Hello Everyone!
It’s Pierce’sWorld! Swim, splash, and slide with me on Pierce’sWorld Travels! I just recently went to the Great Wolf Lodge and had an amazing time. Check out my adventure! It is always summer here in this indoor waterpark. The temperature is set at 84 degrees all year round. There’s a wave pool. Tons of water slides for big kids and little kids. A lazy river And even an outdoor swimming pool! I played there for hours and didn’t want to leave. If you ever get tired of swimming, there’s the Northern lights arcade! I found tons of games just like my videos. Quick! Click on the boxes to see my other videos. They have tons of snacks and a restaurant. I love chocolate covered strawberries! Mmmm…. You can also make your own stuff animal and dress it up. One of the coolest things is the MagiQuest. So, you choose your wand, decorate it, and battle a dragon. At night, there’s a dance party just for kids. Before you leave, there’s a souvenir shop you got to check out! I picked up a waterproof slap bracelet. Slap! And just like that, it’s on my wrist. I cannot wait to go back to the Great Wolf Lodge and see Wiley the Wolf again! I hope you liked this travel video! Subscribe to join my adventures. And I’ll be seeing you next time on Pierce’sWorld! Bye, guys!

Great Wolf Lodge – World’s Largest Chain of Indoor Waterparks – Pierce’sWorld

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