(inspirational music) It’s dinner time at the Hope Lodge in Salt Lake City. We just did shepherd’s pie, which was out of this world. Roger Heilman and his friends regularly cook at the lodge. We’re here the third Saturday of every month. They serve up a hearty meal for cancer patients. What I always tell people, you can’t get full on fancy, but you can get full on comfort food. It’s part of the lodge’s Cooking Up Hope program. It gets everybody out of their rooms, comes together like a big support group where everyone can chat. The meals take something off the plates of patients and their families. It helps lift the financial burden for people. And that’s the goal for Roger and his group– Everybody eats, and these people have… they’re in the fight of their life. Who like to stay and actually eat with the guests. How is it? Do you like shepherd pie? It’s sort of a social for us, but it gives us a happiness to see them have a good meal. Patients also get to spend time with family members. This center’s wonderful for all the patients and everything, and their families can come here and get together. Anyone can help the Cooking Up Hope program, but Roger warns you’ll get hooked. You gotta come down and do it once and feel the love in the house, realize the difference that you’re making, and then you’re gonna book another day. And then you’re gonna book another day. We want to help Roger and his friends keep on cooking. Here’s Tony Rasmussen from Mountain American Credit Union to Pay It Forward. Oh wow.
As part of our Pay It Forward program, we want to say thank you for your wonderful efforts. Wow.
We appreciate that you’re giving some hope and cooking up some hope and we want to say thank you. We’ll put it to good use. Thank you so much. Thank you very much; I appreciate it. Thanks guys. Keep up the good work.

Hope Lodge – Pay it Forward | Mountain America Credit Union
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