I saw on the news there was a story of
like a wheelchair that they had made for another special-needs kid in the area
and we were talking for a long time about how to get a electronic swing that
we won’t have to push her all the time. This was just like part of a project for
EGR 409 which is machine design two, and this family came forward to the
University and it seemed like a project that was really fitting for the class so
just kind of picked it up from there. This will allow her to be able to swing
and you know I can do stuff around the house vacuum or something and not have to constantly
give her another push. Last summer my students took the lessons they learned from
the first design iteration developed two working prototypes, today we are
delivering one of those prototypes to the family. A lot of what I did had to do
with the actual assembly of it. We had a few that were certain for the designing
aspects or the design work. I also did all the testing and validation so simulation
work. You know, universities when they do
projects, a lot of times they don’t have the chance to build the project, but
build is completely different experience for the students so I feel very blessed
that I was able to do this for this mom. Not all universities you could do the
theory and then follow through and actually get a building so you all come
together so that was a very cool experience.
Students learned a lot along the way learned some things that didn’t work, came up with a new design, had to overcome different obstacles and challenges, and yeah, you’re really glad to see that they rose to meet those challenges. Obviously I was really stoked about, you know, having the family here and seeing this because, I mean,
that’s that’s the biggest payout on this. I don’t really care about what grade I got
on overall that’s whatever I just care that you know it’s gonna be safe for the
child she’s gonna love it and just be something they can use for years and years on end. That’s a big win. Big win at Grand Valley.

Engineering students build swing for local child with special needs
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