Hi! Welcome to the tutorial for FLAX
& Data-driven collocation learning.
This tutorial is on Building Phrases.
As L2 learners, it’s easy to get stuck during the
writing process.
Expressing ideas in English can be
For example, let’s say a student needs
to express her motivation for her research.
Though she fully understands
the word ‘motivation’,
she is uncertain of how to express
her complete idea in English.
Now with FLAX, writing can be much
First, we need to access the following
Let’s take a look at the Web Phrases collection.
This collection is developed with
digital library technology,
and the phrases are retrieved from the web,
a fairly large corpus.
Type in ‘motivation’.
Search for phrases following the word.
We can also select the number of phrases
from the drop-down menu.
Phrases grouped by type make
our search much easier.
Click Show Phrases.
Find motivation+preposition.
Click it.
Find ‘motivation for’ which is the
most frequent collocation in this group.
Click that.
Then ‘motivation for the’
Find ‘motivation for the study’
Click this.
And finally, ‘motivation for the study of’.
Up to four words are allowed.
Now, we can access the example
sentences through the web.
Using the expression
‘self-motivation for the study of science’
it is much easier to express the idea
‘My motivation for the research of
corpus-based collocation learning…’
FLAX is open-source software.
If you have any questions,
please contact the FLAX team through the following email.
Good luck with your collocation study!

Building Phrases
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