Hi, I’m Avery.
And I’m Tommy.
We’re going to give you a quick tour
of the Corridor-Style Residence Halls
here at Fredonia!
There are four halls with this layout on campus.
Alumni, Nixon, and Chautauqua are
all for first-year students,
while McGinnies is for upper-class students.
Let’s take a look inside!
Right as you walk inside, you’ll find the main office.
Every hall has trained Residence Life Staff
that lives here and they’re here
to assist you with whatever you need!
This is also the spot that you’ll sign in
any guests that you may bring into the hall
as well as where you’ll receive your mail!
Right off the main entrance is a shared lounge,
a great place to hang out with some friends!
Whether it’s playing the piano…
or shooting a game of pool with your friends.
You can keep yourself entertained
throughout the whole day!
As the name suggests
these Residence Halls are laid out
in a corridor style.
That means all the student rooms
are lined up in a corridor hallway.
There are three floors in each residence hall
and in total, about 200 people living
in each building!
On every floor there are three large bathrooms.
And in every bathroom there are
multiple toilets, multiple showers.
So even though it’s a shared space
you don’t have to worry about it getting overcrowded.
There are two laundry rooms on the first floor
each with four washers and dryers!
You can even check the status
of which machines are in use
by using LaundryView on your phone or laptop!
And the best part is,
these machines are FREE!!
So you don’t have to save your laundry
for a trip back home!
Okay, we’ve made you wait long enough.
Let’s check out what your room will actually look like!
These rooms are actually pretty spacious!
Each one comes with two twin size beds,
two desks, two dressers, and two closets
to keep all of your things organized.
There are so many different ways
to lay out the design of your furniture.
So you and your roommate can make
the most of your shared space!
Last but not least, on every floor
there are two common rooms that are shared
with everyone throughout the building!
Well there you have it!
A look at the Corridor-Style Residence Halls
here at Fredonia!
Hopefully it will give you a good idea
of what to expect when you join us on campus!
And remember, living on campus
is the best way to experience everything
Fredonia has to offer!
It can create memories that will last a lifetime!

Corridor-Style Residence Hall at Fredonia
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