>>DR. MILLER: Hi, I’m Dr. Miller a veterinarian
with Banfield Pet Hospital and this is Lizzie.
As your partner in pet care I’d like to help
you maintain a healthy happy relationship
with your pet.
Avoiding hazardous items around your household
can add years to your pet’s life.
It’s really important to ensure that none
of your pets are able to get into your household
There are many things there that can be dangerous
to pets including chicken bones and moldy
and foods that can be poisonus to pets.
Chocolate and caffeine
grapes and raisins
onions and garlic
and xylitol which is found in sugar free candies
and gum.
Trash cans can also contain things that can
become foreign bodies like string products
stuffing from toys
stuffing from cushions
Anything that they won’t be able to pass can
cause serious intestinal blockages in pets.
There are other things in the household that
you really need to avoid as well
Alcohol products
Any cleaning products
Bleaches or other cleaning products can be
very caustic to pets.
It’s also very important to make sure that
any human medications are in an area where
pets do not have access to.
Things like acetaminophen or tylenol are actually
fatal in cats.
There are many things in the garage which
can also be very toxic to pets.
One of the biggest ones we see is antifreeze.
One tongue full of antifreeze can cause kidney
failure within the matter of a few hours and
can be fatal.
Other things that you might have around your
garage are things like snail bate
things like rat poisoning
Any of those can be very toxic to pets.
Many plants are also toxic to pet including
things like lillies
holly berries
palms and many bulbs.
They can cause organ failure or serious intestinal
irritation to pets if they’re ingested.
You also want to make sure to keep your pet
away from pesticides, insecticides and fertilizers.
No matter how hard you try to protect your
pet accidents happen.
If you think your pet is coming in contact
with a dangerous substance, don’t panic.
Keep them in a safe area and call your veterinarian
If you have the label or the bottle that the
product is in,
bring it with you to your veterinarian.
You can also call the pet poison control hotline
one eight hundred two one three six six eight
There’s a thirty five dollar charge but you’ll
get a consultation with the veterinarian.
Banfield Pet Hospitals are open extended hours
including evenings holidays and weekends.
Banfield doctors are experienced in treating
medical emergencies.
Thanks for listening.
Hopefully this information will help you better
understand your pet and improve their quality
of life.
For more information visit banfield.com and
search for household hazards.
Banfield.com can also point you to the hospital
closest to you.
We have over seven hundred and eighty locations

Banfield Pet Hospital – Household Hazards For Your Pet
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  • October 7, 2011 at 5:23 pm

    Great informational video. I never knew grapes, raisins, onions and garlic could be toxic.
    Love the dog …. look how he stares at the camera beginning at 0:50 til 1:20 LOL. Very cute.


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