hi everyone who’s watching! Im Nell
welcome to my chan”Nel”
hello there!
so this is an entirely different clip.
I just wanted to redo my intro, for this video
I just.. I did a bad job explaining
what you’re about to watch
I just would like so explain to you better,
what this is about
what “bedroom karaoke” is.
a little bit of warning
I am looking this way,
‘cuz.. im using my phone,
the front camera *of my phone
so, im looking at the screen
and not the lens
so, what we’re about to do
is a “bedroom karaokeeee”
is that confusing?
it is.
so let me just explain to you
what bedroom karaoke is
the name? i kind of invented it
or made it up.
but i actually didn’t
so what a bedroom karaoke is,
basically, its just the carpool karaoke,
but, i changed it to “bedroom karaoke”
if u dont know what that is,
I’ll insert some pictures, right here.
got it?
so for those of you who dont know what carpool karaoke is,
it is when
you go inside your car
and set up a camera
like so..
and then, whether you’re with your friends or with somebody
you just sing along to the songs
that is on the radio
or the songs that you play,
in the car.
there’s a little bit of problem
i.. dont have a car
and im not in the car, obviously
Im in a bedroom
i hope i explain the video
well enough
for you to understand whats going to happen
so this is basically, just me
lipsyncing to a bunch of songs
right now
not just any songs
but my favorite songs
now a bit of disclaimer
these songs are go- are arlblsfgduf
these songs are going to be both
im not the kind of millennial
that knows the latest hits
i know
these songs can be like 10 years old
or released 12 years ago
and it’ll only be just my favorite song..
right now
if these songs are by my favorite artists
Taylor Swift
Shawn Mendes
The Jonas Brothers
and i think olny then
can u expect me to know, their latest
latest songs
and i hope you like the video
im so sorry, in advance, if i ever embarrass myself
its just what happens when im home alone
and i want to appologize for the lighting
im filming this part
with daylight, unlike back there
i filmed it at night
cuz i was home alone
and i just felt like filming
so i did, and i didn’t change my clothes
‘cuz i didn’t want to
i might be wearing like a similar thing, but its different
pretty… pretty similar color but,
its a different one.
so i know, you dont like intros
you’re probably bored… and
irritated by me
without further ado
I am gonna stop talking
and start singing..
well, lip-sync-ing… but
you, you, you get the point
so, without further ado..
here’s the video 🙂
so, that is it for the video
there are some, some songs that i left out
that i actually filmed
I’ve got a lot of favorite songs
that i didn’t put in the video
cuz it will be so…
that, you will die in boredom
so i just didn’t put them
if you want to see those videos that i didn’t put
let me know in the comments
then I’ll do a part twooooo
if u comment down below that you want to see it
and if you like this video
and if you subscribe
then maybe, I’ll make a part two
i dont know
I might post those
only if u want to see them
and embarrass myself more…
or I’ll just post it anyways
even if u dont want to
so if you enjoyed this video of me, embarrassing myself
please, give it a like
so that i know that you actually like the video
and… Thank you
so much
for finishing the video
so thats it!
i hope u enjoyed it
see you on the next video
and always remember
to wear your crown
and turn that frown
upside down!byeeeee

Bedroom Karaoke (what happens when I’m home alone)
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3 thoughts on “Bedroom Karaoke (what happens when I’m home alone)

  • June 19, 2019 at 2:50 am

    Wow nice content. Make video about games

  • June 26, 2019 at 10:21 am

    Kailan ang kasunod? Hehehe!!!
    Im happy for u! Thank u s youtube at ibinalik nila itong video mo at ini honor nila ung copyright dispute mo!…. 😍😍😍😂😂😂

  • July 6, 2019 at 12:32 am

    yie kyut mooooo 🤣


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