hi there I’m Rachel Fausett business
development officer with Greater Texas
today I’m going to talk to you about
home equity loans a home equity loan is
where the borrower uses the equity in
their home as collateral to borrow
against the most common use of a home
equity loan would be for remodel
projects or additions to a home
putting in a pool putting in a skylight
redoing a master bathroom or even
closing in the garage into a
bedroom the list could go on
the second major use of a home equity
loan would be for large purchases buying
new appliances for the kitchen starting
a small business borrowing to pay for
your students college education or
paying off your own student loans or
even paying down high interest credit
cards no matter what you decide to
borrow a home equity loan for the most
important thing to remember is that it’s
an investment you want to borrow it for
needs not wants things that will be
substantial to your lifestyle things
that will add equity your home in the
long run to learn more about a home
equity loan with greater taxes or to
apply for one visit us online at gtfcu dot

Home Equity Loan Basics
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