A home network will let you bring
your internet connection
to multiple computers,as well as allow you to share files,
photos and much more
between those computers.In some situations,the easiest way to set up a network
is by using wires.
In a home network, these wires
are called ethernet cables
and most often they’re bluebut they can really be
any colour at all.
They have special plugs on each end.So let’s see how you use them
to set up a wired home network.
Before you can set up
a wired broadband network,
you need to have an internet
connection and, of course,
an account with an internet
service provider such as BigPond.
You’ll also need a modem
to connect to the internet.
Your ISP usually supplies you
with a modem router,
which manages
your internet connection
and sends files and web pages
to the computers that ask for them.
Plug in your modem router
and switch it on.
If it’s set up properly,it should connect to the internet
Most routers have four ethernet
sockets, called ports, on the back.
Plug an ethernet cable into one.Now plug the other end of the cable
into your PC or notebook.
Normally your PC only has
one ethernet port,
so you can’t get too mixed up.Well, that’s it.Your computer will automatically
connect to the network
and be ready to browse the internet.You can add other computers to your
home networking the same way
at any time.Having more than one computer
on a network
lets more people use the internet
at the same time
and allows you to exchange files
between computers.
What’s more, you don’t need to
switch off the router
or the computer
to add a PC to the network.
There’s a range of network devices
that have an ethernet port,
such as PCs, notebooks,
some printers,
and even backup hard drives
have them.
An ethernet backup hard drive
is handy
because it can support
very fast backup speeds.
Wired networks are simpler and
mostly more reliable than wireless.
Ethernet is also generally faster
and can transfer files
as much as 20 times more quickly
than many wireless set-ups.
That means less waiting around
to share files.
If your computer always sits in
the same spot
and that spot is fairly close
to your router,
then wired networking
is the way to go.
It’s plug and play.

Home Networking: How to set up a wired home network
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