Whats up guys! Lew here
Back with another video
and today, as you can tell
I’m out of the usual setting, I’m out here
in the bigger space
Because we are looking at a bigger thing
Now this box is not huge
but the thing that came inside of it is
It’s actually four feet tall
İt’s name is Meccanoid
And this is not for the fane of heart.
This is for real enthusiasts that wanna dig
in and build something
You can program to say different things
Do different movements
He can mimic your movements
There is an app that allows for you
To take it to the next level
To take your relationship to the next level
He speaks a number of different languages
So you can plug him in via USB and pick the language that’s right for you
You can build him using this components
into a number of different things
Including this little dinosaur here
or little droid that moves around
and picks up various objects
(robot moving noise)
and sometimes
He sneaks up on you as well
Not creepy at all
Okay a little bit creepy Meccanoid
So here he is and as you can tell
He is made up of a number of different parts
and components
Once he is build, there is a number of
different ways that you can use it
You can interact using these buttons here
to put him in a number of different modes
This where you put a phone for example
if you want to use the app
and have him mimic your movement
in the shoulder here this will pivot a couple of ways
and in the elbow
Down below he has actually got wheels
So he can move around pretty quickly
His head also moves
Another couple motors here
that allow his eyes his head
sort of pivot couple different ways
and on the back this allows you to switch
him between robot and drone mode
Drone mode activated
Drone mode deactivated
you get the idea ?
As mentioned you can interact with him
a couple of different ways
either from voice
Through the microphone here
These buttons or the app
If i launch into this section here
you can see there’s
various controls
You can basically just grab
hold of these control points
Like that
And have him do something specifically
And than he records that as
A programed sequence
Okay so it’s now in motion capture mode
It is got me there
Now he’ll do a countdown
And then he’ll try to mimic my movement
See there you go hands up
Hands down…All the way down
aaa. He is doing better with me standing that makes sense
Two arms up
and then back down
I’m gonna disconnect him from the app
and show you…
…what he does in the absence of the app
Unbox Therapy
(Robot) Unbox Therapy
You can have him roll up on your friends
And say something funny
you know where I’m going with that
You know where I’m going with that
Tell me a joke
Prepare yourself for amusement
Human companion
Does an apple a day keep the doctor away?
Yes! If you aim it well!
High five!
Engaging high five
#Best day ever
Best day ever
Walk with me!
So, there you have it
A personal
Robot dude
This thing is as much about the project and building it?
Building something that actually interacts?
As it is about the experience up that in interaction?
I don’t know, may be you’re looking for project to do with your kid and your kid
Is showing interest in this kind of
You know, this kind of project
That might make sense for you.
You know one thing that we didn’t show them Jack?
Was him doing the TANGO..It’s my favorite dance.

Build Your Own Robot
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