home Made Objects To Help Your Putting

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