– When it comes to smart homes
and the smart assistants, one of the best platforms
you can use is Google Home. Google currently offers a
variety of home devices, starting from the Home Mini, regular Home, the Home Max, and even the new Home Hub. In this video, we take a
look at the differences between a standard Google
Home and the Google Home Hub, which gives you a screen. So if you’re wondering which Google Home is the right one for your smart home, this is the video for you. What is going on Tech
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subscribe button down below along with the bell notification icon so you don’t miss any future videos. As I mentioned, today,
we are taking a look at the Google Home and
the Google Home Hub. Both of them run on the Google Assistant. One of them is voice
controlled with voice feedback, and the other is voice controlled as well, but also offers a
touchscreen, which allows you to do some things without
having to use your voice at all. Before we jump in, I
wanna give a big shout out to Lowe’s Home Improvement
for sending over both the Google Home
and the Google Home Hub and for sponsoring this video. If you didn’t know, your local
Lowe’s Home Improvement store is the place to go for hot deals on the latest smart home
tech, and if it’s something that requires professional installation, they’ve got you covered there as well. I’ll leave a link down
in the description below if you wanna check out the
Google Home Hub for yourself over at Lowes.com. Now without any further
ado, let’s take a look at the Google Home. The easiest way to
think of the Google Home is that it’s a device that
gives you hands-free access to the Google Assistant. Using just your voice, you
can get answers to questions, tackle your day, enjoy entertainment, and even control your smart home. Let’s talk about some of these. Since the Google Home has a
pretty decent speaker built in, you can say it to play it
when it comes to things like music, podcasts, audiobooks and more. But it’s not just about entertainment. I also mentioned that
you can tackle your day with the Google Home too,
and what I mean by that is you can use the Google Assistant as, well, an assistant. For example, you can get personalized help with your schedule, get
reminders, make phone calls, and even get news tailored
to your preferences. And as I’m saying these things, it should become pretty
obvious that despite the name, the Google Home isn’t
just about your home life. It can actually assist you
with your work life as well. That said, stepping back into the home, let’s talk a little bit
more about entertainment. The Google Home works with
Google Chromecast Protocol, which means you can stream
shows, movies, and music right to your TV or speakers
just by asking it to do so. And controlling your TV is just the start of smart phone integration. Google Home works with more
than 5,000 smart home devices from over 150 different brands. That includes smart
lights, smart door locks, thermostats, air conditioners,
fans, smart outlets, garage door openers, and much more. And all the things I just mentioned are things you can do
with the Google Home, again, using just your voice. So in that case, what’s missing? Well, while Google Home
allows you to make a request with just your voice with ease, getting feedback from the
Google Home is also audio only, which may not be the
best in every scenario. Sometimes, you wanna ask a question and get the response
back in a visual form. Now, that means you need a display, and that’s where the
Google Home Hub comes in. The Google Home Hub is a Google
Home through and through, but with an integrated
touchscreen on the device itself. That means it does all the
things that I just mentioned that the Google Home could do, but it’s got some extra
tricks up its sleeve thanks to that integrated touchscreen. In fact, the screen allows
the Google Assistant to offer you help without you
even having to ask for it. So with the standard Google
Home, you have a device that’s ready to answer
any question you have, but when you’re not asking it anything, it’s just waiting for your next command. With the Google Home Hub, the display is constantly offering you
information proactively. Wake up and say good morning, and you can visually see
your events for the day, your commute, your reminders, and more. Throughout the day, the Google Assistant will offer you things like
news updates, recommendations, and more right on the screen
without you having to touch or say anything, and
when controlling things like your smart home,
instead of having to ask for the status of a device like, “Is my front door locked,”
or, “Are my lights on or off,” you can see the status of everything right on the Google Home Hub’s display. Not only can you see everything, but you can actually
manipulate the state of devices using touch rather than using your voice. The screen also allows you to tap into even more smart home devices than the standard Google Home. For example, smart home cameras, you can ask the Google Home
Hub to pull up something like a nest camera so you
can see the video feed live right on your Home Hub. For me, this is great when
someone rings my doorbell, I have a video doorbell. When the doorbell rings,
I get an alert saying someone’s at the door. I can ask to see the video feed, and I can see who’s there
and communicate with them right with the Google Home Hub. You can also pull up YouTube
and watch YouTube videos right on the Home Hub
as well as play music through the built-in speaker. Being a Google device,
the Home Hub also works with Google Photos and can
even show you your photos with live albums and will allow
you to pull up collections of pictures with just your voice as well. So if you’re sitting at your desk, and you wanna see the photos
you took in Hawaii last summer, all you need to do is
ask the Google Home Hub, and they’ll all appear
right on the display. Now, you can’t really go
wrong with either one, and of course, you can
mix and match Google Homes throughout your home. You can also throw in the Google Home Mini and the Google Home Max. The Mini and the Max
replicate the features of the Google Home itself. One of them is just a lot smaller, and the other one is a lot bigger. If you want one with a
display for somewhere like the kitchen or your desk, the Google Home Hub is a great option. Now, the best part here is
probably the price difference. When comparing the price
between the Google Home and the Google Home Hub, the Hub is only about $20 more expensive despite the fact that
it has a better speaker and a display as well. Of course, no need to splurge
if you’re totally fine using just voice commands
to control your smart home and your entertainment,
but it is nice to see that Google is offering
a more premium experience without adding a super
premium price tag to match. Now, I wanna hear from you guys. Let me know about what
smart home devices you have in your homes and what do
you use to control them. Drop a comment down below,
and I will meet you there for further discussion. That is it for this one, guys. I hope you’re having a
fantastic holiday season. CES is right around the
corner, and I will be there on the ground bringing you first looks at all the new tech that
should be dropping sometime in 2019, don’t forget
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you so much for watching. As always, guys, I
appreciate your support. I’m Andru Edwards, and I will
catch you in the next video. (upbeat rock music)

Google Home Hub vs. Google Home – The Best Smart Home Assistants!

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