I’m going to reveal Lilly’s bedroom
makeover it’s so cute that I want it to
be my bedroom so pretty and white and
fresh now I need to do my bedroom and I
don’t know songs going to be up for
painting again I need to give him at
least another two months before I asked
him to redo our bedroom here’s the
before Lily has got it in her head that
she has to paint her walls and
redecorate he’s already gutted the place
the walls are pink we had a leopard
theme going on here
I guess she’s picking her I know it was
so first of all this one my favorite
part of the decor is this cute magnet
board isn’t that cool the circle magnets
from petal Lane
oh so we’re putting on those new
mattress topper from signature sleep or
front upper you can get them at Walmart
very good particularly I’m sorry I’m
just I’m done some time I won’t do it I
won’t do it is it soft sit really comfy
nice oh good okay now it’s what you make
the bed again we got this awesome
bedding from Betty’s don’t you hate
making beds especially if the bed is
right up against the wall so this is
awesome because Betty’s was smart
they knew do not like to make their beds
neither do the parents and it’s
especially hard to make the bed when
it’s right up next to the wall for bunk
beds oh my gosh we have had bunk beds
for years and finally we separated this
actually used to be a bunk bed and we
took the top off when we put the other
piece in Brooklyn’s bedroom we’re going
to start we’re going to make her a new
bedroom next zip it open and there’s
your top sheet there’s your top blanket
and so it keeps everything in place it’s
kind of like a sleeping bag for a bed
so and it’s super soft too they use
really good materials the kids are
totally capable of doing it super easy I
love it
but this desk was from Ikea
we actually bought it used we saved a
ton of money because it’s like brand-new
oh my gosh isn’t this awesome her very
own piano this is kind of expensive but
it was an early birthday present and we
just decided why not if it will motivate
her to practice then we’re going to do
it and I love how small it is it’s white
it’s cute and it fits perfectly in her
bedroom and it’s a full keyboard piano
yes that is actually a deer that Shawn
shot hunting with Lily
so it’s sentimental can a dead animal be
sentimental I’m sorry for any of you who
are against hunting um yeah I’m sorry
then this rug is from rug USA
I love rugs USA they have really good
prices and a huge selection lots of
great stuff yeah this is also from rugs
USA all right I’ll give Target a shout
out target a lot of the decor in the
lamps and everything are fun target is a
lily bedroom makeover you love it
yep like totally love okay now show us
how you make your bed because you’re
going to start making your bed
everything now right that is the promise
right because it’s so easy now we have
to do it we see

CUTE TEEN BEDROOM 🌟 Makeover Reveal (Girls Decor)
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