I’m Dr. AJ Austin
in the flesh. One of the most gifted
cardiothoracic surgeons is meeting with me today. Dr. Austin, I’m glad
you started without me. I see you’re late for
your own recruitment. I would like your observations
on a recruiting matter. I’d like you to give a guest
the grand tour of Chastain Park. Do I look like a
welcoming committee? Dr. Austin. That is the rumor. Dr. Bell pulled me
from mass casualty to give you the royal treatment. But you know, you wouldn’t
need a bypass if you knew how to do heart surgery like me. What did you just say to me? So you think my behavior
is a weakness, no. It’s my superpower. Theoretically, if
you move fast enough, you don’t need bypass. Ah! See? Princess Nakia gets in. Dr. Okafor frightens me
in the wonderful ways. I want her to be my right hand. My thoughts exactly.

Character Catchup: Dr. AJ Austin | Season 1 | THE RESIDENT

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