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Farm Equipment, Aluma Craft Boats, and Evinrude. Hey folks. Welcome to another episode
of “Fishing Saskatchewan.” For this trip we headed up to a
place called Cree Lake Lodge up in northern Saskatchewan. Yeah, over the next
couple of episodes we’re going to be showing you
some stuff from Cree Lake here. This is our 10th season. And we kind of dubbed this
season Bunka’s Bucket List. We lost our buddy
Steve last year. This is a trip that he
worked on setting up for a couple of years. We were finally
able to pull it off. We’re doing this
one in his honor. We’ve got a memorial spoon that
Len Thompson made up for us with Steve’s image on it. We actually used that spoon this
morning to catch a shore lunch. Yeah, definitely. It was within a couple of casts. I put the baby on,
and hook, line, and sinker we had a
perfect eating fish. Yeah. So we’re going to be up
here for the next five days. We’re having a great time here. We’re doing this one for Steve. And folks, the action
here, the fishing is going to be unbelievable. Stick around. This episode, the next couple,
you don’t want to miss it. 70 years of making the industry
standard in aluminum boats, at Aluma Craft we are
committed to building the dreams of our customers,
whether it’s a hardcore fishermen or joining your family
for a great day on the water. From shallow water John
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Aluma Craft’s exclusive 2XB hull with double plated
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softest ride available. At Aluma Craft it’s all about
families, fishing, forever. [airplane engine] [sound of propellers] Cree Lake is the fourth
largest lake in Saskatchewan. So as far as lake size goes
and structure and habitat and everything for
these fish, it’s right up there with the best. This is one of the few
lakes of this landmass size with this many islands
and fish habitat that doesn’t have land access. The lake’s so big, 30 miles by
50 miles with over 500 islands, it’d take a guy a lifetime
to get around this whole lake and see the whole thing. It’s a big lake with so
many little bays and coves and hidden spots and
spots we don’t have fish. We drive right by so many spots
to look at our regular spots. And often, I’ll just
say to people, OK, you want to stop and
fish here for a minute? You just whip into a bay, get
out there cast a little bit, and you’re catching fish that
may never been fished before. [inaudible] There are just that
many places to go and fish. [music playing] All right. Atta boy, Smitty. First Cree laker. Is he still there? I don’t know. I don’t think it
was a very big one. I think he’s still there. Yeah, that was probably one that
was just picking at the tail there. Got him on the back hook. There he goes. You [inaudible] it. Yeah. Atta boy, Smitty. Way to go buddy. OK, good one. [laughter] All right. Got him? Yeah. You want him? What do we got? We got [inaudible]
in the chair yet? No, we’re good. No, we’re good. All right. Oh yeah! Easy release. There you go. That’s how you do it. There you go. OK, I’ve got those
two out of the way. Does that count? No, that counts. [inaudible] Oh yeah, that one’s on. A good one? That’s a [inaudible] fish. OK. Yeah, mine are in
the water here. [grunt] Yeah, there’s some
little head shakes. Now you bring this one in. I had one falling all
the way to the boat. Nice. That’s a good looking fish. There ya go. Definitely. Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, baby. [splashing] Oh my goodness! There it is! That’s my best trout ever! Oh! That’s a good fish. Holy crap! Whoo! Well! Man! Three times in a row I got hit. Yeah, it was smacking
that [inaudible].. Finally just held on. It’s the new glow in the
dark five of diamonds. Yeah, it is. Yeah, that’s the new
glow in the dark pattern. Little guy. I guess. This is a little guy. To start. Beautiful fish though. Holy crap! And is that fun? [music playing] She’s [inaudible]. Sure. There she goes. Yes! Whoo! That was my personal best in
15 minutes of trout fishing. [laughter] Thanks [inaudible]. Appreciate it, buddy. So, we just had
one on like this. It popped off. And then five minutes later,
just hooked into another one. At start it, felt small. It was coming right for the
boat and then it just stopped. And said uh-uh. Oh my goodness. Cree Lake Lodge in Saskatchewan. Come on, big girl. It’s coming up. Aw! [bleep] It’s not required up here,
but definitely encouraged. And the amount of fish
that we’re catching, just makes releasing them easier. And this is another real popular
lake coat pattern up the north called a flat fish. To the old fish gods. Last year when we fished with
Alan and Rob from the UK, and they came over
and fished [inaudible] with us, that’s one
of their superstitions is that you flip a coin
into the water when you start fishing to pay the
fish gods for good fortune. We kind of adopted
it a little bit. See if it works. It can’t hurts, maybe. Can’t hurt. You’re on kind of
a dry run here. Gotta try everything. Seems like glassy thing would
be not to draw attention to it. [laughter] Well, we’re cheering you on. I wasn’t meaning
it in a bad way. We’ll get them. You’re just waiting
for the big one. Mh-hm. Yeah, and get all these
little ones out of the way. Yeah. [water splashing] Here’s the waterholes. Looks like a good trout. Atta boy, Terry! Look at that thing. Holy cow, Ter. [inaudible] Nice. Ho, ho, ho, ho! [inaudible] 29 and a half, Terry. Atta boy. [inaudible] Atta boy, Ter. High fives, buddy. Maybe you should
stay closer to us. [music playing] [sizzling frying pan] Today’s ice anglers
need to be efficient. And HT offers a huge
selection of premium ice tackle designed to meet
virtually every application, whether you fish bluegills,
crappie, perch, stocked trout, whitefish, walleyes,
pike, or lake trout, HT has what it takes to make
you consistently successful. Nothing beats ice fishing! Nothing! [music playing] [sticks rustling] [clang] [clang] [clang]
[sizzling frying pan] [bird calling] Man, are we roughing it? Yep. Oh. [zip] Aw. Just had a little bump. Scrappy little guy. He’s scrappy! Sorry. There we go. [grunting] Yeah. A little better? Swimming right at us. You just switched over
to a flat fish too. I did, yeah. He’s not very big. Oh, he smoked it. Holy– Just hammered it. Not very big at
all, but holy crap. He took it and started running. Felt big to start. [splashing] Got him, Smitty? Oh, came undone. Nice. And rehooked himself in the fin. [splashing] Relax, buddy. Give me your pliers here,
and I’ll just flip him off. That’s a nice fresh. I don’t think it’s going to
be quite the last one, but no. You’re not even strsight
on top of it yet. Just dragging the
[inaudible] around? Yep. Terry, you got another
big [inaudible] out there? [laughter] That’s awesome, man! Oh. Well there bubbles. Look at all the
bubbles coming up. Oh yeah. Oh. Got him through the dorsal. Yeah, right the dorsal fin. You did a Steve. Steve would be proud. It’s still a pretty good fish. It’s a really good fish. He hit a couple of swipes. That’s probably what happened. Yeah, yeah, missed it. It’s still a beauty. Got him on a swing around. Wow, Ter. Beautiful fish, man. It’s got some teeth marks on it. Oh yeah. You can even see them
on the back here. Battle wounds. [inaudible] He’s kicking. He’s kicking. [inaudible] Nice Ter, buddy! [inaudible] Terry. And that one Steve had at
Beaver Lodge with the fly. What was that? A 20 minute fight tyring to get
thing on that little fly rod? Pretty close to that
same size, actually. Yeah, it was exact. It was a 36. I met Steve at a
couple of shows, at a couple of Sas
tourism conventions and stuff that
they put together, a just talking with him
with his passion for fishing and obviously us doing this and
our passion for the industry and fishing as well. We had a lot where we click and
talk about things in common. And yeah, I guess it’s really
brought us to the reason why we’re all here today for
the most part together sitting around this campfire is
because of Steve, really. I’ve never seen
anything like it. Especially here
at Cree Lake, it’s a good idea to come to one
of these guided places. Because just the sheer
size of the lake, you can go fishing just about
anywhere and catch a fish, but if you want to catch those
trophy sized pike and the lake trout, or go up and
catch the grayling, the guides just know
where to put you. There’s a lot of
hazards on the lake too, the rock reefs and sandbars,
and stuff like that. A guy can get lost pretty easy
out here, a lot of islands. It’s just a good idea to
go with a guided trip. What’s going on here? Am I walking the dog? Yeah, I’m walking the dog. He’s a little guy. A little scrappy guy. Boy, that water’s clear. You can see 30 feet down there. [inaudible] There. [splash] So when you’re
fishing here at Cree, at Cree Lake Lodge
they really want you two fish barbless hooks. And that’s one of
the reasons there. Just protects those young
fish, protects the big fish. You can get him
off the hook quick, release them back to where
they belong for the most part unscathed. You’re not trying to
dig hooks out, dig barbs out, hurting the fish. So they do a great
job here protecting their fish population. And I think that’s
probably why we’re seeing so many big fish and so
many fun little fish to catch. So Big Momma, don’t worry
we’ll treat you nice. We [inaudible] unscathed. [inaudible] Smitty? Smitty’s waiting
for the 50 pounder. Yep. Just■ let me catch
all the little ones. You catch the big one. [inaudible] You’ve got an amazing
fishery and really inundates our livelihood. You got to do your best to
protect it look after it. The many fish
you’re going to lose with a barbless hook,
the amount of fish you save because of pinching
your barbs, it’s a no brainer. [interposing voices] –difference. And we call it a
selective harvest. We keep our fish for shore runs,
be we let people pack fish out. And I know I’ve caught the same
fish two or three years later in the same bay, because it’s
got the same markings are a little caught on its lip
or something like that. And that fish is an inch bigger
and it’s four pounds heavier. So it’s working. And that’s what people come
here for is to trophy fish. So that’s what we’re
trying to maintain. Nice little lake trout. He’d be about an hors d’oeuvres
for the one Terry caught. Whoa! There he goes! Awesome. And it’s like every other lake. There’s days where it’s
slow, the bites not on. Same thing for trout and pike. But when you hook
up, it’s unreal. It’s a famous fishery
for his big pike. The legend lives on Cree
Lake and the big pike. But we’re pulling lake
trout out of this lake that I think will rival any
lake for big lake trout. We’re getting into 60 pound
lakers, close to 50 lakers, and that’s just– it’s unreal. That’s a good start to the day. [laughter] Oh baby! That’s a big fish. Holy! Oh! Holy schmokes! Oh! [laughter] Holy crap! Holy! [bleep] [laughter] Holy Smitty! [fireworks] [music playing]

Cree Lake Lodge Adventure Part 1
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