It is really a bad
idea to borrow to live.
It is a no better idea to cut
too strongly to services to
people that mainly need it.
What about the idea of
cutting all subsidies to oil,
as we proposed to
do in, you know,
bringing along on
the floor about that?
How about this idea we have
discussed during equalization
which brings money
to the government?
How about cutting into
those foreign tax shelters,
including the two new
ones created by Mr Trudeau?
And what about taxing and
pursuing taxes from those giants
on the web that steal the money
from our advertising companies?
In our platform, we call
for taxes on the e-commerce
companies, the virtuals, the
Amazons and the Googles and the
Facebook that mine billions of
dollars out of this country and
pay virtually no tax.
We agree with you.
We have to cut all
fossil fuel subsidies.
As a matter of fact that was a
promise made by Mr Harper in
2009, by Mr Trudeau in 2015.
But they’ve increased
because we are subsidizing LNG,
which I’d like to hear you
answer where you are on GNL
We need to get rid of fossil
fuels and right now we are– we
are still giving
public funds to pipelines.
>>I was the minister
responsible for…

Elizabeth May debates household debt with Yves-François Blanchet
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